Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sir Geoffrey Hill

The edited version
of Rae Armantrout
on PBS Newshour

in the newsroom:
Tracy K. Smith

When it comes to reviews,
which gender
is at a disadvantage?

Marsha Bryant’s
Women’s Poetry & Popular Culture

John Kliphan has died

Todd D’Anna has died

Pearse Hutchinson has died

John McWhinnie has died

Carl Weissner has died

Weissner’s Death in Paris

Weissner, Bill Burroughs,
Claude P
So Who Owns Death TV?

Burroughs calls the law

Musée Jean Cocteau

Frank O’Hara & Jan Cremer:
prints & poems with
Michael Ball, Chris Mason,
David Beaudouin, Megan McShea
& Chris Toll

An obit for Ted Enslin

Talking with Ted Pearson
(Part one is here)

a life in writing

Top 30
books of poetry
for 2011

The origins of the prose captions
in HD’s Helen of Egypt

Remembering Leland Hickman

Tucson schools
ban books
by Chicano & Native American

Poetry fights back

In Oakland,
cops are busting journalists

The Oxford Handbook
of Modern and Contemporary
American Poetry

Charles Bernstein’s Mortality

3 poems from Charles Bernstein

How description fosters connection
in the work of Julie Carr, Noelle Kocot,
Ange Mlinko & Jena Osman

Close-reading aloud P. Inman

Keeping Gertrude Stein
in the present

How to be an avant-garde publisher

9 dumbest things poets say

The complete works of
Henry Gould

Gould on a poetry
of the imperfect

Bern Porter & Mark Melnicove:
Name, Address, City, State, Zip

Talking with Alan Davies

Marilyn Hacker on Adrienne Rich

Congress may re-©
works already in the
public domain

The author of SOPA
is a
© thief!

© & wrong

Al Filreis:
Listening to poetry in the shower

Earth after Earth
is coming

Australian Poetry
Since 1788

An economist
on the dangers of narrative

Nicholas Carr
on books that are never finished

Yoko in India

Kazim Ali on Yoko Ono

Salman Rushdie to attend
Jaipur conference
under tight security

New Delhi:
Rushdie is welcome

Rushdie cites danger,
pulls out of Jaipur litfest

Uninviting Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie,
still beset by bigots

Rushdie vents on Twitter

A macabre start to Jaipur

Was the threat to Rushdie real?

Jaipur without literature

This article is not about Rushdie
in spite of its title
(really, it’s about poetry vs. other genres)

Celebrating Hindi
to celebrate India
via poetry

Sorley MacLean

John Ashbery:
The Bicameral Eyeball

Dining with Marianne Moore

Is poetry dead?

Doggerel by Kent Johnson
that’s not by Kent Johnson

Joyce mostly goes
into public domain

Günter Grass
on Christa Wolf

Martín Espada
on poet-lawyers

Joseph Lease’s

Rachel Blau DuPlessis:
On hearing Xi Chuan

A sampler of Iris Cushing

Tony Leuzzi & Joan Larkin discuss poetry

Talking with Joan Houlihan

From Houlihan’s Ay

Craig Morgan Teicher
previews 2012
books of poetry
from Lucille Clifton to Lyn Hejinian

Poetry & social justice
on the Chagos Islands

Philip Schultz’
My Dyslexia

The Art of Fielding

Jonathan Galassi’s

Grace Cavalieri
on Galassi’s translations

Nadine Gordimer
as a hero

The Complete Poems
of Philip Larkin

Marilyn Nelson
to receive the Frost Medal

Ian Hamilton Finlay
@ the Tate

Costa Biography prize
goes to bio of Edward Thomas

& Duffy wins for verse

The politics of the Costa Prize

Is this the best
Duffy can do

Creeley prize
goes to the poet
least sympatico with
Robert Creeley
(Can you imagine
what the Creeley of the 1950s
would have written about this!?!)

