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Denise Riley Publications

Dry Air. London: Virago, 1985.

Marxism for Infants. Cambridge : Street Editions, 1977.

Mop Mop Georgette: New and Selected Poems, 1986-1993. London: Reality Street, 1993.

No Fee, Denise Riley and Wendy Mulford. 2nd ed. Cambridge (Cambridgeshire): Street Editions, 1979.

Poets on Writing: Britain, 1970-91, edited by Denise Riley. London: Macmillan Academic and Professional, 1992.

Stair Spirit. Cambridge, England: Equipage, 1992.

War in the Nursery: theories of the child and mother. London: Virago, c1983.

Douglas Oliver, Denise Riley, Iain Sinclair. London, England; New York, N.Y., USA: Penguin, 1996.

Am I That Name?: Feminism and the Category of "Women" in History. Basingstoke, Hampshire : Macmillan, c1988.

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