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David Bromige

Brick Books,
Box 38, Station B,
London Ontario, CANADA, N6A 4V3

60 pp., $9.95

These are poems of address and comment in the tradition of Jonathan Williams, Anselm Hollo, Robert Creeley and Edward Dorn. Irony is marked form the start as operative exchange value: "'Irony' i read/ but is said 'Money'."

What I especially value in Bromige's work is his ability to transform the materials of everyday life into stunning reverse-image admonitions, as in--

     The referents' lair
     for george Bowering

     Carter was talking to the shah
     about a country which had blossomed forth
     under enlightened leadership
     About then i found what i was looking for
     The weather and the sports report

Attention to the details of how language gets figured is everywhere evident. "Nothing happens that is not the mind/to us, this side of Ouch."--Tom Beckett

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