Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Phil Hall’s Killdeer
wins the Governor General’s Award

Alan Davies:
I think I understand Emma Bee Bernstein

Rita Dove responds to Helen Vendler

Dove smacks down Vendler

James Fenton
sides with Vendler

Jeremy Bass on Dove’s anthology

Talking with Rita Dove

Lucas Klein:
the problem of anthologies

The gate keeper:
Dwight Macdonald

Reading The Alphabet:
Brian Ang’s guided tour
through the 2009 “launch”
of the book,
with introductions by
Jessica Lowenthal, Rachel Blau DuPlessis,
Charles Bernstein & Bob Perelman

Remembering Ted Enslin

Gholamreza Barusan & Elham Eslami
die in auto accident

Rosmarie Waldrop’s translation
of Jean Daive’s memoir of
walks with Paul Celan

Seth Abramson on
Rae Armantrout, Robin Blaser,
Jean Follain, Gabe Foreman,
Douglas Kearney, Jared Stanley

Rae Armantrout:
Exit Row

David Antin
on meeting Jerome Rothenberg
in 1950

I’m up on Jupiter 88

As is Laura Neuman

From 3 issues of
Lilliput Review

Plus something current

Internet piracy bill:
free-speech kill switch

Metaphor, science & poetry

Harry E Northup on LA poetry

Brad Morrow’s
The Uninnocent

Folding borders:
the hybrid in Canada

James Koller’s California dream

I saw the best minds of my generation
as a bar of soap

What would Ti Jean wear?

The Untold Story of ‘On the Road’

Cultivate literary friendships

Talking with Ed Sanders

Sanders’ Fug You
with a little video interview
with William Buckley
(“Are you a hippie, Mr Sanders?”)

Grossman’s Góngora

Matthea Harvey’s Of Lamb
turns up in Oprah

51 poets from Australia

Plus 12 more
from next door

Nicanor Parra
wins Cervantes Prize

Alice Oswald opts out
of the Eliot prize jury
over hedge fund involvement

So does John Kinsella

Should arts prizes
choose sponsors with care?

$50K Montreal Prize update
& shortlist

Mark Scroggins:
My Robert Creeley

John Ashbery:
Not beyond all conjecture

The moan of Zong!

Exhume Neruda
Chilean CP demands

VLAK 2 has gone online

On Julio Cortázar’s
From the Observatory

Epic in the work of
Langston Hughes

Graywolf to publish
the letters between
Tranströmer & Bly

Langpo in Myanmar

An encounter with CA Conrad

Louis Cabri:
Unanimism & the crowd:
early modern social lyric

The Al Owais awards announced

Tao Lin in the gossip pages

Poetry best-sellers

LA Times obit for Ruth Stone

Stone’s obit in the NY Times

NPR’s Melissa Block
on Ruth Stone

NY Times obit for Christopher Logue

LA Times obit for Christa Wolf

Jerome Rothenberg’s
White Sun Black Sun

Paper Air’s
Jackson Mac Low issue

Students respond to
Jackson Mac Low

Richard Kostelanetz:
The avant-garde at Brown University
in 1960

Mark Young:
A line from Karlheinz Stockhausen

Mahfouz at 100

Magister Hesse

issues 1 thru 4

Poets on the Great Recession

Poets on stamps

Kent Johnson
on Penn’s “takeover”
of Jacket

Calvin Pennix Grounds

Poetry thru performance course
is slammin

Rap puts poetry
in motion

Jonathan Lethem’s
The Ecstasy of Influence

Ariana Reines’ Mercury

Moby-Dick in Pictures

Michael Casey’s

The poetry scene
in Western North Carolina
(tho it fails to mention Thomas Rain Crowe
or the marvelous City Lights Books in Sylva)

Umberto Eco:
People are tired of simple things

Go ask Alice

Will the real John Updike
please stand up

Edinburgh’s mystery
book sculptures

Wot We Wukkerz Want

Anne Carson’s Nox

Where Carson got her title

Faulkner rights
acquired by HBO

Daniel Radcliffe
set to play
Allen Ginsberg?

Talking with Geoffrey Hill

An account of the
David Foster Wallace
conference in Antwerp

The early books
of LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka)

Hebden Bridge
& the problem of angry poets

Conrad Black (!) on George Jonas

Argotist ebooks

James Grinwis
Exhibit of the Forking Paths

Pura Lopez Colome:
Ice Cold Water
(subscription required)

Remembering Allen Mandelbaum

5 lies they tell writers

Twitter & the net
boost literacy

Atlantic Books
is closing its stores

Strong holiday sales
for indie bookstores

While Books-a-Million
comes to Exton, PA

Just who shops
at indie bookstores?

Should literary authors

Print gets an upgrade

Euro e-book sales
hampered by tax structure

Morrow puts book bloggers
on notice

A report from
an Occupy librarian

How to support
school libraries

Occupy Amazon?

Modernizing NYPL
or just trashing the place

Librarian accused
of stealing $800K

To have and to hold

Madison Smartt Bell:
Do you want to write
or be a writer?

