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Louis Zukofsky, "Sincerity and Objectification with Special Reference to Charles Reznikoff" Poetry "Objectivist" issue, 1931
George Oppen Inroducing Charles Reznikoff at San Franccsico State (1974)
"The Decisive Moment" by Paul Auster
"It reminds me of something that once happened to my mother" by Paul Auster
"Poetic Representation: Reznikoff's Holocaust" by Dan Featherston
Jena Osman on Charles Reznikoff (Kelly Writers House)

Charles Bernstein, "Reznikoff's Nearness" (from My Way); orignal talk (audio recording from PennSound)
Bernstein, "Brooklyn Boy Makes Good: Charles Reznikoff, the Poet of New York" in Brooklyn Rail, March 2006 (review of Collected)
Stephen Fredman on The Collected Poems (from Shofar)
Bernstein on Holocaust CD ("Reznikoff's Voices")
Bernstein reading and discussion of Charles Reznikoff's "Amelia" for Library of Congress, The Poetry of American Identity: Work and Industry, 7/29/12
"Amerlia": a case study, with source mateiral, ed. Bernstien and commentrary by RIchard Hyland;

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