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The Making Of Americans
Written 1903 - 1911. Only very early notes were written in 1903 in New York; basically the novel was rewritten and rewritten in Europe. 
The Making of Americans: Parts 1 & 2 (5:38), recorded in New York, Winter 1934-35

Written in Paris, early 1911
Matisse (2:47), New York, Recorded in New York, Winter 1934-35

A Valentine to Sherwood Anderson
Written in Paris, 1922
A Valentine to Sherwood Anderson (3:46), Recorded in New York, Winter 1934-35

If I Told Him: A Completed Portrait of Picasso: Text, Audio with Text
Written late Aug. 1923 in Nice / Antibes, where S & T went to see Picasso. Picasso returned to Paris early September, but Stein, working steadily, stayed on for 3 full months, far longer than her usual, short visits.
If I Told Him: A Completed Portrait of Picasso (3:42), recorded in New York, Winter 1934-35

The Fifteenth Of November . . . T. S. Eliot
Written Paris, fall 1924, perhaps upon Eliot's visit to rue de Fleurus.
MP3 (3:16)

Portrait of Christian Bérard
Written December  1928 in Paris, in appreciation of Bérard's portrait of Stein that was to become the frontispiece of the first 100 signed copies of DIX PORTRAITS.
Portrait of Christian Bérard (0:49)

Madame Recamier. An Opera.
Written in Biligmin, September 1930. Only a very short excerpt of this long text is included in the record. perhaps for lack of (recording) space. It's unfortunate, for this short excerpt in no way represents the libretto.
Madame Recamier: An Opera (3:25), Recorded in New York, Winter 1934-35

How She Bowed To Her Brother
Written in Paris, late 1931. Title used here (with "How") is in ms and in opening sentence; other publications leave out the "how."
How She Bowed To Her Brother (2:18)

Interview 1934 (1:19).
Probably the Interview at the Algonquin Hotel, November 1934, upon Stein's arrival.

1947 Columbia Broadcast Recording of Four Saints in Three Acts
Composed by Virgil Thompson

  1. Act One (35:13): MP3
  2. Act Two (20:06): MP3
  3. Act Three (33:31): MP3

Courtesy John Whiting
Full Text
See also a clip from the first production with sets by Florinne Stettheimer. 

Tender Buttons at 100 Celebration, Kelly Writers House, October 1, 2014

  1. Laynie Browne (9:18): MP3
  2. Lee Ann Brown (10:04): MP3
  3. Angela Carr (6:55): MP3
  4. Rachel Blau DuPlessis (7:56): MP3
  5. Ryan Eckes (4:25): MP3
  6. Jason Mitchell (4:44): MP3
  7. Sueyeun Juliette Lee (4:25): MP3
  8. Charles Bernstein (15:26): MP3
Complete recording (1:07:34): MP3

PoemTalk Podcast #10, discussing Stein's "Portrait of Christian Bernard," September 8, 2008

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