CLAIRVOYANT JOURNAL: March and April 1974

The March and April sections are reproduced from
Clairvoyant Jounral 1974: March-June Retreat (New York: Angel Hair Books,1978).
Cover photograph by Tom Ahern
(c) 1978 Hannah Weiner

PEPC edition (c) 2004 by Charles Bernstein for Hannah Weiner-in-trust.

A taped performance of the portions of Clairvoyant Journal reproduced in this digital edition is available at Hannah Weiner's PennSound page. This page also includes some notes about the work.


March p. 1 (note: the March sound recording begins here)

March p. 2

March p. 3

March p. 4

March p. 5

March p. 6

March p. 7

March p. 8

March p. 9

March p.10

March p. 11

April p. 1 Note: April sound recording begins here

April p.2

April p.3

April p. 4

April p. 5

April p. 6

April p. 7

April p. 8

April p. 9

April p. 10

April p. 11

Back Cover blurb by Jackson Mac Low