Tuesday, June 15, 2010

“stud lover boy”:
NY Times
obit for David Markson

James Yeh on David Markson

Preparing to misspell Wittgenstein

David Markson: An Introduction

LA Times obit

RIP David Markson:
where postmodern meets pulp

2 new videos of
Leslie Scalapino reading

Lyn Hejinian:
Remembering Leslie Scalapino

Memorials for Leslie Scalapino

Leslie Scalapino: Dusie 8

CFP: A Dusie tribute of Leslie Scalapino

Adventures in aphasia

Washington Post obit of Peter Orlovsky

Howl premiers as memorial to Orlovsky

In Moscow, remember Voznesensky at Tufts

The Collected Poems of Pat Lowther

New poems from Elizabeth Robinson

What Marjorie Perloff said at Rethinking Poetics

Delirious Hem / Pussipo media page

Talking with Amy King

Jennifer Knox on an island with Brian Wilson

Knox’s “Pimp My Ride”

WTF, the New Yorker?

PhillySound on the Joe Milford Poetry Show

David Lehman’s Incestuous Coterie:
Why the New Best American Poetry
Sucks Even More than
Its Twenty-One Predecessors”

45th anniversary of the big Beat fest
at the Royal Albert Hall

Tony Trehy:
Does the Cambridge School exist
when you are in Dortmund?

Steve Fama:
reading Revelator

Talking with Steve Dalachinsky

An elephant and a strict occasion

Jennifer Karmin: Interview with Barak Obama

Brian Kim Stefans:
Language as game play

Lara Glenum’s Maximum Gaga

Augmented reality, electrical installations & poetry

Norman H. Pritchard: The Matrix


Zachary Schomburg on N.H. Pritchard

The New Jazz Poets

Spidertangle threads
on Pritchard & the black avant-garde

Roger Manderscheid has died

George Stanley’s Vancouver: A Poem

Bobby Byrd on Bill Deemer

An account of the Olson Conference

Kerouac & the mimeo revolution

The Beats in Mexico City

Aimé Césaire: Soleil cou coupé
(selections, trans. by A. James Arnold & Clayton Eshleman)

Ekphrastic Eshleman

Eshleman’s “Inner Parliaments”

John Olson on Ed Foster

John Olson: Five prose poems & some canned tomatoes

The sound of the printed letter

More drama over the Oxford chair:
the one female candidate quits,
claiming the fix is in for Geoffrey Hill

Rhina Espaillat’s keynote address
@ the West Chester Poetry Conference

Today in Paris:
Rachel Blau Du Plessis & Auxémery

Thursday, June 17 in Brooklyn:
Michael Hennessey, Kristin Prevallet, Frank Sherlock

June 18 to 20 in Paris,
Shakespeare & Co. Literary Festival:
Storytelling & Politics

June 25 in Paris:
Steve McCaffery, Karen Mac Cormack & Michèle Métail

An Updike conference in Reading, PA
October 1 – 3

MSA 12, November 11 – 14,
Victoria, BC

David Foster Wallace
on genteelisms

David Foster Wallace:
is he writing too much for a dead guy?

Bill Friend on Kent Johnson’s
appropriation of Kenny Goldsmith’s Day

George MacBeth’s “The God of Love”

Language alters how we think

Language & science fiction

Pierre Joris:
2 or 3 French takes

Words Without Borders:
The Queer Issue

Reading Bolaño in Tehran

Peter Culley’s
The Age of Briggs & Straton

Charles Borkhuis’ “Write What I Say”

The test of translation:
Heinrich Heine’s “Zum Lazarus

Scott Watson on translation

Art Durkee
on Sidney Lanier’s “Marshes of Glynn”

Speak, Nabokov

Did Max Beckmann foresee 9/11?

