Monday, November 28, 2011

Maria Damon:

Rae Armantrout
addresses doctors on cancer
(part one) (part two) (part three)

Jordan Davis
on Bill Luoma

Lynn Behrendt:
This is Not a Story About Free Speech

Behrendt’s Acquiescence

The Grand Piano
at Small Press Traffic

The score for the
Grand Piano performance

Robin Tremblay-McGaw
on The Grand Piano

A solid portrait of
Lorine Niedecker

Richard Taggett & Richard O Moore

BlazeVOX’s annual Thanksgiving Poem,
this year honoring Keith & Rosmarie Waldrop

Rosmarie Waldrop

Donald Revell on Robert Creeley

Kristin Prevallet: &

Jenn McCreary & Kirsten Kaschock:
thistles, directionless

Williams & his sources

WCW, everyday poet

Daisy Fried in the NY Times
on Leibowitz’ WCW

Emily Dickinson @ Poets House

Jack Kerouac’s first novel,
The Sea is My Brother,
has finally been published

The strangest photo
of Kerouac ever

The woman behind
On the Road

End of the Road

Ken Kesey:
a mother’s lament

The Beat Museum
turns up on Jeopardy

Don’t call Ferlinghetti Beat

John Ashbery
makes the Out 100
as does Wayne Koestenbaum

Blake Butler’s Nothing

John Pike’s
15 minutes of fame

Robert Hass
on the police riot in Berkeley

Ishmael Reed
on Occupy Oakland

If they’ll beat
a poet laureate,
will cops kill a student?

Henry Giroux
on students
as public intellectuals

Grapes of Wrath

Alan Moore
sees his mask

Mark Wallace:
The End of America,
Book One

Public Access Poetry:
Readings @ the Poetry Project
(The best poetry TV on the web!)

Some rare readings @ Bard, 1968 1983:
Ted Berrigan, Paul Blackburn, Diane Di Prima,
Ted Weiss, Timothy Leary

An end to freedom of speech
on the internet

Paul Bray has died

An obit for Louis McKee

An obit for
Taha Muhammad Ali

Walking poetics

Gary Snyder & Lawrence Ferlinghetti
@ Club Fugazi

Talking with Stephen Ratcliffe

Remembering Steve Abbott

Wislawa Szymborska:
A Word on Statistics

Jen Hofer:
Daily News

Alice Notley on Jupiter88

Harry Godwin:

Will the Arab Spring
generate new poetries?

Kentucky poet Nikky Finney
has won the National Book Award

Greenblatt, Ashbery,
Ward & Finney

are the NBA winners

Finney dazzle the book awards

Stephen Greenblatt’s Swerve

Writing like a white guy

Elizabeth Alexander:

Jupiter Hammon,
our first black poet

Mark Jarman on Charles Wright

Talking with William H Gass

Sarah Rosenthal &
Amy Fung-yi Lee
The Animal

Michael Lally
on Bill Deemer’s Variations

Deemer’s Random Hearse press

Bill Deemer:
In a Zen manner

Newly surfaced Tagore manuscript
up for auction

Can Brian Eno make poetry cool?

A goal for the UK Olympics:
carpet the nation in poetry

Jerome Rothenberg:

Talking with Toi Derricotte

The history of English
in ten minutes

Helen Vendler
argues the case
for poetry’s 1%
(subscription required)

Poetry has opened doors
for Eduardo C. Corral

Vincent Zompa: Moonraker

Neelie Kroes,
VP of the European Commission:
is © working?

Kroes: Who feeds the artist?

Top 10 literary cities in the world
(NYC, SF & Boston need not apply)

Stephen King
turns up the heat

Talking with Stephen King

Stephen King
rescuing JFK

Citizen Poet
comments on Putin

In Tranströmer,
the Swedish Academy
acknowledges on of their own

The race to publish
more Tranströmer

An unparalleled record
for ignoring
the ‘true giants’ of lit

Poets House:
a great place to study

When Hemingway
beat up
Wallace Stevens

Rumi & women

Why are men
so pathetic
at writing about sex?
(With a panoply of examples)

Media Wales
poet Menna Elfyn

John Olson:
5 prose poems

In search of Shig Murao

Eating the work we love

Talking with bill bissett

Judith Goldman & Brandon Brown

Marthe Reed & j/j haistain:
Post Cards: Lafayette
á Lafayette

The first celebrity casualty?

Jonathan Lethem
on a review that still hurts
eight years later

Lethem vs. Wood

The ecstasy of Jonathan Lethem

Mailer vs. Vidal

Beckett’s letters

Matthew Zapruder, Tracy Smith,
Galassi’s Leopardi,
Laura Kasischke & Les Murray
made the NY Times
100 Notable Books list

Atwood as mentor

Atwood in the Twittersphere

Margaret Atwood

Blade Runner

A maker of one-of-a-kind
hand-crafted pens
(In French)

Emily Critchley: 5 poems

Victor Hernández Cruz:
In the Shadow of

DeLillo’s stories

When Sassoon
celebrated war

Whatever happened to modernism?

