Louis Zukofsky
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Introduction to the Library of America Selected Louis Zukofsky by Charles Bernstein via Jacket 30 (2006)

LZ on PennSound

Z-Site: A Companion to the Works of Louis Zukofsky
includes Selected Letters (1913)
Celia Zukofsky's American Friends

A Zukofsky Photo Gallery

LZ/100 Conference at Columbia/Barnard, Sept. 2004

LZ/100 feature in Jacket 30 (2006)

LZ in Poetry magazine
Peter O'Leary on the "Objectivist" issue of Poetry (Poetry Foundation)

PLUS:The full 1931 Objectivist issue of Poetry, including "Sincerity and Objectification"

Re-Reading Bottom: Fall 2003 Symposium in Buffalo

Bio/List of Publications and Papers

Modern American Poets Page

April 1997 Zukofsky conference in Buffalo

Two Essays by Lorine Niedecker:
The Poetry of Louis Zukofsky
A review of Louis Zukofsky's A Test of Poetry

"The 'Ought' of Seeing: Zukofsky's Bottom" (from Maps, 1973): pdf (Hiding Press) [epc backup]

Some recent reviews
Jewish Exponent
(Robert Leiter)
Forward (David Kaufman)
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