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Paul Dutton:

Underwhich Editions
Box 262 Adelaide St. Station
Toronto Ontario, CANADA M5C 2J4

18 pp., $10.00

Although Paul Dutton finished this series of prints/smudges made from a disassembled plastic typewriter in 1977, this is the first publication of the entire work. It's a lovely sequence of visual pieces: letters pressed on broken type, lines drawn in (presumably through typewriter ribbon), smudges, fragments of rock lyrics, ribbon rubbings, fingerprints, typed text, in short, a greatly enhanced set of textual elements. Given the replacement of the typewriter by the word processor, there's a flavor of nostalgia, or perhaps metaphor (in the destruction of the typewriter) in this piece that may not have been originally considered.--Andrew Russ

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #4,
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