Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Jacket2’s Stephen Ratcliffe feature

Frances Jaffer:

Frances Jaffer’s obit (1999)

First Occupy fatality:
Oklahoma street poet

Occupy Wall Street
poetry anthology

Occupy Wall Street’s
lovelorn poetics

Occupy Sesame Street
& other poems

Lou Reed & Emma Lazarus

Talking with Bin Ramke

Poetic Front’s Lissa Wolsak issue

Curtis Faville on
Rae Armantrout’s Money Shot

Reviewing Armantrout
now that the establishment
admits she’s good

Michael Lally
on my reading with Doug Lang

Jim Daniels’
All of the Above

Tan Lin:
The Patio and the Index

Which Williams, which modernism?

What is flarf
without an orchestra?

Talking with Robert Glück

Clayton Eshleman
on translation

New poems from Juliet Cook

Stories and Essays
of Mina Loy

CAConrad: 25 years
of living in Philadelphia

12 or 20 questions
with Richard Krech

Will Alexander:
Diary as Sin

Javier Sicilia’s crusade
to end the drug war

Camille Rankine
on Seamus Heaney

Jonathan Lethem:
The Ecstasy of Influence

Bloom where you are

Avant-gardism of 1966:
Astronauts of Inner Space

Kerouac: Where the Road Ends

Kerouac’s estate
keeps the lawyers busy

Kerouac’s bar in St Pete,

Bringing Kerouac back to Lowell

Can a poet
become the president
of Ireland

Torching Charlie Hedbow

Pinstripe Fedora #9

Beckett’s war years
& after

A review of Rita Dove’s intro
to the Penguin Anthology
of 20th Century American Poetry

Rita Dove’s
Penguin Anthology
of 20th Century American Poetry

Restoring Mount Ogura

Donald Keene
has a vision for
a rebuilt Japan

Rexroth’s Asian influence

The undead in lower Manhattan
is like the NY Times
with zombies
(oh wait, that is the NYT)

Talking with W.S. Merwin

Merwin collapses in Pomona

Rengetsu, Merwin & Wright

Talking with Donald Hall

PEN honors Pinsky

The death of publishers
& other middle men

giving away top sellers
to kindle Kindle

It’s better by hand

Texting as poetry

Take care of your notebooks

Talking some more
with Xi Chuan

Pushing the limits of censorship
in China

Muriel Rukeyser:
The Life of Poetry
chapter 1

Shaking up documentary poetry
in light of film theory

Britain turning away
visiting artists

Best grammar blogs of 2011

A supposedly true thing
Jonathan Franzen said
about David Foster Wallace

Tristan Corbière’s
Poet by Default

Salman Rushdie
pens a limerick
for Kim Kardashian

What is English
about Joseph Brodsky’s
Russian poetry?

rob mclennan
on editing
the third Canadian Long Poem anthology

Exactly 12 questions for
rob mclennan

rob mclennan
receives the John Newlove award

The National Book Award
comedy of errors

Shine does not

How the NBA judges
made it irrelevant

Is not, sez NBA judge

The Mann Booker
has its own history

The books
not the Booker prize

are what’s wrong

The Booker goes to Barnes

Barnes at last
wins his Booker

The Sense of an Ending

Whiting Awards announced

Alexis Jenni
wins the Prix Goncourt

Here comes the
Chautauqua Prize

Jacob McArthur Mooney
is short-listed
for the Dylan Thomas Prize

Robert Adamson
wins the 2011 Patrick White

Observer/Cape prize
celebrates graphic fiction

When the American Book Awards
went Hollywood

Celebrating HOW(ever)

extending HOW(ever)

The lost poems of
Jerome Rothenberg

Charles Borkhuis:
The black hole
between science & art

Talking with Julene Tripp Weaver

Princeton attempts to invent
the e-chap


Poe’s home reopens
in the Bronx

Gabriel Garcia Marquez:
Big in Iran

12 or 20 questions
with Rob Benvie

Piri Thomas has died

Remembering Todd Moore

And So It Goes

Poetry & the art of cruelty

Downton Abbey
boosts Elizabeth von Arnim

One-year deal
gives St Marks Bookshop
a temporary reprieve

A bookstore opens
in Redondo Beach

And another in East Harlem

Bookshops read the riot act
to the British Library

The bookstore of
©-free images

The Authors Guild’s
fight to preserve

Slavitt’s Lucretius

William Burroughs:
Letters home

The amanuensis

Burroughs on Ginsberg

2 sides of Bukowski

Bukowski to a censor

Drug-induced poetry
(which somehow misses
Robert Creeley’s The Door)

Joy Walsh has died

Geoffrey G O’Brien’s Metropole

WTF is conceptual writing?

