Monday, February 27, 2012

Dead Poets Society

Hamza Kashgari
deported to Saudi Arabia
where he faces death
for his writings

cancels Tim Miller
at last minute
over concerns re
gay art & “Catholic values”

& Bryn Mawr steps in

The book banned
because it was
too embarrassing

Colleen Thibaudeau has died

Shahryar has died

Remembering Stacy Doris

Geraldine Monk:
The Tanning Room

NY Times obit for Dorothea Tanning

LA Times obit for Tanning

Una Mulzac has died

NY Times obit for Wisława Szymborska

Katha Pollitt on Szymborska

Remembering Szymborska

Wall Street Journal obit
for Wisława Szymborska

Polish President
honors Szymborska

Szymborska & Bukowski

2 deaths:
the poet & the beetle

Remembering Bruce Beaver

Remembering Atta Shad

Remembering Albert Huffstickler

The New Yorker
remembers Barney Rosset

A NY Times obit of Rosset

Charles McGrath on Rosset

Mary Oliver is seriously ill

Ryoichi Wago:
The Silent Salute of Poetry

Wago’s questionnaire

Beverly Dahlen:
The First Three Books

Duration Press
PDF archives
(a terrific collection)

National Medals
for Ashbery & Dove

Amy King
will make us safe

Poetry, not just a book

The chip on the shoulder of
William Carlos Williams

Jerome Sala
on Nick Piombino

Nathaniel Mackey:
Angel [excerpt]

The journalism of
David Foster Wallace

Wallace @ Brown

Cormac McCarthy, editor

Russell Banks
looks under the bridge

Fred Moten:
necessity, immensity, and crisis
(many edges, seeing things)

James Joyce’s The Cats

Do you have to be a poet
to edit poetry?

Chrysler’s Superbowl ad
was partly written
by Matthew Dickman

Jill Magi:
Talking back to
Carol Maso’s
Break Every Rule

Sir Migraine

Poets & ampersands

Things Eric Weinstein
wishes he knew

The lifespan of a fact

Johanna Drucker: notes on
Notes on Conceptualisms

Anne Gorrick:
Racing thoughts in correct orientation

5 poems by Rae Armantrout

Lyn Hejinian: Sun & Necessity

The vast & vivid imagination
of Anne Waldman

Chinese etymology:

Michael Gottlieb:
Letters to a Middle-Aged Poet

John Ashbery:

Aaron Shurin’s Citizen

Alli Warren: 3 poems

John Olson
on contemporary
Romanian poetry

Cole Swensen:
Contemporary French Poetry

Geoffrey G. O’Brien:
People on Sunday (1930)

HD, Robert Duncan
& the occult

Reviewing a review

Hugo García Manríquez:
Painting is Finite

A teaser / trailer for
Basil King’s Mirage
by Pierre Joris & Nicole Peyrafitte

Can a papermaker
save civilization?

You can’t burn e-books

Between Page and Screen

One more library
bites the dust

The most beautiful
in the world?

No, it’s Rem Koolhaas
Seattle Public Library

Poems & type fonts

Top English addition
to German

raises a s**tstorm

Analyzing the handwriting
of different writers

Tom Clark on Geoff Dyer

Dyer’s Tarkovsky

12 or 20 questions with Leah Mol

Talking with Renee Gladman

An appreciation of
Ron Koertge

Dating Houellebecq

Lewis Freedman’s
Catfish Po’ Boys

Luc Sante
on the letters of
William S. Burroughs

How Burroughs burned out

12 or 20 questions with Debora Kuan

Sarah Mangold:
I Meant to be Transparent

Harry E Northup’s
Sunday Morning
LA Poetics
(working for Scorsese)

Sir Geoffrey Hill
slams Carol Ann Duffy

K Silem Mohammad:
Poems About Trees

Doug Nufer
talks to himself

are not hostile enough
to modern poetry

Kristin Prevallet:
Oh Occupy Louisville!