Louis Zukofsky Facebook page

Dale Herd’s Dreamland Court

Kate Greenstreet’s The Last 4 Things

Anne Carson’s Nox

Art Beck on Neeli Cherkovski

Poets House
is serenaded in the New Yorker

John Taggart:
“Magdalene Poem”

Angela Gardner’s Views of the Hudson

4 Stan Apps essays on
PR for Poetry

Jenn Hawe:
Why I hate the term
creative writing

Conceptual Poetics v. Flarf:
Taking Sides
(review of a book that doesn’t exist)

Hard copy ≠ truth

Alberto Manguel’s A Reader on Reading

Anselm Berrigan:
from Notes on Irrelevance

Sharon Mesmer’s “Pandora”

Mark Doty on Philip Schulz

Michael Farrell’s A Raider’s Guide

BEA’s 2010 survey of book-buying behavior

Bay Area loses one more bookstore

Bookstore Tourism is back!

DC’s Politics & Prose is for sale

When the library closes,
Cal State students create their own

Ask Gertrude

Amazon spent $540,000
lobbying Congress in the first quarter of 2010

e-reader competition heats up

Ten questions on poets & technology:
Cati Porter

What future for books?

A look at iPad’s future:
average user has downloaded
2.5 books

What the iPad can’t do:

Apple censors – then uncensors --
Oscar Wilde

Ulysses “Seen”
censored for the iPad

A stream of conviviality for Bloomsday

Michael Lista’s Bloom

Talking with Wendy Cope

Snakes vs. apostrophes

The language police of Estonia

Herta Müller on the contemporary
Romanian Information Service

Novelists & dictators

Charles Simic on Ratko Mladic

Xiaoda Xiao’s “Nixon’s Nose”

China defends
internet censorship policy

The rise & fall of Pearl Buck

Where to find Russia’s popular poets now

The strength of Canadian poetry

Giles Goodland’s What the Things Sang

Nico Vassilakis’ Language is Hell

Asher Ghaffar’s
Wasps in a Golden Dream
Hum a Strange Music

John Ashbery & Paul Muldoon
in Hell’s Kitchen

The renaissance mirror

Ballardian dot com

Ballard’s short stories

Joel Bettridge’s Reading as Belief:
Language Writing, Poetics, Faith

Do you speak foreign?

Most beautiful tweet?

Brian Evenson’s Fugue State

Evenson’s Baby Leg

Stunt writing: how to

Eavesdropping as a literary technique

What’s more important to a poem?
Sincerity or Tone?

Can Symtext disrupt textbook market?

For-profit universities
are abandoning printed textbooks

Talking with Tom Healy

Vincent Katz’s “Poem to Accompany a Film”

Paul Guest’s memoir of quadriplegia

Geoffrey Nutter’s Christopher Sunset

Talking with Tacoma laureate Tammy Robacker

John Wooden:
how poetry shaped my career

Thank you, Ray Bradbury

Putting poets in the zoo

Why everyone hates poetry

A profile of Emma Trelles
that includes an interview
whose first question is
“What was the color of your prom dress?”

Julia Bloch’s “from Letters to Kelly Clarkson”

Paula Cisewski’s Ghost Fargo

Todd Swift’s The Awards Ceremony

O’Henry dead 100 years

Billy Liar at 50

Cliff Forshaw’s A Ned Kelly Hymnal

Paul Farley’s The Atlantic Tunnel

The garden roots of Emily Dickinson

Collector buys $10K book for $30
through Abe.Books.Com

Two early Stieg Larsson stories surface

Norman Mailer’s “woman problem”

Talking with Madison Smartt Bell

Origami alphabet

Books on vinyl

Who are you in the academic novel?

Yet another book meme?

