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Re-Reading Bottom
 A Fall 2003 Symposium on Louis Zukofsky's Bottom: On Shakespeare

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 Louis Zukofsky's Bottom: On Shakespeare was originally published by Austin-based Ark Press in 1963 as a two volume work containing Zukofsky's text and his wife, Celia's, setting of Shakespeare's Pericles to music. The work was republished in 1987 by University of California Press and, after a period of being out-of-print, again in 2002 by Wesleyan University Press with an introduction by Bob Perelman.

 "Re-Reading Bottom: On Shakespeare a Symposium," scheduled for October 31st and November 1st of 2003 at the University of Buffalo, will bring established and emerging scholars together to make use of the generous resources at UB and within the Buffalo Poetry and Arts community. Together, we will revisit this groundbreaking, yet highly esoteric text in an attempt to examine the ways this text has been read in the past, and to test one of the most highly regarded, but least understood works of the 20th Century.

 Among other events participants may look forward to at the symposium are presentations by Bob Perelman, author of The Trouble with Genius, The Marginalization of Poetry, and numerous books of poetry, and Mark Scroggins, author of Louis Zukofsky and the Poetry of Knowledge and Anarchy, as well as a series of workshops geared towards discussing shorter papers on Bottom by scholars, students and poets. The first of these workshops will be co-moderated by Perelman and Scroggins; the second by poet-scholars Gregg Biglieri and Louis Cabri. Those work-shopping papers include: Antony Adolf, Barbara Cole, Steve Collis, Michael Cross, Kaplan P. Harris, Nick Lawrence, Nick Salvo, Trevor Speller, Jessica Smith, Sasha Steensen, Paul Stephens, and Jeffrey Twitchell-Waas.




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