John Burnside
wins the Eliot Prize

Politics dominates
Eliot Prize

The Eliot Prize

that should not have happened

Perhaps the editor
deserves the prize

How the National Book Critics Circle
picks prize winners

Indie Literary Award

Kresge honors
Naomi Long Madgett

Best science books
of 2011

William Gibson’s
time travel to the present

A minor addition
to the Gibson canon

The Fantastic Flying Books
of Mr Morris Lessmore

Ms. Winterson’s daughter

The male mystique
of Henry Miller

The future of novels, if any

Why write novels at all?

bad-tempered, brilliant

Umberto Eco:
What Europe really is

Book life in the OC

A Shed of One’s Own

Elizabeth Bishop,
MFA idol

Stephen Burt on
Juliana Spahr, Anna Moschovakis,
Noah Eli Gordon, Kathleen Ossip

Amazon’s hit man

A plague of journals

George Wilkinson’s
in the SF financial district

In Jerusalem,
a Palestinian bookstore owner
wins the right of return

LA’s The Last Bookstore

NY’s pop-up bookshop
will stay up until May

the bookstore’s last stand

Will B&N
spin off the Nook?

Jonathan Franzen:
e-books are eroding values

Haptic feedback for e-reading?

Libraries struggle to stock e-books

What’s available in DC libraries,
e- vs. hardcover

A tribute to “A”
that doesn’t realize
that the quotation marks
are 2/3rds of the title

Sam Beckett &/or Kent Johnson

Fighting for Pound’s name

JD Salinger’s
45-year “hiatus”

Facets of Patti Smith

Smith’s Polaroids

Janet Hamill’s Patti Smith archive
is for sale

Joe Ross & andrew topel

Faulkner & the Black Arts Movement

Ed Sanders’ Fug You

Talking with Ed Sanders

Charles Bukowski:
“not too famous a whore”

The Naked Muse

An MA in crime & thriller fiction

David Lehman’s
3 favorite poems
of 2011

Jules Supervielle’s
Homesick for the Earth

Eric Baus Sacred Text

In Elko, the cowboys are coming
& it could be verse

Restoring Ghalib’s home

What do we mean
when we say
a poem is a machine?

When the madwoman in the attic
turns out to be Anne Frank

The anonymous blog / novel / film
that is a worldwide best-seller

The Map and the Territory
(The e-book translated here)

Close-reading Steve Kistulentz

Seth Abramson’s
9 January mini-reviews

Modest Expectations

Reviving Wampanoag

How monolingual are Americans?

The linguist as conman

Salt’s Younger Poets
+ Vikram Seth

Vanessa Place on
Mouth Eats: Color
by Sawako Nakayasu
with Chika Sagawa

Ed Baker’s Stone Girl E-pic

Remembering Carol Novack

Reading Tranströmer

Timothy Donnelly’s
The Cloud Corporation
Timothy Donnelly’s
The Cloud Corporation

Lisa Samuel’s
Mama Mortality Corridos

Where typewriters live on

The lesbian-feminist poet
Romney loves to quote

An exhibition
on Emma Lazarus

The poetry of
North Korea’s first family

South Korea
is still looking for commies
under every bed

Roald Dahl in stamps

Zombie poetry

Billy Collins
has sold 1 million
copies of his books

Thirty days hath …”
dates at least to 1425

Punctuation porn

an e-zine dedicated to collabs

The Continental Review
focuses instead on videos of poems

Pierre Guyotat’s Coma

Celebrating black poetry
in Portsmouth, NH

Anita Desai’s
The Art of Disappearance

Robert Duncan:
Unkingd by Affection

Gass vs. Updike
in criticism as in fiction

William Gass
votes for sentences


Poetry & fathers

Five Quartets

Eviscerating Dickens

Life on Planet Dickens

A messy life

Robert Pinsky
on Melville’s poetry

DeLillo’s deliriums

Anne Sexton’s
letter to her daughter

Linda Gray Sexton’s
version of family life

Loving Charles Wright

Harry E Northup
on Holly Prado

what is wrong with

Diane Sahms-Guarnieri’s
Images of Being

New Year’s haiku

Pat Nelson & James Krotzman

Talking with J.A. Tyler

Just how good
is Elmore Leonard?