Alan Halsey: Austerity Stuffing

Ann Patchett
opens a bookstore
in Nashville

The end of Borders
& the future of books

St Marks Books
spared rental doom

Typos in the name
for shame

Man charged
in 1983 murder
of Chicago bookstore owner

A B&N closes
in Westside LA

Salman Rushdie
runs afoul
of Facebook’s
name police

Travels with Paul Bowles

The Mailer Prize
goes to Keef

The anti-Booker prize

Tsering Wangmo Dhompa
@ Santa Clara University

Michael Bloomberg,
the 30th wealthiest person on the planet,
destroys a library

The library at Zuccotti Park

The Occupy London library

People’s libraries

Librarian’s words are binding

Limitless libraries

The librarian
as standup comic

Bala Cynwyd
(that’s pronounced Kinwid)
library gets go-ahead

Authors fuss
over Amazon e-book lending

Barbara Grier has died

As has Allen Mandelbaum

If you see a woman declaiming

5 questions for Joy Harjo

the Durutti Skool

Arundhathi Subramaniam
on the role of craft

Talking with Cream lyricist Pete Brown


Recent Canadian
prize-winning poets

In Mordern Tower

The real Kurt Vonnegut

And So It Goes

Wodehouse’s work
transcends his fascism

Chesterton’s anti-Semitism

Attempting to close read
Philip K Dick

Hemingway @ sea

Hemingway on Pound
(to Archibald Macleish)

Alan Hay: 6 poems

DH Lawrence:
Autumn at Taos

a kerning game

Is Google taking aim
at publishers?

Penguin adds

Tip of the Knife, #7

Apply online
to be the Washington State

poet laureate

Linda Rogers
concludes her tenure
as Victoria’s laureate
on a major prize shortlist

Vermont’s laureate,
Sydney Lea

Sonoma laureate
hails from

Edna St. Vincent Millay
had the thinnest house
in NYC

Yes, Virginia,
there is a Flarf Factory

The LIRA poets of the Philippines

Michelle Obama
unveils student poet program

Remembering Philip Lamantia

Poems you might have missed

Talking with William Leiss

Gary Wills
offers 2 books on Shakespeare

Kill Shakespeare,
Vol. 2

Eric Idle
solves the problem
of who wrote Shakespeare

Germaine Greer
on Shakespeare & older women

Glyn Maxwell
on how war changed poetry

Philip Larkin:

From Charles Dickens: A Life

Remembering Edwin Markham

Alice Oswald,
haunted by Homer

The I and the U

Jeff Barbee,
Outlaw Poet

A lit mag for the YouTube generation
(MTV seems more like it)

Richard Prince as collector

Happy (posthumous) birthday,
Bruce Conner

The Clyfford Still Museum
opens in Denver

Yvonne Rainer vs. Marina Abramovic

Philadelphia Art Safaris

Pat Passlof has died

Using art to shelter millions

Sotheby’s sells Clyfford Still
painting for $61.7M
while protestors shout Shame

Christie’s sells Lichtenstein
painting for $43.2M

The elusive de Kooning
(subscription required)

Not a simple time
for nude photography
on campus

The recessionary arts

The short list for Hugo Boss prize

Ai Weiwei
posts $1.3M,
requests tax review

There is no escaping Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei investigated
over nude art

Getting nekkid for Ai

Facebook stumbles
over Ai Weiwei censorship

Hu Jintao
speaks in favor of the arts

The latest Wojnarowicz controversy

Da Vinci in London

Environmental Impact Study
for Christo & Jeanne-Claude’s
Over the River

Howard Finster
hits the road

Strip poker as art

Getting dirty
mixing art & medicine

One-page screenplays

Johnny Depp
slips in the Wichita Vortex

Nothing gonzo about Rum Diary

Who owns the ©
to The Adjustment Bureau?

Cronenberg’s Freud

Herzog on the death penalty

Errol Morris:
Umbrella Man

Beckett in Berkeley

Bill T Jones on PBS

We are Augustines

Music as an app

Was Jim Morrison
a “real” poet?

Leonard Cohen’s
Show Me the Place

Paul Motian has died

Dallas church preserves
the legacy of
Robert Johnson

Can you resell MP3s?

European high court
Belgian ban
of file sharing

Digital parasites
artists & especially
the major corporations
who exploit them

Congressional plan
to outlaw online piracy
is too broad
sez The NY Times

Minimalism at 50

Joseph Nechvatal:
Immersion into Noise

Lynn Margulis has died

American Nietzsche

Hegel is dead
(ditto Kittler)

Friedrich Kittler
& the Kittlerjugend

European history
as media history

Harold Bloom
on Mormonism
in the body politic

US readers:
Time thinks that
you are idiots

Jennifer Bartlett & Sheila Black
on deaths of the disabled
in NY care

5 theses on privatization
at the struggle at
the University of California

Masters of the Universe

Robert Scalapino
has died

Was DSK set up?

Thinking through
the question of
China’s navy

$ does not exist

Dusie no. 12
is full of great work

Ditto alligatorzine