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18-21 October 2001


The organizers would like to thank the following individuals and groups for their generous financial, material, and 'moral' support, without which these events could never have happened.

Robert Creeley, the Samuel P. Capen Chair [UB]
Charles Bernstein, the David Gray Chair [UB]
Elizabeth Grosz, the Julian Park Chair [UB]
Leslie Fiedler, Distinguished Professor [UB]
The Poetry/Rare Books Collection [UB]
Edmund Cardoni, Executive Director of Hallwalls
Craig Reynolds, Director of Big Orbit Gallery
Loss Pequeño Glazier, Director of the Electronic Poetry Center [UB]
Literature and Society Program [UB]
The Buffalo Theory Group [UB]
The Graduate Student Association [UB]
The Graduate Student Association in English [UB]
The Graduate Student Association in Comparative Literature [UB]
The Graduate Student Association in Media Studies [UB]

Special thanks to Dodie Bellamy, who suggested the title "Prose Acts."

Brandon Stosuy would like to thank Mike Basinski, Ed Cardoni, Eileen Myles, Sander Hicks, and Christina Kaulbach-Stosuy for Prose Acts-related dialogues as well as direct assistance.

Finally, I would like personally to thank Matthias Regan, Sandra Guerreiro, Marta Werner and Robert Waterhouse - among others - for their continued friendship and support. CA


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