Monday, August 01, 2011

John Wieners, 1968, with a portrait of Joanne Kyger

John Wieners
707 Scott Street
(ebook thanks to Douglas Messerli’s
Project for Innovative Poetry)

Rae Armantrout:

Ange Mlinko on Roy Fisher

Clayton Eshleman:
While Drinking Coffee at Zingerman’s


New work by Laurie Price

Talking with Ryan Eckes

Caroline Bergvall’s Meddle English

3 poems by Ben Friedlander

Sam Cornish’s
Dead Beats

Poets on Adoption

Another obit for Len Fulton

Charles Bernstein:

Stephen Burt
on Joseph Massey, Collier Nogues
& Cyrus Console

Correcting a key typo
in Burt’s review

The definitive
translation of Rimbaud

Jessica Bell’s
Twisted Velvet Chains

Among Anders Breivik’s
preferred targets:
literary festivals

How will Norway’s writers
confront the massacre?

How poets have dealt
with disaster

Ma Jian banned from China

He’s not alone

Will Ai Weiwei be allowed
to travel to Berlin?

Forbidden mourning

Poetry Society’s funding slashed

The Poetry Society in context

Judith Palmer’s
explanation of her resignation

Mounties spied on Northrop Frye

Margaret Atwood?
Never heard of her
declares library funding opponent

Why we need library rental fees
(to keep the poor from reading?)

Baffled at a book case

Philip Pullman:
Stand up to book barbarians!

Eliot Weinberger:
The Cloud Bookcase

Joel Chace:
Periods 61-72

Ann Bogle’s
Country Without a Name

Do Not Kill the Fly!

Teapot haiku

Poetry at the Rogers Cup

Reports on the Soundeye Festival

Contemporary poems of death awareness

CA Conrad:
AIDS Snow Family
(Soma)tic Poetry Exercise
& Poem

CA Conrad & Pattie McCarthy
among 2011 Pew Fellows

Bios of the new Pew Fellows

Raymond Roussel’s
New Impressions of Africa

Dion Farquhar:
Torture Trip

Talking with Margaret Young

Adam Fieled’s Mother Earth

Ever read an article
that gets everything wrong?

Talking with Jamie Townsend

In praise of impoverished poets

Tweets from Engels:
a collab from the homeless
of Manchester, UK

Solzhenitsyn’s Apricot Jam

JG Ballard’s Millennium People

Maggie Nelson’s
The Art of Cruelty

Herman Melville’s
lifetime literary earnings:

Giving it all away

Emily Dickinson:
Erotic grief counselor

Francis Raven:
We Started in the Summer

Why writers belong in prison

Neal Cassady talking

Worst commercial abuse
of William S Burroughs

Interviews with Burroughs

Murdoch vs. Moloch

Snapshots of Sandburg

Komunyakaa & Doty:
what if words are the problem?

A novel wounded
through poor translation

the all-in-one
eReader app for iPhones

As stores die,
so does book culture

Borders shuts it down

Borders’ president’s
letter to employees

Kissing” books
could have saved Borders

Who is doing the liquidating

But first
pricing at Borders
goes up

Amazon blamed
for the demise of Borders

A history of Borders

Borders by the numbers

Missing Borders

Borders’ demise
a small boost to B&N

may pick up a few dozen stores
but probably not

Do we still need

U of Chicago
buys a Borders building
but not for a bookstore

The bookstore
at the end of the world

Umberto Eco:
This is not the end of the book

Cal book legislation
doesn’t grok retail

As Borders exits,
indies fight other Goliaths

Ann Patchett’s own bookstore

Talking with the new owners
of Politics & Prose

The judge in the Google book case
is setting deadlines

Does self-publishing make it too easy?

The Hybrid Writer:
Balancing traditional publishing
with self-publishing

Talking with Siri Hustvedt

Li-Young Lee:
Have you prayed?

The Proust Questionnaire
becomes a Facebook app

an un-authorized biography

& a place for bribery

Slam teams are gearing up

The poetic change-makers

Sci-Fi turning to e-books

Remembering Cheryl B

Famous for the wrong book?
Check the stats

Reading the wrong Vonnegut

The war for

2 bios of Joseph Heller

Famous authors
live better on Twitter

Who sez
George RR Martin
is fantasy?

Jeffrey Cyphers Wright:
six publications, 13 paragraphs

Lois Ame’s Reunion

Talking with Kirmen Uribe

Blake’s creative writing workshop

Rowan Williams’ Rublev

Poets racing
against the inevitable

Literary debt

Some literary events
around the Bay Area

A guided reading of
Astrophil and Stella 63

& of Wordsworth’s
The Simplon Pass

& of Plath’s
Morning Song

Teaching Plath

The Bell Jar at 40

Jean Hartley has died

Remembering Reynolds Price

Bloom’s feast

Felicia Dorothea Heman’s

The Man Booker long list

& of course
Bulwer-Lytton’s immortal prose contest

Talking with Kevin Williamson

The Broadsider

The forgotten poet
of the Revolution

Reading for the heat wave

Talking with Alan Moore

Christian fiction
going strong

Gina Berriault’s selected stories

Julian Barnes’
The Sense of an ending

Busboys & Poets
expands to Hyattsville MD

Marie Lundquist
at the 92nd Street Y

Poem in a shell

Invisible bookshelves

Searching out Merrill Moore

Writing & alcoholism

Over 100 Charles Bukowski book covers

Cy Twombly & the crisis of the line

A masterpiece of perpetual announcement

Court rules
that if Robert Johnson
sold his soul to the devil
it would have been
an enforceable contract

Michael Heller & Jane Joseph

In Venice,
the Biennale sinks

Alex Steinweiss,
who invented album art,
has died

So has Gilbert “MagúLuján

A Luján slide show

Remembering Lucian Freud

Anatomy of a sitting

My top 5 Lucian Freud paintings

The God of Small Things

Perverse depictions
of magnificent muck

Freud on film

Adrian Searle on Freud

Seeing thru skin


Ai Weiwei online

Talk to me

Talking with Dorothea Rockburne

Chicago’s Marilyn:
some like it not

A treasure trove
of “missing” art

Philly museum
announces new acquisitions
from early Guston
to a major collection of
self-taught art

Noguchi at Laguna

An update on
S. Clay Wilson

Diane Arbus @ 88

Nancy Grossman’s
leather heads

Nan Goldin’s best shots

Photographer Jerome Liebling has died

Tree Sweaters

A decade of watching Shakespeare

A documentary on Sholem Aleichem

He-ere’s Satan!

Christopher Walken:
The Three Little Pigs

West Side Story
done right

Terry Gilliam to adapt
Paul Auster

Yeats’ first play
becomes an e-book

When Yeats came to America

Mamet’s right turn

Club 27

Singing to Nerval

Close to Home

Rupert Murdoch
& freedom of the press

Shakespeare & Murdoch

The Guardian’s
Media 100 list