Re-Reading Bottom
 A Fall 2003 Symposium on Louis Zukofsky's Bottom: on Shakespeare

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Perelman/Scroggins Workshop>>

Antony Adolf, "Epic Criticism / Critical Epics"

Gregg Biglieri, "No Ideas But Eyed Ears"

Stephen Collis, "At the Bottom of Avon River: A Partial Alphabet of Objects for Louis Zukofsky and HD"

Kaplan P. Harris, "Bottom Up: Zukofsky's Henry Adams"

Nick Lawrence,"Dreaming in Characters"

Sasha Steensen, "At Face Value: Bones among the Epitaphs"

Paul Stephens, " 'Harsh Advice to Scholars': Humanistic, Anti-Historical, and New Critical Elements in Bottom: On Shakespeare"

Biglieri/Cabri Workshop>>

Michael Cross, " 'For want of the image of a voice' "

Barbara Cole, " '(Wo)Man (Critic) is but an ass?': The Bottom Line for Gender Criticism on Zukofsky"

Nick Salvato, "Bottoming Zukofsky"

Jessica Smith, "The Aesthetic Implications of 'Julia's Wild' "

Trevor Speller, "Bottom's Elisions"

Jeffery Twitchell-Waas, " 'Words spin': Spinoza in the Poetics of Zukofsky's Bottom"




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