Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mayakovsky’s portrait of Khlebnikov

Roman Jakobson
reads Mayakovsky & Khlebnikov

Alice Notley:
Culture of one

Tradition & the individual talent
duke it out
@ the Supreme Court
over (what else?)

Laura (Riding) Jackson, reading

Joan Retallack, Pierre Joris & Charles Bernstein
on Mac Low’s Pound

Spring & All

Ron Silliman:
from Revelator

RSVPs are now being taken
for the limited seating for the
2012 Kelly Writers House Fellows:
Karen Finley, John Barth & moi

I (or at least my sculpture)
also turn up at
Bury Light Night

The TLS on Susan Howe & Rae Armantrout

Rachel Blau DuPlessis:
Mail Art

2 poems by Catherine Wagner

How long should a poetry reading be?

The Million-Line Poem,
a collaboration in progress

The new sentence
in strict iambic pentameter

Poetry & race roundtable
Francisco Aragón, Jaswinder Bolina, Veronica Golos,
Amy King, J. Michael Martinez, Farid Matuk,
Evie Shockley, Juliana Spahr, Orlando White,
Timothy Yu

Graphing Kerouac, Faulkner, Darwin

Andrew Motion
accuses Mann Booker
of a false dichotomy

When judges
betray their readers

Talking with Nathaniel Mackey

Howard Junker hits the streets


Poets occupy Wall Street

& Philadelphia

Žižek on Wall Street

Occupy everything!


Ben Ehrenreich, Jasper Bernes,
Joshua Clover & Annie McClanahan

on the occupations

Harvard student
calling Kenny Goldsmith

on his aesthetics

Why isn’t Kenny Goldsmith
as famous as Steve Martin?

Robot authors?

The Walking Dead

Is poetry really as unappreciated
as popularly thought

Poetry Africa

Eileen Myles
on image & text work
by women artists & writers

Henry Gould:
Poetry as problem or puzzle,
as reading or performance

A Keats brother
on the American frontier

Remembering Maxine Tynes

Deaf Jam:
slamming with signs

Kit Robinson:
The Planetary Currents
(subscription required)

The poetics of Boris Slutsky

The top ten books lost to time

Bookstores will disappear
by 2018

Having decimated bookstores,
Amazon takes aim

on eliminating publishers also

B&N dumps DC graphic novels
Amazon converts to Kindle

No newspaper = no news

Bloomsbury digital archive
revives hundreds of imprints
(How many were already on Gutenberg?)

The last outrageous dictionary

Constructing the poetry manuscript

Karl Young:
Bringing the Text Back Home

Breaking Bad & Walt Whitman

Javier Huerta’s
poetry as schtick

Tadeusz Rózewicz’s
Sobbing Superpower
(subscription required)

Vanessa Place
on Chris Alexander’s Panda


1951 Poets Theatre reading
with Frank O’Hara, John Ashbery,
Richard Ebehart & Lyon Phelps

(Includes Try! Try!)

The Beat (generation) goes on

Israel’s beat poet

A key to Kaddish

The coming-of-age bildungsroman

James Franco teaching poetry

Franco’s Hart Crane:
tough poetry, graphic sex

Wallace Stevens’ Walk

Words Nabokov found difficult
to pronounce in English

Little Ez writes home

Glovens vs. webinars

Forrest Gander
on Xi Chuan & Zhou Zan

The Iowa Writers Workshop
celebrates 75 years

Poetry & clams

Lawrence Joseph’s Detroit

The American Poetry Archives
of SF State

First Twitter epic?
Ask Rahm Emanuel

Thumbs up for Like

Will the e-book kill the foot note

UK to be
carpeted in poetry
for 2012 Olympics

Tranströmer’s spare genius

Tranströmer’s works go
out of stock
more or less instantly

The AP on Tranströmer

Following words through a labyrinth

2 poems by Tranströmer

Plus a big Google Books’ excerpt from
The Great Enigma

How will Tranströmer accept the Nobel?
Through music

9th win for a Swede among Nobel lit prizes

In praise of Tranströmer
& of course Robert Bly

Washington Post: Who? Huh?