Salinger’s silence

Rumpus sows community

Nicole Cooley’s
“Compendium of Lost Objects”

Alan Gilbert’s “Almost Working”

Alan Ginsberg explains Timothy Leary

The death of The Exile

Barbara Kingsolver wins the Orange

Kingsolver: a life in writing

awards only go to boring books

Edmund White on Martin Amis

Poetry Inside Out
coming to schools in NYC

Dystopia for kids

Responding to David Biespiel’s tantrum
against contemporary poetry

Hunting Captain Ahab

The Ahab Parallax: Moby Dick & BP

Herman Melville: Dead White Male

Boston says no to
One Book, One City

The Tosca Project

Alexandra Teague’s
“Adjectives of Order”

Tom Wolfe & Kurt Vonnegut, chillin’

The rejection letter of the future

Terry Southern in full

Marc Rahe’s The Smaller Half

Timothy Green’s American Fractal

Oe’s Changeling on familiar ground

Can you © the description
of an ongoing chess match?

Poetry & sex

Wild Life Rifle Firethe trailer

The poetry of Palo Alto

Lisa Bickmore honored for “Dog Aria”


The National Federation of State Poetry Societies
just met in Memphis

Stanley Fish endorses
the back-a-classical-education movement

The hidden history of baby books

With friends like Martha Nussbaum,
do the humanities need enemies?

Talking with Bret Easton Ellis
(complete with out-takes)

Ellis gets to the sequel

Talking with Russell Goings

David Mitchell on Cloud Atlas

UC plays hardball
with rip-off journal pricing

Getting the librarians
out of the library

Book drop vandal busted

Cambridge will digitize rare books

Hobby Lobby’s collection of rare Bibles

The Collected Poems of Hart Crane
(reg. req.)

The 2010 Poets Forum
Oct 28 – 30 in NYC

How old can a “young writer” be?
asks Sam Tanenhaus, age 55

Best use of a great jazz musician
in a Shakespeare cartoon

Samuel Beckett remixed

There is no such thing
as mass culture

John Giorno live

Dead animals “liberate” the Tate
move to get museum to drop deal with BP

Cable TV as an NEA Grant

Andy Warhol: the last decade

Schwabsky’s Matisse

Anish Kapoor casts his net

Jeff Adams at Braunstein/Quay

The art of display
in postwar LA

Getty museum chief dies suddenly

How do you “read” Tintoretto?

Tarkovsky: Sculpting in Time:
Reflections on Cinema
(reg. req.)

Tarkovsky’s polaroids

Polaroid’s polaroids
@ Sotheby’s NYC
June 16 – 21

Self-publish or be damned:
photographers go it alone

Sigmar Polke has died

Polke’s impact

LA Times obit

Washington Post obit

Lester Johnson has died

David Hockney loves his iPad

Poland celebrates gay art

Leo and His Circle

Cruise ship art scam

Renoir the modernist

No art without architecture

From the Bauhaus to our house

NYU’s architectural assault
on Greenwich Village

An archive of 75 silent films
is returning to the USA

Michael Lally on The Prince of Persia

Guggenheim + YouTube = ?

Breathless at 50

Stan Brakhage made how many films?

By Brakhage: An Anthology, volume one

David Lynch’s interview project

Patti Smith’s Just Kids

Lullabies from Natalie Merchant

World’s oldest “passing fad” – jazz

Anthony Braxton’s
65th birthday extravaganza

Talking with Natalie Merchant

Fear & poetry in West Chester

The essence of Orpheus

A word from our sponsor

The Ellen Willis archives

Willis’ radical realism

The new Black public intellectual

Soccer & philosophy

Cry Wolf vs. Academia-Gate

Kitsch philosophy

A lament for the humanities

White flight in higher ed?

There goes tenure

& here too

Here comes Wal-Mart University

How to regulate for-profit colleges

A theory of digital objects

Saving the Chess Hall of Fame

The deadline for completing
Carnegie Mellon’s
Technology Assessment Survey for Arts Organizations
in June 18th!

To be happy, we must be pessimistic

The Shift Index

J’accuse: Dreyfus in our time

An intel community view
of Israel’s flotilla assault
& its aftermath

Oil spill crisis map

The most popular educator on YouTube

Vlatko Vedral:
the origin of God