Monday, May 03, 2010

Reina María Rodríguez,
a bilingual reading

Tsering Wangmo Dhompa
on the earthquake in Kyegu

Barrett Watten goes post-moot

Clark Coolidge’s The Act of Providence

New work by Eleni Sikelianos

Curtis Faville on Jack Gilbert
(part I) (part II) (part III)

The Dominant and the Long Durée

Talking with Sara Larsen & David Brazil about Try

Maid as Muse:
How Servants Changed Emily Dickinson’s
Life & Language

Lil Picard: Mama Dada

Canadian Poetry Festival
of 1980

The Bloodaxe Book of Indian Poets

Authors start to boycott Arizona

What is (or has been)
your favorite editing project
and why
(43 poet-editors, curated with an intro by
Eileen R. Tabios)

Editors on editing: a roundtable

The William Bronk-Charles Olson correspondence
(one part of Burt Kimmelman’s contribution)

Otoliths 17 has much to offer

May 3 & 4 @ CUNY,
Chapbook Festival (& marathon reading)

May 6 @ CUNY,
talks in honor of Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick,
by Jack Kimball, Stacy Szymaszek & CAConrad

On John Gould Fletcher
& Charles Bernstein

Talking further with Charles Bernstein

The “thought-opera” of Walter Benjamin

Jerry Rothenberg:
A Pre-Face for David Meltzer

Tintin on trial

The David Foster Wallace audio project

Poetry is for rich kids

Michael Horovitz jumps into the Oxford poetry swamp

The intent of The Alphabet

Was Robert Frost a modernist?

Arcs & arcoholics

Britain’s best indie bookshops

Janet Adelman has died

Random House gets more random

The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick

Plus 39 other Dick titles

The Bukowski archive

Remembering Jonathan Williams

Remembering Peter Porter

LA’s Skylight Books

Talking with Tan Lin

Definitely check out the new Barzakh!
(viz Ted Berrigan collages)

Ryokan, translated by Dennis Maloney

The danger in neglecting translation

The city of endangered languages

Parlay vu globish?

Google Search to add
virtual keyboards for 35 languages

How to Write in 700 Easy Lessons

Glengarry Glen AWP

“you get to dance, you get drunk, you get laid”

The EU Commission nixes a poetry contest

The perils of meeting your favorite author

When Chaplin met Einstein

Emily Dickinson’s garden

Paulann Peterson, Oregons new laureate

Missouri’s laureate, David Clewell

13 Howard Fellows in Fiction & Poetry

Always almost obsolete,
always almost new

If I were to raise my children
the way I write my books…”

Reznikoff & conceptualism

Flarf film

A site just for the juxtaposition
of literature & technology

The Found Poem Student Challenge

The poetry of golf

The poetry of preaching

Found poem favorites

Celebrity volcano slam poetry

Art of the slam
not a contradiction in terms

Talking with Amir Sulaiman

Bloomberg the poet?

Nick Clegg:
“My hero Samuel Beckett”

William Burroughs:
Cities of the Red Night
(reg. req.)

Burroughs’ Naked Scientology
(reg. req.)

Burroughs’ The Electronic Revolution
(reg. req.)

Burroughs’ Queer
(reg. req.)

Lewis Carroll, experimental poet

Dramatic monologs,
from the Victorians to Maximus & Niedecker

New York’s sidewalk booksellers

The latest in Gently Read Literature

Photos from Collapsible Poetics Theater

Eigner, Cummings & the typewriter

Can the iPad or Kindle
save book publishers?

The right age to buy an iPad

What the experience of reading
might look like
in the near future

Talking with Ben Mazer

Moving the Dodge to Newark

Edwin Morgan at 90

Do the Monster mash-up,
everyone else is

Charlie Simic:
Confessions of a Poet Laureate

Charlotte Perkins Gilman
& the colors of depression

Shakespeare who?

Twittering Romeo & Juliet
(parting is such tweet sorrow)

Poets change the world

A poem for Arizona

Padraic Fiacc,
Belfast’s “patron saint of the insane”

Talking with Andrei Codrescu

Poetry in Person:
25 Years of Conversations
with America’s Poets

Paul Elisha’s Swash

A Reader on Reading

The pugnacious quietist

Anonymous feminism of the 19th century

Talking with Janaka Stucky

Who is your favorite religious poet?

Cambridge changes rules
to ease the silencing & sacking of
“difficult dons”

What makes a feminist poet?

Marilyn Monroe on Beckett, Joyce
Joltin’ Joe & just maybe JFK

Well, at least it wasn’t her cat

Talking with Kathy Acker

The diaries of Madonna

Nicola Barker: “I love suffering”

Coming Through the Rye
is not making it through the courts

Teens flock to live poetry events

Telling tales in Ojai

Silvi Alcivar, poet on demand

Poetry can be a portable prairie

Poetry from
the 92nd Street Y “Discovery” winners

Talking with Elizabeth Spires

Huffington Post’s fave literary twitters
is mostly publishing industry
& no poets

Adjectives in Sappho
& other obsessions

The Picture of Oscar Wilde

How is this better than Calvin Trillin?

Adam Kirsch close reading Robert Lowell

The best book trailer of the year?

One’s inner compass

Sci-fi publisher Phoenix Books shuts down

Lullabies for maniacs

The calcification of Caryl Phillips

Anne Carson’s Nox

With the death of Alan Sillitoe,
the 1950s are finally over

Philip Davenport
@ the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds

Save Beyond Baroque!

In preparation for landing

Graphic Gatsby

The drawer of whales

One drawing for every page
of Moby-Dick

Poetry, the movie

Bad Writing, the documentary

White Peak / Dark Peak

Talking with Joseph Beuys

The Tate Audio Archives

William Furlong, the archivist

Robert Natkin has died

3 finalists for the new
Berkeley Art Museum

The recession hits Big Art:
Koons’ fabricator shuts down

Talking with Daniel Libeskind

2010 AIA housing awards

The Harvard Arts Medal to
Catherine B. Lord

The dead mother

Sitting with Marina Abramović

Talking with Jenny Holzer

The last (I-95) picture show

The conceit of Cartier-Bresson

Allen Ginsberg, the photographer

The bones of Francois Robert

Events at the Sculpure Center
in Long Island City

June 18-19 in NYC,
a 65th birthday celebration for
Anthony Braxton

The life of Artie Shaw

Laurie Anderson seeks “expert” remixes
& looks to the future

The astrolabe

Brion Gysin:
How to make a dream machine
(reg. req.)

Epistemic closure on the far right

Stephen Wolfram’s
theory of everything

Henri Lefebvre:
State, Space, World: Selected Essays
(reg. req.)

The internet as a social movement

Coping with complexity