Dan Beachy-Quick’s
Circle’s Apprentice

Kathleen Fraser on HOW(ever)

Remembering Steve Shrader

Publishing perils in the digital age

Jarnot’s Iliad

Rhetoric & The Iliad

Let a 1000 Iliads bloom

Talking with Stephen Mitchell

Oedipus redux

James Wolcott
on the life of a critic

Kirsch’s Trilling

Yusef Komunyakaa & Paul Muldoon
talking with Susan Sherman

Cooking with Emily Dickinson

Joseph Lease’s Testify

Beverly Dahlen:
The Naming of HOW(ever)

5 poems by Vyt Bakaitis

Clock & O’Clock

12 coolest libraries in the world

Judge fast tracks appeal
over London library closures

Laid-off teacher
restoring school libraries

Libraries won’t run themselves

One man who is opening libraries
faster than Mickey D’s
can put up arches

Florida’s secret economic engine:

12 or 20 questions for Scott Sweeney

Toward a definition of collaboration

Susan Gevirtz on HOW(ever)

In Camille Roy’s
Sherwood Forest

Camille Roy: Theory

Bram Stoker’s notebook

Online novel inspires
Georgia terror plot

Top 10 English translations

Wiring Pound’s circuits

What would Olson
think of the web?

Yedda Morrison on HOW(ever),
Theresa Ha Kyung Cha & Myung Mi Kim

Trans Verse
or Traver’s Tranifesto
by Traver Pam Dick

through a mist of discretion

Poetry in the context of
Narrative Medicine

Kimberly LaRocca’s
A Black Girl’s Poetry for the World

Poets in the Pennines for Ted Hughes

12 or 20 question for
Leo Brent Robillard

Norma Cole on

3 poems by Christina Strong

Florence Parry Heide has died

Talking with Brad Cran

A profile of
Marina Tsvetaeva

Writers as friends

The Wilde Boy readings

Henry James’ Paste

Joseph Heller
enjoyed the war

The poetry is in the pity

Alive as it ever was

Talking with Jeffrey Eugenides

Robin Tremblay-McGaw:
(from HOW(ever) 1989)

12 or 20 questions for Ian Rankin

Being Charles Dickens

The Double World of
Tomas Tranströmer

An afternoon with Tranströmer

Geoffrey Olsen
on Shelly Taylor

The book as process,

Is reading on the loo
bad for you?

Larkin’s letters
make him even smaller

Talking with Niels Frank

Norman Corwin has died,
the “poet laureate” of radio
in the 1930s & ‘40s

Lea Kagel is the new
poet laureate of Danville

Talking with Philip Levine

Georgia’s laureate,
David Bottoms

Evelyn Lau
has some plans
as Vancouver laureate

Carol Ann Duffy
shortlisted for the Galaxy

Duffy is the latest
of the bee poets

Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84

Rumi on Facebook

The Journals of Spalding Gray

Spalding Gray
in search of himself

Joan Didion’s true topic
is grief

The speech habits
of psychopaths

Working to give
performance poetry
some academic cred

on the West Bank

Sylvia Plath could draw

As could Tolkien

Mathieu Lefevre has been killed

The most powerful
person in the art world?

Ai Weiwei
(machine translation)

Ai Weiwei
talking with Al Jazeera

Ai Weiwei is a tax cheat

Sculpture of a dead Ai Weiwei
spooks German town

A performance artist is born
in Brooklyn

US approves Christo
project in Colorado

No painting nude models
in Times Square
until the sun goes

A portrait of Yarrow Mamout

NY gallery
refuses to return
a stolen Modigliani

The collapse of
the Atwater Kent museum

Schwabsky’s de Kooning

Rauschenberg as photographer

It’s Almost All That

Talking with Lisa Pearson

You could buy

Artists sue
Sotheby’s & Christie’s

over resale rights

A Sotheby auction
of continental books & manuscripts

Occupy Museums?

Mira Schor et al
have their doubts

The art of Ron Wood

On Jeanloup Sieff
& Ralph Gibson

Nan Goldin sells her soul

Collage as ongoing

Protesting the latest
goofball, half-baked, crackpot

Verdi’s Shakespeare

Bly’s Ibsen

Bly, summing up

James Franco
talking with Tennessee Williams
even tho one of them is dead

For those who find the reading
too laborious,
CliffsNote Films

a Heathcliff
who looks right

Moby-Dick in Outer Space

Žižek at the movies

& on Charlie Rose

All about praxis:
Queer rhetoric & the movies

The highest grossing
film star

The most powerful critic ever
& why we don’t remember
Pauline Kael

Ebert speaks

Hollywood Left & Right

Hollywood’s other cinema

Johnny Depp revisits
Hunter S Thompson

David Lynch:
Mild at Heart

Goethe in Love

Pinter’s forgotten sketch

Talking with Kevin Spacey

A salute to Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Talking with Carl Testa

Heart of Darkness,
the opera

Rehearsing Trillium E

20 years of David Dye
& Live @ the World Cafe

Allegiance of the Drones
is not quite
Occupy: the Opera,
but it’s in the ballpark

Ontologies of the Wayward Drone

George Lakoff:
Framing the Occupy movement

Framing, in practice

Government internet surveillance
far outstrips wiretaps

You say Gadhafi, I say Kadafi,
he says el-Qaddafi

Mona Simpson’s eulogy
for Steve Jobs

Jill Abramson
is now the editor
of the New York Times

James Hillman has died

Making the modern
Old West

Early Benjamin

The failure of
Stanley Fish’s
conceptual triumph
(registration required)

Badiou’s Wittgenstein

Loss aversion
& self-knowledge

Information is cheap,
meaning is expensive

A cornucopia
of goodness in