Is McGonagall
an alternative to Robbie Burns?

David Biespiel
on the poetry of poise

Poetry & place
in the
Pacific Northwest

A Ben Jonson bio

Almost Island’s
form vs. content issue

In Spartanburg, SC,
poetry = men with beards

Linda Jo Scott:
There’s a right way to write

Cobourg, Ontario
poetry group
marks tenth year

The Rumpus
tries out snail mail
for a price

Poetry Out Loud
in Sparta, NJ

In Durham, NC
a reading inspired by MLK

Why I miss Jack Spicer

The Palm Beach poetry fest

HuffPo hires DSK’s wife
as editor of its French site

Tolkien snubbed
by Nobel jury
(Hey, so were you)

Will Peter Jackson
change the ending
of The Hobbit?

A golden age of reading

A graphic novels
best-seller list
& the return of
The Unwritten

The best comics book store
in the world?

art meets books

Remembering Vaclav Havel

Sontag, Reborn

A history of the N word
in Porgy & Bess

The number of artists in the US
has grown, but not
the revenue to support them

I-95 @ the
of Zoe Strauss’
Philadelphia Stories

NY Times’ slideshow
of Strauss’ work

Orange Avenue:
Thomas Devaney & Zoe Strauss

Devaney’s Blue Stoop

Zoe Strauss’s Philadelphia

Zoe Strauss photo billboards

The billboard project

The genius of Zoe Strauss

The politics of quilting

Chen Wei & Chen Xi imprisoned

Liu Xiaobo:
No Enemies, No Hatred

Liu Xia’s show
@ Columbia

China to hear
Ai Weiwei tax appeal

Ai Weiwei:
evolution of a dissident

3 of the top 5 artists
in terms of 2011 auction sales
come from China

The art of Arab Spring

Gagosian sued
for selling
a Lichtenstein
that was not for sale

How much do we believe
abstract art?

The first art blockbuster:
Picasso @ the Tate
, 1960?

Art without a net

7 decades of Ellsworth Kelly

Pollock @ 100

Murder is my business

Die, Nazi scum!

Hitler feels the heat

Art history majors
rule the US economy

Jan Groover has died

Damien Hirst dots the i

David Hockney at the Royal Academy

A life in art

Is Hockney Britain’s
greatest living artist?

Hockney invokes author/ity

Talking with David Hockney

Occupy’s Guerilla Semiotics

Art from the Haitian earthquake

David Gonzalez
on En Foco

One gal’s bath
becomes a form of art

Francesca Woodman @ the Tate

The photos of Katinka Matson

Snapshots of an event
that may become historic

Ricardo Legorreta has died

So has Anne Tyng

Woody Guthrie
at 100!

Talking with the great
Etta James

Hundreds gather for
James’ funeral

Johnny Otis,
anti-racist R&B pioneer

Terry Gross
talks to Johnny Otis

Sonoma musicians
remember Johnny Otis

Maureen Hurley
on Otis

Joel Selvin on Johnny Otis

Talking with
Gillian Welch & David Rawlings

David Alvin’s
California Songbook

Talking with
Kamala Sankaram

Gil Scott-Heron
on touring with Stevie Wonder
to create MLK Day

Gil Scott-Heron’s Last Holiday

saves the best for last

Music’s original hipster
(white big band division)

The cell phone
at the symphony

Talking with Joe Henry

Youssou N’Dour
to run for president
of Senegal

New work from George Crumb

Talking with Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen’s
speech receiving
the Asturias Prize

Leonard Cohen’s Darkness

Dance & politics:
talking with Danny Yung

Phil Ochs:
the bard of Occupy

Don’t try this at home!
Talking with
Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman

Nietzsche in America

The Martin Luther King archive

How to argue with economists

Žižek’s jokes
are no laughing matter

Žižek on the need
to reinvent democracy

come to town

What’s the use?

Philosophy & addiction

Talking with John Brockman

A NY Times editor asks:
How servile should we be?

A brillig theory of everything

Moral dumbfounding

Bertolt Brecht:
The God of War

Newt Gingrich’s
workforce of tomorrow