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bibliography of primary works through 1980

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The Selected Writing, ed. Carl Van Vechten (Random House, 1946)
Three Lives
Tender Buttons
(1914): [Gutenberg complete]; free Kindle'; via print & e-book from from Green Integer; compare new Colin Sackett design (pdf)
What Happened (a play)
Stanzas in Meditation (1932) & excerpts at PF
"Rose is a rose" at 100 (1913)
"Idem: the Same; A Valentine for Sherwood Anderson" (1922) + audio
"If I Told Him: A Completed Portrait Of Picasso"(1923) & audio / text alignment
"Five Words in a Line" (1930)
Four Satins in Three Acts (written late 1920s/1934 production): pdf of libretto and 1947 Columbia radio recording of Virgil Thomson opera. See also a clip from the first production with sets by Florinne Stettheimer.
"Identity: A Poem" (1935) (Charles Bernstein on this work)

"Composition As Explanation"(1926)
"An Elucidation" (1927)
Lectures In America (1935): "What Is English Literature," "Pictures," "Plays," "The Gradual Making of the Making of Americans," "Portraits and Repitition," and "Poetry and Grammar"
From "What Are Master-pieces and Why Are There So Few of Them" (1936)
Reflections on the Atomic Bomb

About the Author:
Gertrude Stein's War Years: Setting the Record Straigh: A Dossier, ed. Charles Bernstein (Jacket2, 2012)
Stein in pictures
Two Notes on Stein Textual Scholarship by Ulla Dydo
22 On Tender Buttons, Jacket 2 (2015)
Modern American Poetry Page

"The World of Gertrude Stein" (bio and pictures)
Carl Van Vechten Stein photos
Gertrude Stein Online
Williams on Stein
Signifyin(g) on Stein: The Revisionist Poetics of Harryette Mullen and Leslie Scalapino from Postmodern Culture
"The Work of Gertrude Stein" by William Carlos Williams
John Ashbery on Stein (1957)
"Gertrude Stein: A Literary Idiot" by Michael Gold from The Masses
Testimony against Gertrued Stein
(1935) with Georges Braque, Eugene Jolas, Maria Jolas, Henri Matisse, André Salmon, Tristan Tzara: UBU
Lyn Hejinian on Gertrude Stein (Kelly Writers House) (sound file)
Joan Retallack on Gertrude Stein, Ludwig Wittgenstein, John cage (Kelly Writers House) (sound file)
Joshua Schuster on ms of Tender Buttons at Jacket2