When gay writers were outlaws

john martone & Margaret Chula

Talking with Elizabeth Bishop

Langston Hughes’ Cleveland

Coming soon:
The Beat Hotel

The genius of
Shakespeare’s grammar

Shakespeare’s true identity

Shakespeare’s sisters


Don Share’s
Rules for Poetry Radicals

Where words come from

Mark Scroggins on
Joseph Donahue’s Dissolves

Donahue & Corbin

Denise Riley’s Part Song
(registration required)

A biography of
Carl Van Vechten

Stephen Burt’s podcasts
can be found here

How publishers
misunderstand Kindle

Kindle singles & the short read

Interpreting the purchase
of a book

The book industry’s

The most beautiful bookshops in the world

Beauty is not the point!

Saving Kepler’s

Puh-leeze, no more e- vs print

B&N won’t sell books published by Amazon

Has © failed?

Is © dead?

What if lawyers
held ©

to each brief they filed?

Justice Dept
stockpiling ©-violation evidence
“just in case”…

Florida pols
long to revise
laureate law

Poetry & Chinese policy

The poetics of hankies

Victorian poets in love

Barrett & Browning letters go online

When everyone’s an author…

The “glory days” of publishing

The Great Singapore Penis Panic
& other great titles

joins the trade publishers’
e-book library boycott

Still more are boycotting
Amazon’s books

iBook Author gives back
some control to writers

The Claudius App:
a journal of fast poetry

Saving native languages

David Lau
on Mallarmé
& the need to act

Stan Bevington
wins the Alcuin Society
Lifetime Achievement Award

Otoliths 24

12 or 20 questions with Tim Lilburn

EL Doctorow on John Leonard

John Bennett on Leonard Cohen

SPD’s January best-sellers

Cyrus Console’s The Odicy

Talking with Megan Boyle

Charles Simic writes in bed

Christian Wiman
& why poets are like accordions

The Atlantic
gets all gooey
for Valentine’s Day

The Guardian
has a better idea

A new Ben Jonson bio

Bashō on writing poetry

Thom Donovan
on how to write
a NY School poem

Peter Campion & Ange Mlinko on
Carol Muske-Dukes & Susan Stewart

Talking with Brandon Shimoda

rob mclennan on 6X6

mclennan’s Top 11
Canadian poetry books
of 2011

Talking with rob mclennan

Elmore Leonard:
the stylist of forward motion

Leonard’s Raylan

Reading Absalom, Absalom

HL Van Brunt, neglectorino

Daryl Hine, neglectorino
(how can a former editor
Poetry be neglected?)

When Quietists grieve

Tom Travisano on
Robert Traill Spence Lowell IV

Key West Literary Seminar’s
latest audio archive recordings
include Joyce Carol Oates,
Margaret Atwood, Jonathan Lethem,
William Gibson, more

William Gibson
in the here & now

Gibson talks to Wired

Nathan Englander
& Jonathan Safran Foer

in conversation

Dirty love letters
of famous authors

Andy Clausen returns to Berkeley

Math meets poetry

Malcolm O’Hagan,
founder of
the American Writers’ Museum

Kathleen Flenniken,
state poet laureate

A critic’s regrets

Jordan Davis on
David Orr, Kenny Goldsmith
& the chutzpah deficit
(subscribers only)

A literary stock market

The truth about adjuncts

donates his papers

The premise of the daybook

Talking with Jefferson Bethke

A profile of Lorna Crozier

Lisa Berman:
From Lafayette to Tahrir Square

99 poems for the 99%

The upside of dyslexia

& leave a beautiful manuscript

12 or 20 questions
with Andrew Steeves

Li Bai & Du Fu:
(part 1) (part 2)

The poster for this year’s
National Poultry Month

The essays of Milan Kundera

Poetry meets politics in Lahore

Some advice from Alan Watts
by way of Neil Gaiman
& Don Wentworth

5 myths about Dickens

Dickens’ London

Dickens @ 200

Dickens’ edits & corrections

Charles Dickens,
the theme park

Thomas Brady
on Henry Gould’s Ben Mazer

Bruce Taylor’s
No End in Strangeness

Billy Collins’ bigger questions

When is song poetry?

