Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Olson @ the Century

A profile of the Buffalo conference

Gloucester celebrates Olson

As does Vancouver

Paris Review “Language Sampler”

Berkshire Eagle obit for Michael Gizzi

Close reading aloud
poems about poppies
by H.D. & Jennifer Scappettone

Steve Fama on varieties of vispo

John Timpane on Mario Vargas Llosa

Writing & winning

Betting on the Booker prize suspended

Famous Seamus
wins the Forward Prize

Why the Forward Prize
is perpetually backwards

These prizes
are all that is keeping
literature alive

Literary critic & PEN official Liu Xiaobo has received
the Nobel Peace Price

Liu Xiaobo dedicates prize
to Tiananmen victims

Liu Xia visits her husband in jail
& is placed under house arrest

Taking the opposition to book banning

Anis Shivani:
“The MFA system
represses good writing”

the “MFA discussion

You have an aesthetic

The meaning of meaning

Poetry … is mathematics

& the Second Law of Thermodynamics

The trailer for
Julie Taymor’s film of
The Tempest
in which Prospero becomes Prospera
in the hands of Helen Mirren

Marilyn Monroe, poet

Pat Cody has died

José Antonio Labordeta has died also

So has David Rowbotham

Fact-Simile’s “all-star team”

of last summer’s
Avant-Writing Symposium

“Poetic Polyphony in
Scott Thurston’s Internal Rhyme”

John Ashbery “more accessible than Ted Kooser”

The most widely referenced
literary blogs

Talking with Kathleen Rooney

Nicole Krauss’ Great House

Tim Brown’s Second Acts

On gender & publishing: a panel

“What we talk about
when we talk about
the count

The count
2009 Best Of lists
were exactly 2/3rds male

The count
Publishers Weekly 2010

Joanna Fuhrman:
“He is Opening His Mouth
So He Can Hear Me”

Ted Hughes’newpoem
about the death of Sylvia Plath

Ange Mlinko’s “Bliss Street”

Reading groups for dementia patients

William Burroughs: A Man Within

Talking with Michael McClure

“Life is too sweet to waste
on self-propaganda”

LitQuake honors
Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Preserving Koro

Sarah Rosenthal’s
A Community Writing Itself:
Conversations with Vanguard Writers
of the Bay Area

Carolyn Forché returns to Provincetown

Talking with Walter Benn Michaels

In defense of naïve reading

Thank You for Saying Thank You

Gloria Frym’s Any Time Soon

“For poets,
National Poetry Day

can feel a bit bleak”

In Canada,
there’s “Dead Poets’ Remembrance Day

A reading report on Ariana Reines
on the new website for
Small Press Traffic

Mark Scroggins on John Taggart’s Crosses

Talking with Bill Manhire,
New Zealand’s poet laureate

Talking with Arielle Greenberg

Sam Hamill’s Bashō

Getting urban with Geraldine Dodge

This year’s event is large, diverse

The Dodge Fest
almost didn’t survive

Talking with Christian Teresi,
conference director of the AWP

Can we create
a national digital library?

Edwidge Danticat’s
Create Dangerously:
The Immigrant Artist at Work

Resisting redemption
in women’s memoirs

Seeing Dorothy Wordsworth
through “Tintern Abbey”

Milan Kundera’s Encounter

Suichi Yushida & Taylor Mignon

I was a teenage poetry bride

Typing on trains

Cate Marvin:
Due Date vs. Deadline

Tom Clark’sPunctum

Paul Siegell’s

Martin Espada:
(for Adrian Mitchell, 1932-2008)”

Talking with Penelope Scambly Schott

Andrei Codrescu
on the value of language

Diana Athill
at the “old person’s home”

at the Belfast Poetry Festival

Max Apple
is among the 2010
Pew Fellows

Kelly Writers House
takes recruiting
the best undergrad writers
very seriously

Emily & Walt
in the age of MySpace

Amazon extends e-book authors
70% royalties

Publishers “insane” e-book pricing

Two e-books that cost more
than their Amazon hard covers

The end of picture books

Responses to Michael Cunningham
on translation & the meaning of literature

9 great writers
snubbed by the Nobel Prize

Positioning Cormac McCarthy
for a Nobel

Touting Ngugi wa Thiong'o
for the Nobel

On Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Nicholson Baker’s
“paean to…the School of Quietude”

Lynd Ward
& the origin of the graphic novel

Tips on submitting
to literary journals

Cookie Monster linguistics

The language of happiness
& of relationships

Philip Roth plays God

Getting beyond Roth’s sexism

Saul Bellow’s widow
on his letters

Alan Cheuse on Philip Roth

Why the right hates Freedom

Holding Franzen’s glasses for ransom

Emperor Franzen

Stieg Larsson’s fourth novel
may never be published

James Wood on Emma Donoghue

Alice Sebold
becomes an editor

The Paris Review’s Lorin Stein @ City Lights

Heaney & Fanthorpe

Philip Jeck’s
An Ark for the Listener

Hunter S. Thompson
applies for a job

A negative take on
Lydia Davis’ translation of
Madame Bovary

The Penguin Book of Irish Poetry

Omissions among contemporary poets

Andrew Motion
on Richard Mabrey’s Weeds

Billy Mills
picks the best
of the Guardian’s
poetry blog poets

Andrew Hudgins’ American Rendering

Richard Ebehart’s son
contemplates the market for his own books

Nader’s novel “trimmed” in paperback

Are the performing arts
“the next Tower Records”?

Make your vote
a work of art

Paul Chan
in New Orleans

Jennifer Karmin:
Antonyms for Jenny Holzer /
Haiku for Sol Lewitt

On and Onscreen’s
fab fall issue

Remembering Arthur Penn

Jack Foley on Howl, the movie

Stanley Fish on Howl

Interpreting Howl
in the 21st century

Recalling Allen Ginsberg

5 books on Allen Ginsberg

Hollywood meets poetry

British poetry
“is the new rock ‘n’ roll”

Pop stars pick their favorite poets

Junkyard dawgs
of the NY Philharmonic

Ten years of Kid A

Dylan the host

Bob Dylan’s defense of John Lennon

John Lennon’s powerful presence

Lennon as author

& illustrator

Improvising with John & Yoko

Remembering Lennon

Borrowing his persona

A violin requiem for privacy

Sunflower Sutra:
Ai Weiwei @ the Tate

Lynda Benglis @ RISD

Talking with Sarah Sze

Bill Viola
public video in Syracuse

Talking with Lynn Hershman Leeson

Peter Schjeldahl
on abstract expressionism

Starry Night

Stephen Pace has died

No love in Loveland
for Enrique Chagoya

on baseball & Jackson Pollock

“I was shrinkwrapped for art”

Elwood Shaler stacks wood

When art may be criminal

Talking with Arthur Danto

Stanley Cavell’s
philosophical improvisations