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Poetry Books

Overnight, Hanging Loose Press, N.Y. , N.Y. 2007.

Breakers: Selected Longer Poems, Coffee House Press, Minneapolis , MN . 2000.

Fracas, Hanging Loose Press, N.Y. , N.Y. 1998.

The Anamorphoses (with Dale Devereux Parker) , Pataphysics Series, Melbourne, Australia. 1995.

The Curious Builder, Hanging Loose Press, N.Y. , N.Y. 1993.

Likewise, Hanging Loose Press, N.Y. , N.Y. 1988.

Splurge, Sun Press, N.Y. , N.Y. 1982.

American Express, Joe Soap's Canoe Publications, Ipswich , U.K. 1981.

Harmatan, Sun Press, N.Y. , N.Y. 1977.

Some Poems, Swollen Magpie Press, N.Y. , N.Y. 1976.

In Baltic Circles, Kulchur Foundation Press, N.Y. , N.Y. 1973.

Waterworks, Toothpaste Press, Iowa City , Iowa . 1972.




Selected Accidents, Pointless Anecdotes, Hanging Loose Press, N.Y. , N.Y. 2002.



Anthologies (Selected)

The Oxford Book of American Poetry, Oxford University Press.

The Best American Poetry 2006, Scribner.

180 More Extraordinary Poems for Every Day, Random House.

The Best American Poetry 2004, Scribner.

The Oxford Anthology of Modern American Poetry, OUP.

The Pushcart Prize 25 th Anniversary Edition, Pushcart Press.

The Best American Poetry 2000, Scribner.

The KGB Bar Book of Poems, Harper Collins.

Great American Prose Poems: Poe to the Present, Scribner

American Poets Say Goodbye to the 20th Century, Four Walls Eight Windows.

The Best American Poetry 1995, Scribner.

Thus Spake the Corpse, An Exquisite Corpse Reader, Vol. I, Black Sparrow

Postmodern American Poetry, W.W. Norton.

Ecstatic Occasions, Expedient Forms, Macmillan.

Up Late: American Poetry since 1970, Four Walls Eight Windows.

Broadway 2: A Poets and Painters Anthology, Hanging Loose.

The Poet Exposed: Portraits by Christopher Felver, Van Der Marck Editions.

Out of This World, Crown Publishers.

Real Things, Indiana State University .

Broadway, A Poets and Painters Anthology, Swollen Magpie Press.

None of the Above, New Poets of the U.S.A. , The Crossing Press.