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Hannah Weiner

LINEbreak interview with Charles Bernstein

full transcript of this 1995 interview (pdf)
Full program (29:44): mp3
  1. introduction (0:19): MP3
  2. on how she began writing poetry and creating performance work (4:45): MP3
  3. on the Clairvoyant Journal (1:28): MP3
  4. reading from the Clairvoyant Journal ["4/29 la for the book"] (3:16): MP3
  5. on embarrassment, the diaristic tradition, and literary experiment (2:33): MP3
  6. on writing prose poetry (0:46): MP3
  7. on judging a good poem from a bad poem (0:58): MP3
  8. reading from "paw" (7:13): MP3
  9. on seeing words (0:53): MP3
  10. on the performative aspect of "paw," paw actually existing in HW's forehead, and the word as healing (4:21): MP3
  11. on her studies at Radcliffe (1:34): MP3

The Radio Reading Project (interviewed by Ernesto Grosman) (60 minutes, 1998)

Hannah Weiner: A Film by Phill Niblock (1974)

  1. Page One, Apple Pie (1:27): MP3
  2. Reach Somebody (0:30): MP3
  3. Save Your Breath (2:41): MP3
  4. Go to Avenue A (1:11): MP3
  5. Go to Countdown (2:42): MP3
  6. What Happened? (0:25): MP3
  7. Get Tired (1:18): MP3
    • Complete Recording (10:29): MP3

    Three Poems from 4-track reel-reel Tape Poems ed. Eduardo Costa and John Perrault (1969)

    (5:43): MP3 (courtesy: Ubu)

    Appearing on Public Access Poetry, December 29, 1977

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    Reading with Mel Freilicher, December 1978

    1. Virgin from Little Book (11:22): MP3
    2. Darrel's Book (3:12): MP3
    3. ChicThree (1:42): MP3
    4. Jimmy's Book (3:49): MP3
    5. Russell's Book (4:06): MP3

    Segue Series Reading at the Ear Inn, Spring 1980

    Complete reading with Charles Bernstein and James Sherry (20:06): MP3

    "May" from the Clairvoyant Journal

    Performed by Rochelle Kraut, Sharon Mattlin, and Hannah Weiner. Recorded by Charlie Morrow live at St. Mark's Poetry Project circa 1978. Used by permission of Charles Morrow Associates Inc & Charles Bernstein for Hannah Weiner in trust.

    "May" excerpt in MP3 format (from Kenning #12 - WAY)

    "May" - full version (19:55): MP3

    Clairvoyant Journal

    Performed by Regina Beck, Sharon Mattlin, Peggy De Coursey, and Hannah Weiner. Originally issued as an audiocassette by New Wilderness Audiographics, 1978. Used by permission of Charles Morrow Associates Inc & Charles Bernstein for Hannah Weiner in trust.

    • "March" (26:48): MP3 Note: text begins here in EPC digital edition
    • "April" (28:09): MP3 Note: text begins here in the EPC eddition
    • "March" Real Audio
    • "April" Real Audio
    • Clairvoyant Journal

      Performed by Charles Bernstein, James Sherry, and Hannah Weiner. Recorded 1981, New York City, and previously unissued; from the archive of Charles Bernstein and published here by permission of Charles Bernstein for Hannah Weiner in trust.

      Clairvoyant Journal, 1981 (20:22): MP3

      reading from Spoke, Ear Inn, New York, October 10, 1983

      complete reading (38:01): MP3

      excerpt from "Spoke" from Live at the Ear (1983)

      Segue Series Reading at the Ear Inn, June 15, 1985

      Complete reading (32:05): MP3


      Published by Xexoxial (Madison. 1990), along with anaudiocassette. Recorded by Bruce Andrews in New York, 1989. Text remains available from publisher.

      Reading at the Ear Inn, May 3, 1997

      • Complete Reading (46:54)(low recording quality, .WAV in archive): MP3

      Reading at the Poetry Project, October 28, 1998

      • Part One (18:17): MP3
      • Part Two (14:11): MP3
      • Part Three (17:46): MP3

      Segue Series Reading at the Ear Inn, November 20, 1993

      1. Introduction by Laynie Brown (3:57): MP3
      2. Astral [Felix] (1:31): MP3
      3. From "Silent Teachers" (1:40): MP3
      4. In the Entrotico (1:24): MP3
      5. Felix (1:06): MP3
      6. Introduction, "Silent Teachers" (7:05): MP3
      7. Silent Teachers (15:14): MP3
      8. Page Number O (6:11): MP3
      9. The Calm (8:03): MP3

      complete reading (46:33): MP3

      "PAH" (discussing astrals), Bibilo's, November 20, 1994

      complete recording (25:18): MP3
      excerpt from end of reading, "Astral Vision" (Felix, Charles, godzilla) (5:45) MP3: text (variant)

      Video & audio from the November 11, 2007 celebration of Hannah Weiner's Open House

      Hannah Weiner on PennSound Daily

      These sound recordings are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights to this recorded material belong to the author's trust. (C) 2010 Charles Bernstein for Hannah Weiner in trust. Used with permission. Distributed by PennSound.