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Page edited by:Jack Krick (August 2004)
Thanks to Sarah Campbell for her comprehensive initial research

George Oppen

Oppen from seventy-five to a hundred, 19832008 from Jacket 36
by Rachel Blau DuPlessis

All This Strangeness: A Garland for George Oppen from Big Bridge 14
Edited by Eric Hoffman

George Oppen Feature from Jacket 36
Edited by Thomas Devaney

The Shape of Disclosure: George Oppen Centennial Symposium
at PennSound
Organized by Poets House at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, April 8, 2008

George Oppen: A Centenary Conversation
SUNY Buffalo: Wednesday April 23 – Friday April 25, 2008
Schedule of Conference Events

Bio/List of Publications and Papers

George Oppen Recordings at PENNsound

George Oppen Recording at Slought Foundation

Oppen Modern American Poetry Page

Oppen at Poetry Fourndaton

Oppen Photographs at American Poetry Review
from the University of Pennsylvania archive of American Poetry Review photographs

George Oppen Introducing Charles Reznikoff

Robert Creeley on Oppen
Introduction to Selected Poems

Charles Bernstein on Oppen's Of Being Numerous
from Ironwood 26

Marjorie Perloff on Of Being Numerous

Michael Heller on Oppen as Influence

Shirley Kaufman on the Oppens in Jerusalem
from Ironwood 26

Some Uncollected Letters to Shirley Kaufman

Peter Nicholls on Oppen's Modernism

Anthony Rudolf on Oppen and Poetry during Wartime

A Memoir of Oppen by Augustus Young

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