Monday, March 29, 2010

Hissa Hilal & “oil money flowering into verse”
Can Hissa Hilal win it all?
She stands her ground
Amy King on
The What Else of Queer Poetry
The Rae Armantrout trading card
The accessibility of Rae Armantrout
How many constants should there be?
Rae Armantrout’s quasi-scientific methodology
“a Chesire poetics”
The meaning of Keith Waldrop & Rae Armantrout
winning “major” awards
Mexican poets tour London in April
Charles Olson nears 100
Potential form & Hank Lazer’s Portions

The Truth & Life of Myth:
Robert Duncan symposium in Chicago
in April
Remembering Assia Wevill
Planting Ted in the Poets’ Corner
NY Times obit for Ai
The ACTA treaty draft
that criminalizes © infringement
can be downloaded here
Helene Hegemann & the art of sampling
Tom Clark’s Something in the Air
Volume 3 of The Poetic Front
offers some of the best critical thinking alive
including Andrea Actis, Thom Donovan, Stephen Collis,
Susan M Schultz, Robert Stanton, Roger Farr,
Rob Halpern, Rodrigo Toscano, Natalie Knight & more
Critophoria 2
has over 50 contributions,
some of which (Frances Raven, Jill Magi) are booklength
& includes Steve Benson, Abigail Child, Marcella Durand,
Mikhail Epstein, Tom Fink, Bhanu Kapil, Laura Moriarty,
Julie Patton, James Sherry, Anne Tardos, Stephanie Young,
Charles Bernstein, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Norman Fischer,
Cliff Fyman, Michael Heller, Basil King, Hank Lazer,
Alicia Ostriker & many more
StAnza 2010 podcasts
Reading Emily Dickinson thru cognitive linguistics
Brian Henry’s translations of Tomaž Šalamun
Ken Irby & Eileen Myles receive PSA’s Shelley Prize
Rachel Lois Clapham’s Notes:
Art Writing Field Stations
Notes on Notes (AWFS)
CA Conrad is poetry in commotion
Susan Briante’s Pioneers in the Study of Motion
Frank O’Hara’s Poèmes déjeuner
Proofreading with Geof & Nancy Huth
More about atwhich
A day in the life…
Ted Greenwald in Philly, April 1
Ken Edwards on speculative fiction: Unknown Countries
(parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Kay Ryan’s The Niagara River
Ryan reads
Talking with Kay Ryan
Kit Robinson’s The Dolch Stanzas
Barbaric AWP: flarf in the Rockies
Exquisite hybrids & the gentrification of form
The poetics of texting
in the work of Robert Creeley & Jimmy Schuyler
Talking with Charlie Plymell
Sherman Alexie wins the PEN/Faulkner
Stefan Zweig’s writing is “just putrid”
Chris Abani’s Sanctificum
Finding Edith Granger
Joyce Carol Oates: “I.D.”
Franticham’s Assembling Box No. 2
Fluxus in NYC,
the week of April 15
James Alexander’s The Jack Rabbit Poem
Tao Lin in Kansas
The Avant-Garde Bloggies Awards
are open for voting
Jimmy Schuyler:
“How we feel about John Ashbery”
The Kenning Anthology of Poets Theater
reading @ St Marks, April 7
Form, Power & Person
in Robert Creeley’s Life & Work
The Sex Life of a Cop & other “classics”
Edith Wharton’s “Kerfol”
What do David Foster Wallace
& Wikipedia have in common?
James Wood on Wallace
Proust is back at a new Twitter feed,
having been hacked
Peter Krok’s Looking for an Eye
Susanna Rich’s
“audience-interactive poetry performance”
Ernest Farrés’ Edward Hopper
Edward Hirsch, purring
Michael Longley:
“I wish I could appear more tormented”
Andrew Motion to write sequel to Treasure Island
Alicia Borinsky’s Frivolous Women & Other Sinners
The non-arbitrary aspect of language:
the iconicity in onomatopoetic words in Thai
Libraries = net access for the rest of us
Battery Park City’s public library,
the newest & greenest around
A poem a day
keeps Barnes & Noble away
January’s bookstore #s:
where the $$ in publishing really is
William Lynch’s contract
as Barnes & Noble CEO
Bellingham bookstore’s
print-on-demand venture
9 alternatives to the iPad
Apple adds 2 more publishers
to its e-book store
More want iPad than Kindle
Will Vooks be a Kindle killer?
Sony cuts price of its e-reader
Bedtime for Bezos:
publisher opts out of Amazon
the most dangerous drug
What is your email address worth?
Harold McGraw of McGraw-Hill has died
Talking with Gloria Mindock
The Body of the Mind:
Embodied Cognition, Law & Justice
Kevin Killian on Jeffrey Escoffier’s
Bigger Than Life: The History of Gay Porn Cinema
from Beefcake to Hardcore
Talking with Leo Fitzpartrick
Fitzpatrick’s title page poetry at Half Gallery
has been extended to April 9
Otto Dix: painting the town red
Last Gasp turns 40
Haitian painting’s new realities
Mel Ramos @ Modernism in SF
Poem & picture in Storrs, CT
4 stars for Elliott Carter
Renée Fleming does Arcade Fire
Andrius Vyšniauskas:
my favorite track (today) from
Lithuanian post-avantgarde music art
3 full albums (free downloads) from Andrius Vyšniauskas,
one of which is entitled (in Lithuanian) Bad Poetry
Remembering Alex Chilton
Thru April 6,
stream vols. 7, 8 & 9 of
Folkways’ Music of Central Asia
Yoko Ono: Back to where she once belonged
The greatest film scenes ever shot
Cyborgs Я Us
(tho it misses intraocular lenses
which I’ve had for decades)
Talking with Terry Eagleton
Talking with…or maybe not
Springtime for Stalin
The importance of place,
but not in terms that Charles Olson was thinking of
The surreal with the fringe on top:
neo-fascism & the American right
Talking with John Milbank