An open-access, peer reviewed academic journal in emerging digital language arts, SUNY Buffalo | EPC

Emerging Language Practices
ELP-01 (2011)
YHC, aND/Wakest, Upton/Drever, Pedercini, Noonan, Marino, Parangi, Clavelli, Baldwin, Beiguelman
ELP-02 (2012)
CLOSE READINGS: Florence, Flores, Huber, Kozak, Upton; REPORTS: Digital Poetry & Dance, E-Poetry 2011
EMERGING LANGUAGE PRACTICES (ELP) is published in the spirit that it is crucial to e-poetry to have a peer-reviewed open-access scholarly journal focused on innovative practice in the digital media language arts. Its contents are open to scholars, non-affiliated artists, and interested readers regardless of institutional affiliation, geography, or academic discipline. Authors retain rights to their work, though acknowledgement of prior publication in EMERGING LANGUAGE PRACTICES (ELP) is requested. ELP is a peer-reviewed journal; its works have been vetted by experts in the field prior to publication. The intent of such review is not to establish consensual acceptability but to present exciting new developments in the field through clear writing expressing fresh, original, and inventive new ideas. It is our belief that the new media are not an aim in themselves but a means to explore new vistas of scholarly imagination.