Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jim Behrle
Language poetry
and the body
Molly Saccardo
John Cage
has a secret
Emily Lloyd
dives right in
“The average life span
of a Web site

is only
44 to 75 days”
Robert Creeley’s
Money’s poet
& the NEA
Book reviews & bookstores –
another disconnect
the neighborhood library…
Or voting
to close them
This week’s
death of a bookstore
comes from upstate NY
The closure
of the only bookstore
Paoli, PA
(where I live)
a week ago
got no notice whatsoever

(silver lining:
I bought 7 bookcases
for $70)
The other poet
from Virginia Tech
“10,000 recordings
by over 200 writers” –
The AP piece
on PENNsound
turns up
in the
Chicago Trib

This compares to
the 501 recordings
that the
Poetry Archive
(which likes to call itself
” the world's premier
online collection
of recordings of poets
reading their work”)
had as of Friday

Brits to
Paul McCartney
(or, more likely,
Michael Jackson,
who owns the Beatles song catalog)
from the poor house
More on the poetics
of Jerry Hall
Art & commerce
Ike Taiga,
& Tokuyama Gyokuran,

illuminating not manuscripts
so much as
paintings with text