Christopher Reid’s Selected Poems

6 mini-reviews
from Seth Abramson
+ 5 more for March

Airplane Lit:
the art of distraction

Christopher Patrick Miller: Storm

Oakland’s Studio One reading series

John Foy, talking to himself

12 or 20 questions
with Sommer Browning

Charles Olson
becoming part of
Gloucester’s Harbor Walk

Quoting Olson
to justify hotel development

Paul Pines’
Reflections in a Smoking Mirror

Oren Izenberg on the Poetry of Ease

Female playwrights confront sexism

Ken Kesey’s Cuckoo’s Nest
turns 50

Easy Rider, Dante’s Inferno
& Faust

Woody Allen,
philistine in art’s clothing

going to the mattresses
to stop
The Family Corleone

The art is in
the title sequence

2 plays on plagiarism

Belly dancing
& Islamic fundamentalism

How many ballet dancers
does it take
to screw in a light bulb?

Philip Glass
talking with his cousin Ira

Philip Glass:
still in the East Village

Talking with Kronos Quartet founder
David Harrington
about collaborating with
Philip Glass

dj BC’s Glass-Beastie Boy mashup

The © problems of mashups

The perpetual © war

What is the impact
of digital music
A look at Eminem sales

Bill Keller,
NY Times’ © thief

Nobody steals music
quite like
GOP prez hopefuls

Is it plagiarism
if it’s sanctioned?

Golijov’s Sidereus

in order to save
classical music,
they have to…

This is yMusic

It don’t mean a thing
if it ain’t got
that fractal swing

Krzysztof Penderecki,
meet Radiohead’s Jo
nny Greenwood

The 1,000 car horn symphony

Do jazz musicians
really earn $23k per year?

Bill Frisell on Ginsberg’s Kaddish

Is Klinghoffer pro-terrorist?

The Alan Lomax collection
to go digital

Talking with Bruce Springsteen

Remembering Gil Scott-Heron

last attempt
to reach us

Michael Davis has died

Jodie Christian has died

The rock-n-roll afterlife
of William Empson

Where women in the orchestra
outnumber the men:

Talking with Heiner Stadler

Rock is the music of old people

Kevin Gordon,
an MFA in Nashville

Holland Carter on Mike Kelley

Kelley brought punk vibe
to contemporary art

Mike Kelley’s artwork

Julian Oliver’s
Transparency Grenade

Juliana Spahr & David Buuck:
The Side-Effect

Juliana Spahr & Stephanie Young:
Nicholas Nixon’s
The Brown Sisters

San Diego loses a kiss

Doug Hall: 3 landscapes

Should the Clyfford Still museum be free?

Should non-profits
(or at least the profitable ones)
pay taxes?

Cindy Sherman @ MoMA

Barry Schwabsky
on Zoe Strauss

Henry Taylor @ MoMA PS1

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

Is it okay to kill chickens for art?

John Tranter: Hulk

MoMA acquires work by
Martha Rosler & Valie Export

A new Mona Lisa comes to the Prado

Street art in Kabul

The oldest work of art
(to date) was done by

Barry Schwabsky
on Mauricio Cattelan

Imagine delicate cuisine

Bernard Stiegler on Duchamp
& the proletarianization of sensibility

The camera of Sir Joshua Reynolds

Images from Vivian Maier’s
undeveloped rolls

Maier’s photographs of the famous

Annie Leibovitz’ personal journey

Gerhard Richter
is jumping the shark in Germany

How the University of California
sold a Sargent Johnson sculpture
worth over $1M
for $164.63

The Istanbul art-boom bubble

at the New Museum

Fear makes you
abstract art

Van Gogh:
a single blade of grass

Van Gogh, Klimt & kitsch

Martin Kippenberger

Steven Leiber has died

Bjarke Ingels:
Hedonistic Sustainability

Talking with Frank Gehry

Ruin porn

Target parts ways with Michael Graves

Downton Abbey as Amos & Andy
in whiteface

The abbey that jumped the shark

The real Downton Abbey

Brenda Hillman:
Facelessbook: a haibun

Au revoir, cyberflâneur

The evolution of Charles Darwin

Failing to publish,
100 U of Sydney faculty
are fired

What Occupy needs to learn now

Rule 1: Step outside the noise

What color is your number?

The casualties of modernity

How does the GOP
feel about Galileo, Copernicus?

Floor is solid