#9 Open Theme Themed Issue: Brandon Downing, Rodney Koeneke, Leonard Schwartz, Andrew "Poisoner" Goldfarb, John Bradley, Laynie Browne, Andrea Baker, Mary Burger, Dana Teen Lomax, Trevor Calvert, Ian Randall Wilson...

More authors to be posted soon!!!!

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Fall 2003

  #8 Oil War/Empire: K. Silem Mohammad, Kristin Palm,
Kent Johnson, Leonard Schwartz, Dale Smith, John Stickney,
Stephen Vincent, Andrew Goldfarb, Jim Behrle, kari edwards,
Gary Sullivan, Mark DuCharme, mark s kuhar, CAConrad,
Kevin Gallagher, W.B. Keckler, Robert Loye, Jane Sprague,
John Bradley, Clayton A. Couch, David Hadbawnik,
Lauren Gudath,
Ricky Venel Stone, Chus Pato, Spencer Selby, Tahseen al Khateeb,
Taylor Brady, Jennifer Dannenberg, Catherine Daly, Amjad Nasser,
Francis Raven, Timothy Yu, Patrick Herron, Stephen Ratcliffe,

Gabe Gudding: rhode island notebook, 2.26.03-3.2.03

Kent Johnson
Two brief statements on the politics of form

Joshua Schuster Notes on war aesthetics

Links: Oil & Empire
March/April 2003

 #7: Imitation, Homage, & The Bad: David Hess, Stephanie Young,
Spencer Selby, Aaron Belz, Helen Ruggieri, Rodrigo Toscano, Kenneth Tanemura, James Chapson, Gary Sullivan, Ben Lerner, Cynthia Sailers, Mark DuCharme, Rachel Loden, Geofrey Gatza, Jeff Harrison Andrew Felsinger, Mark McManus, K. Silem Mohammad, Claire Barbetti, David Hadbawnik, Rodney Koeneke, Chris Glomski, Brooks Johnson, Kevin Gallagher, Andrew Goldfarb, Rod Riesco, Dodie Bellamy as Edward C. Edwards, David Braden, Christopher Martin, Ryan and Jacob, Ethan Paquin, Noah Gordon, Kari Edwards, Ken Rumble, John Bradley, Barbara Joan Tiger Bass, Patrick Herron, Gabriel Gudding, George Kalamaras & Eric Baus, Del Ray Cross,

Kent Johnson: Prosthesis of Pompom into VeRT

A Nation of Poets: Writings from the Poetry Workshops of
and Interview w/ Ernesto Cardenal by Kent Johnson

Excerpts from Cries in the New Wilderness: from the Files
of the Moscow Institute of Atheism
by Mikhail Epstein

George Kalamaras & Eric Baus:
Births Incurred/your recently collected saliva

Dale Smith: Interliner/Federico García Lorca's Poet in New York

Jono Schneider: On Literary Silence

Dale Smith Reviews Jenny Boully's The Body

David Hadbawnik Reviews Dale Smith's The Flood & The Garden

September 2002

# 6: Poems, aphorisms, found, letters, & translations:
Robert Kelly, Leonard Schwartz, Jenny Boully, Jono Schneider,
Geoffrey Gatza, Kent Johnson, Jim Chapson, Dale Smith, Tim Shaner,
Chris Stroffolino, Deidre Simon, Dylan Willoughby, Samantha Giles,
Poonam Jolly, Erin Wilson, Aaron Belz, Jerry Hicks, Mary Burger,
Ian Randall Wilson, Mairead Byrne, Gabe Gudding, Christine Hamm,
Stephen Ratcliffe, Kevin Gallagher, Jill Stengel, Prasenjit Maiti,
Ryan Eckes, W. B. Keckler, Reed Althemus, Chris McCreary,
Schezero, Kyle Schlesinger, Clark Lunberry & David Reisman...

Anastasios Kozaitis: Bei Ling Translations, w/ Introduction

Anastasios Kozaitis Translates Adonis Fostiris, w/ Variation

Translations from the Greek by Alexandra Papaditsas and Kent Johnson

John Troyer: Media Insider Reveals Enron Correspondence

Unpublished poetry by Shakespeare, Aeschylus and Cedj (as dictated
by Ouija board to Victor Hugo and son Charles [trans. Jeffrey Jullich])

From Brazil: Roberto Piva, Murilo Mendes, Paulo Leminski & Orides Fontela
[trans. by Chris Daniels]

Fernando Pessoa [trans. Chris Daniels & Dana Stevens]

Gabe Gudding & Mairead Byrne Interviewed by Kent Johnson

Lissa Wolsak Interviewed by Kent Johnson

 Feburary 2002

    # 5 : poetics featuring: Hoaxes and Heteronymity: An Interview with Kent Johnson, Dogma '01 by David Larsen, _The Art of M[ez]ang.elle.ing: Constructing Polysemic & Neology Fic/Factions Online_, *//alan sondheim//* Poetics in Internet Text, Behind the Meatball Curtain by Andrew Felsinger. Poetry by : Joanna Sondheim, Kevin Fitzgerald, David Hadbawnik, billy little, Jason Lynn, Pawel Grajnert, Andrew Goldfarb, Sarah Rosenthal, Stephen Ratcliffe, W. B. Keckler, Lauren Schiffman, Kirsten Kaschock, Kent Johnson, Geoffrey Gatza.

Fall 2001

# 4: lyric featuring the work of: xxxx xxxxxx, Aaron Belz, Richard Carfagna, Bill Freind, Andrew Felsinger, Samantha Giles, Andrew Goldfarb, David Hadbawnik, Patrick Herron, Jeffrey Jullich, Candace Moore, Cora Lee Potter, Eleni Sikelianos, Ken Tanemura, Tsering Wangmo Dhompa, Elisabeth Workman, a review of Eleni Sikelianos' new book _Earliest Worlds_ by Jono Schneider, Poetic Radicalism in the Internet Age by Patrick Herron, & Kent Johnson gives a quiz.

Summer 2001

   # 3  :prose featuring the work of: leonard brink, jack kimball, hugh steinberg, joseph massey, sarah rosenthal, stephen ratcliffe, camille martin, jono schneider, kent johnson, mark ducharme, samantha giles, dear jacques: lacan, miller, debrot & a british poets' listserv response, plus: an UNTITLED interview.

Spring 2001 

# 2 :emphasizes the collaborative process: mIEKAL aND and Maria Damon, Kenneth Sherwood, Stephanie Young and Tanya Brolaski, Andrew Felsinger and Jono Schneider, Lauren Schiffman and Nicole Brodsky, Joseph Noble and Avery E.D. Burns. Additional work by Joseph Massey, Dana Ward, Genevieve Szopa-Monley, Michael Rothenberg, Samantha Giles, and Garin Cycholl.

Fall 2000

# 1 :features the work of: Cid Corman, Tsering Wangmo Dhompa, Andrew Goldfarb, Dana Teen Lomax, Sarah Rosenthal, Kenneth Tanemura, and John Tranter. VeRTaGe, a collaborative collage poem, came about through the efforts of a number of the above contributors.

Fall 1998

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