Mixed reactions to Tranströmer’s Nobel

Nobel jury blows it again

the sadness at the heart of nostalgia

Paul Muldoon:
“there will be dancing in the streets”

The New Yorker: Miracle Speech

BoingBoing on poetry

Li Bai’s
Looking Toward Heaven’s Gate

Stephen Burt on
Alan Peterson, Laura Kasischke,
Juliana Spahr, Harmony Holiday
& Cyrus Console

Ondaatje is the cat’s meow

Samuel R Delany
on the evolution of science fiction

Talking with
George RR Martin

The thriller gains ground

Russell Banks’
Lost Memory of Skin

David Orr on readings
& the tension between
the written & performance

Ben Lerner inspires poetry, thought

Picking snow apples with Robert Frost

My Apple
taught me to write

Writers on writing

365 different

Charles Dickens: the coin

The Aldeburgh Poetry Fest
survives without its core funding

How many authors
wrote that first big collaboration?

The NY Times
supports public domain

Alternatives for the secular
on Yom Kippur:
meditation, poetry, introspection

Ben Fama:
from Palm Lines

Carol Ann Duffy:
A poem for your boots, Beckham

Duffy’s The Bees

Evelyn Lau
is new Vancouver laureate

Robert Pinsky @ Yale

Phil Levine
captures struggle of the working class

John Shade’s Pale Fire,
the art edition

From Ed Baker’s
Stone Girl E-Pic

8 short reviews
from Seth Abramson

Nico Vassilakis:
American Fossil

Jeannine Hall Gailey
on Christine Deavel’s Woodnote

Dick Allen goes to school

Gjertrud Schnackenberg’s
Heavenly Questions

Ruth Padel
looks back on her
Oxford Poetry Chair disaster

John Masefield’s Sea Fever

Iain Sinclair in Gloucester,
viewing Olson’s legacy from London

David Budbill’s Happy Life

Joseph Heller &
midnight at the Rickshaw Caf

Erica Heller
on not reading Catch-22

National Book Award
short list

John Ashbery to receive
lifetime achievement award
from National Book Awards

Surprises in the short list

Jhumpa Lahiri:
One Decade in Brooklyn

Pond haiku

Some mini-reviews by
Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Weldon Kees, reading
@ Harvard in 1948

John Enright wins Fiji award
from Conanicut Island

Who claims Poe?

The Devil’s Dictionary
at 100


Gertrude Himmelfarb
on Adam Kirsch’s Lionel Trilling

John Burnside wins the Forward

Looking backward
at the Forward

Compose a poem
made from book titles

Gaps in languages
& other dental analogies

As language
becomes less precise

A.E. Stallings, genius poet

Talking with A.E. Stallings

Eugene O’Neill:

The King James Bible @ 400

Insect media

Sharon Mesmer talks to
the Unbearable Bart Plantenga

Text as a threat to telcos

Harvard’s Vocarium
(a terrific audio resource)

Czesław Miłosz
read by Stephen Fry 

Brodsky & Miłosz

The Super Bowl of Poetry

A poetry conference in Tehran

Heard at the New Yorker festival

Grammar police

Are US newspapers
afraid of the F-bomb

Censorship spreading on the net

institutional arts funding
supports a wealthy, white audience

Spalding Gray’s tortured soul

John Lennon’s primal screams

Has rock gone literary?

Mikey Welsh has died

The Ticket that Exploded:
the opera

Happy 75th, Steve Reich

Reich & Kronos together

A NPR profile of
Anthony Braxton

Form vs. content
in Billy Bragg

The politics of guitar wood

Facets of the post-avant

Richard Serra’s drawings

The paint factory

Was Van Gogh murdered?

John Yau interviews
Phyllida Barlow

300 paintings worth millions
found in Polish shed

Labor trouble @ Sotheby’s

The complex legal issues
of looted art

Back to Braque

A pioneer of modernism

NY master works
come to Atlanta

Make way for de Kooning

Jack Yeats’ painting
brings €1M

Talking with Lawrence Weschler


Talking with Art Spiegelman

Walter Benn Michaels:
Unemployment & the arts

Hal Foster: Precarious
(registration required)

Art gives birth in Brooklyn

Colorado approves leases
for Christo project

Reading the writing in the sky

Secrets about secrets

LA has a heritage

The Paris Review + PEN
= West Hollywood

Jesse Glass
& the Meikai Puppet Buddies

Alternative Projections:
Experimental Film in LA 1945-80

The legacy of Pauline Kael

Remembering Fred Keller

Breughel’s 8½

To be Heard,
the latest uplifting slam doc

Freud on the Beach

Prospero in Palo Alto

Mac Wellman:
All theater is site-specific

The brain:
what is it good for?

The Reactionary Mind:
an oxymoron

Christopher Hitchens
as the end grows closer

Occupy Poor Street

Godzilla vs. Mothra