Digital | Media | Poetics

Spring 2002 Media, Theory, Poetry
February 27 – April 24, 2002
at the State University of New York, Buffalo
(Amherst Campus)

Presented by the Poetics Program & the Department of Media Study

Writers Making Film
Screening: Films by Hollis Frampton
Weds., Feb. 27, 4 pm, CFA Screening Room
Hollis Frampton was a filmmaker whose profound interest in poetry in his young adulthood led him to contact with Ezra Pound. This concern for the primacy of language is manifest in Frampton's subsequent work in first photography and then film, the medium for which he is most renowned. "A phantasmagoria of language" is film historian Scott MacDonald's exegesis of "Zorns Lemma" (1970), the hour-long work widely accepted as the zenith of Frampton's alternative cinema practice. The shorts "Lemon" (1969) and "Less" (1973) will also be screened. Frampton co-founded the Dept. of Media Study & the Digital Arts Program at U.B. Curated by filmmaker Caroline Koebel.

Roberto Simanowski
Lecture: Digital Literature: From Hypertext to Interfiction
Sun., March 17, 4-6:30 pm, 110 Baldy
Roberto Simanowski edits the highly influential German digital journal Dichtung Digital, a review of digital aesthetics. A specialist on 18th century German literature, literary salons, and digital literature, he is the author of several books including Digitale Literatur (Text & Kritik) and the forthcoming Interfictions: Vom Schreiben im Netz (Suhrkamp). and 2001: Ein neuer Wettbewerb für eine neue Literatur? (DTV). Lecture presented in English.

Poetry Across the Frontier 2002 (I)
A Canadian Poetics Festival
A Symposium on Canadian Pataphysics
with Christian Bök & Darren Wershler-Henry
Weds. April 10, 12:30 pm, 110 Baldy
Bök is one of the most explosively talented sound poetry performers of our time. He is the author of the recent Eunoia and Pataphysics: The Poetics an Imaginary Science (Northwestern University Press) as well as Crystallography. Wershler-Henry is the editor of Coach House Books and the author of Nicholodeon: A Book of Lowerglyphs and the Tapeworm Foundry.

Crossing [Digital] Boundaries presents
Simon Biggs
Co-presented by the Center for Literary Computing,
West Virginia University
& UB's Humanities Computing Center
Co-sponsored by
the Dept. of English, the Dept. of Art, &
the College of Arts & Sciences, &

Weds. April 17, 12:30 PM, 110 Baldy
Friday. April 19, 8 PM, Hallwalls, 2495 Main Street, Buffalo
Australian-born digital multimedia/text artist Simon Biggs has had installations and performances world-wide. A pioneer in multimedia digital installations, Biggs's work has defined a new level of engagement between image, text, and programming. He has published numerous essays on media art and has recently launched his acclaimed Babel project. Biggs lives in Sheffield, England.

Crossing [Digital] Boundaries
Humanities Computing Symposium
Co-presented by the Center for Literary Computing,
West Virginia University & UB's Humanities Computing Center

Co-sponsored by the College of Arts & Sciences
& the Department of English

Fri. April 19, 8 pm, Hallwalls, 2495 Main Street, Buffalo
Simon Biggs Presentation
Sat. April 20, 9 am-1 pm, 120 Clemens
"Varieties of Hypertext", A Tutorial with Jim Rosenberg
Jim Rosenberg has been working in non-linear poetic forms in one medium or another since 1966. His best-known work is Intergrams, published by Eastgate Systems. His interactive work includes dense overlays of words and intense structuring, typically by means of an external syntax. The preoccupying vision: taking hypertext into the fine structure of language.
Sat. April 20, 1 pm-6 pm, 120 Clemens
Forum, Showcase, Virtual Reality Project Demos
In "Forum", a group of leading digital artists/thinkers will address the current state of digital media poetics, including the topics of the digital archive and the role of programming in the digital arts. Event will consist of a series of presentations of digital projects followed by practioner-to-practitioner discussions, including Sandy Baldwin (3-D immersive exploration of Lewis Carroll), Loss Pequeño Glazier (digital poetry programming), Laleh Mehran (time-based electronic media), Dan Tripp (Mars Project DVD), and others. The afternoon will also feature a digital media poetics showcase, digital exhibits, and demonstrations of virtual reality projects.

Sat. April 20, 8 pm, 120 Clemens

Networked Media Art Performances
Special event of key performed works of networked and digital media arts including a presentation by Alex Galloway (Rhizome), an interactive remote performance by Fakeshop, and other interactive/group performances, to be announced.
Check the Crossing [Digital] Boundaries Website for latest details!

Poetry Across the Frontier 2002 (II)
A Canadian Poetics Festival
Poetics of Literary Computing
with Neil Hennessey & Katherine Parrish
Weds. April 24, 12:30 pm, 110 Baldy
Neil Hennessy is a concrete poet and pataphysicist from Toronto. He holds a Bachelor of Mathematics in Computer Science and English Literature at the University of Waterloo. He has had a few micropress publications, and is currently working on the Pataphysical Software Company, to appear at Coach House Books
. Katherine Parrish is a researcher in digital pedagogy and poetics, currently pursuing her M. Ed. at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Her work on the poetics of text-based virtual environments appears in several publications, including the forthcoming Cybertext Yearbook. She is honored to be one of a select group of critics invited to present at the New Media Poetry conference to be held at the University of Iowa in October 2002. She regularly invites randomness into her life and work through her project the MOOlipo, a cyborg experiment in the algorithms of virtual identity.

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