Are all bloggers journalists?

Close reading Frank O’Hara

Thomas Devaney’s
The Blue Stoop
(with photo by Zoe Strauss)

Out of Christendom
(Blue House, Morocco)

Tom Clark:
Blue Dress

Tom Clark again:

Aram Saroyan’s
Sled Hill Voices

Award-winning books
of 2011

Even Beckett’s letters
are silent

NYC tries
street safety haiku

Poetry & code

The business of

Which genre next
for Jane Austen?

Sweet Jane?

Where have all
the Catholic writers gone?

Anita Desai:
sometimes a mango
is just a mango

Translating in the dark

Art in the age of
economic recession:
on BS Johnson & Ben Lerner

Sherman Alexie:
6-word story
(registration required)

Janice Lee’s
favorite books
of 2011

No poetry on
NY Times
Ten Best Books of 2011

Tranströmer & Gallagher
among the “best books” list
of the LA Times

HTML & the Rosetta Stone

Blanca Haddad:

Paul Krassner on Ken Kesey
(subscription required)

Pound vs. Bishop

Dickens & London

Les Murray, Adam Zagajewski
& Don Marquis

The nether C word

A condescending NY Times profile
of The New Inquiry

Post-avant poetics
read as variants of
French poetry

Gifts for book nerds
(a.k.a. readers)

In Botswana,
poets steal the show

Pakistani novelists
are overtaking Indian ones

Whenever I speak
I speaks
neurologically speaking

Poetry meets activism

Philip Gross:
writings on the edge
of language

The memoirs of Casanova

A mystery voyage
with Michael Ondaatje

Talking with
Barney Rosset

Vonnegut’s uneasy life:
dark, sad, cruel

And So It Goes – Not!
says Vonnegut’s son

Ted Hughes makes it
to the ultimate Boy’s Club

The symbolism survey

Murakami’s mirror

Haruki Murakami’s
Norwegian Wood

Li Bai’s drunken lyrics

John Banville on Harold Bloom

Lessons learned, future plans

Talking with Simon Armitage

Missoula celebrates poetry

Ben Jeffery’s Anti-Matter:
Michel Houellebecq
& Depressive Realism

This year’s
bad sex in fiction goes to
David Guterson’s Ed King

Talking with Robert Coover

Restoring yet another
Wordsworth home

The word of the year is

Art Garfunkel’s poem
for Paul Simon

Talking with Leonard Cohen
just a while back

Jim Dine:
We lived once in an ideal kingdom

The $2M rare book from 1938
is of course a comic

A Watchman prequel
sans Alan Moore?

Occupy comics
has an all-star lineup

Clyfford Still Museum astonishes

Considering Franz Marc

A minimalist memorial
splits Newport, RI

@ Black Rock City

Building facades
as literature

@ Occupy London

Arthur Szyk:
art as propoganda

Photography as art or documentation

Looking for da Vinci’s
missing masterpiece

Forging Motherwell & Pollock

A photographer without subtlety

Marc Franklin:
Photographing the acid heads

Art Basel
is remaking Miami

A-Rod wows Owen Wilson
amid ugly art & hookers

another view of Miami

Restless in Oslo:
Ida Ekblad & Edvard Munch

Wessel’s world

Underground art
in Washington, DC

Art21’s video series:
New York CloseUp

Charles Saatchi:
the art world is shallow

Bottle-Tree Ranch

The whirligigs of
Vollis Simpson

secret self-portrait

A tour of Gloucester
performed as theater

John Hurt in
Krapp’s Last Tape

What’s black & white
& comes with subtitles?

Terry Gilliam vs. reality

Neil Gaiman talks with
Shaun Tan

Charles Bernstein & Susan Bee
on George Kuchar

Godard meets Woody Allen

Paul Goodman
Changed My Life

Viggo Mortensen speaks

Ken Russell has died

Commie muppets

Wearing Lorca’s Bow Tie
on 42nd Street

Lorca in Eden

What about celebrating artists
before they die?

Pharmaceuticals & dance

Sara Wookey
on not dancing in
Marina Abramovi
Nude with Skeleton

Looking at Merce
mostly through the eyes
of Carolyn Brown

David Tudor
performs 4’33”
on American Idol

Michael Stipe
on the end of

LA Times obit
for Hubert Sumlin

Bill Tapia has died

Satyagraha at Lincoln Center,
Philip Glass
joins Occupy

The arts turn up the heat
on the billionaire mayor

John Phillips:
The Failure Addict

Orchestras embrace The New
(i.e. the 20th century, not the current one)

Where will today’s composers
be heard?

Curtis Faville on Steve Reich

Sonic Youth
performs Reich’s
Pendulum Music

Talking with
Bernard-Henri Lévy

Simon Blackburn
on Hume & desire

Lyn Hejinian
to the UC Academic Senate

Emma Goldman
occupies Wall Street

the origins & future
of OWS

touches the 3rd rail
of American politics

Occupy API

The illegitimacy of demands

Pardon Alan Turing!
(must be a UK citizen to sign)