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Jennifer Moxley

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Cover of Jennifer Moxley's Clampdown
Cover of Jennifer Moxley's translation of Absolute bob by Anne Portugal
Cover image of Jennifer Moxley's The Middle Room
Cover image for Jennifer Moxley's The Line Cover image of Jacqueline Risset's Sleep's Powers Cover image of Jennifer Moxley's Often Capital
Cover image of Jennifer Moxley's The Sense Record Cover image of Jacqueline Risset's The Translation Begins in Jennifer Moxley's translation Cover image of Jennifer Moxley's Imagination Verses
Imagination Verses
Salt reprint

Online Works


Moments Without Vision and In Medias Res | Brooklyn Rail June 2011

Lullaby | Iowa Review & Poetry Daily 2010

Dividend of the Social Opt-Out | Poetry Project April 2010

Three poems | Coconut 5

Aeolian Harp | Jacket 2

Fear of an Empty Life | Jacket 6

Four poems | Jacket 27

Three poems | Octopus 5

Reading Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood by William Wordsworth on the Romantic Circles: Poets on Poets website


On-line archive of The Impercipient at Arras (with introductory note)

Poetry editor of The Baffler from 1997-2010

Contributing editor of The Poker from 2003-2008

Essays & personal narrative

A Personal Reminiscence Chronicling the First Documented Case of the Waldrop Effect | Composed for the fortieth-anniversary of Rosmarie and Keith Waldrop's Burning Deck Press

After Language Poetry | Originally published in the Swedish magazine OEI | 2002

Pillow Talk: A Short History of a Small Magazine | on The Impercipient | 2002

To Whom It May Concern: A Letter about Content | Originally published in Open Letter | 2001

Invective Verse | Originally published in Writing from the New Coast: Technique | 1993

Reviews and Essays on Moxley's work (partial)

Ange Mlinko on Clampdown

Rob Stanton on Clampdown

Carrie Etter on The Line

Ron Silliman on The Line

Kathleen Ossip on The Middle Room

Shanna Compton on The Middle Room

Ron Silliman on Often Capital

Cole Swensen on The Sense Record

Chris Stroffolino & Katy Lederer on Wrong Life

Pete Smith on Wrong Life and other work

John Yau on Imagination Verses

Lucy Sheerman on Imagination Verses

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