Thursday, March 22, 2012

China arrests poet-blogger Tsering Woeser

Fire on the Mountain

Kyung-sook Shin wins the Man Asia prize
& uses the occasion
to plea for Koreans

Some things don’t change:
Cleveland 1967

Trailer for a documentary
on d.a. levy

Another clip
of d.a. levy reading

Cambridge student suspended
for 7 terms
for reading poetry in protest

The trial of Angye Gaona

In Delhi,
Salman Rushdie

calls for the defense of free speech

Lynn Behrendt:
Wardrobe Poems

Szymborska examined absence

erotic poetry to be published

The gender count
of major mags in 2011
so bad it’s embarrassing

The Guardian thinks it’s newsworthy,
why not American papers?

The Globe and Mail
sends John Barber
to check out
the gender imbalance
in publishing

Ten days after The Guardian,
the Huffington Post
chimes in

Young women set the trends
in vocalization

Juan Felipe Herrera
is California’s Poet Laureate

Laura Kasischke
has won the
National Book Critics Circle
prize for

Looking at
the National Book Critics Circle
poetry award shortlist

Kasischke’s March

John Barr announces
his retirement from
the Poetry Foundation

Attempts to save
Al Purdy’s home stall

Charles Bernstein
on Lyn Hejinian’s
The Book of A Thousand Eyes

William Gay has died

Peggy Zuleika Lynch
has died

Simin Daneshvar has died

Tom Wilson has died

That letter of the alphabet
nobody admits is there
comes from Africa

Encyclopedia Britannica
ceases print

Webster’s has gone AWOL

the indigenous language that could

Two languages
are better than one

Do the Pirahã
disprove Universal Grammar

Is there a
universal grammar
of religion?

Smuggling books into Arizona

Crowdsourcing book reviews

Joseph Massey:
Another Rehearsal for Morning

George Oppen’s
Boy’s Room

Herb Gold on Barney Rosset

Poets & politics:
Ron Silliman, Fady Joudah,
Prageeta Sharma, Matthew Zapruder,
Rae Armantrout & Douglas Kearney

I’m interviewed by The Lance

rob mclennan
on my day in Ottawa

Pearl Pirie
on my day in Ottawa

Jack Gilbert,
cranky & goatish
virtuoso of the appetites

Another review of john martone

modernism began in the mags

Lu Anne Henderson’s experience
of On the Road


Celebrating Kerouac @ 90

The one time
Charles Olson met Jack Kerouac

Reading Anne Waldman’s Iovis
on Charles Olson’s birthday

Save Olson’s neighborhood!

Cascadian poetics
(being a foggy variation
of what I’ve called New Western
or Zen Cowboy

Ben Lerner & Cyrus Console:
Topeka Vortex Sutra

Translating Tranströmer

Best Translated Books
the short list
ain’t so short

James Atlas
to edit for Amazon

are the future of the academy

What is Christian fiction?

Is silence extinct?

Making sense of Wallace Stevens

For Stevens,
Hartford as muse

Will Robert Silvers
ever give up
that middle-brow rag?

Talking with Eugene Ostashevsky

The Pirate Who Does Not Know
the Value of Pi

Talking with CA Conrad

Metta Sáma:
Nocturne Trio

Amy King:
The Moon in Your Breath

Kevin Young’s
The Grey Album

Eat your heart out, Kenny Goldsmith,
Tom Armitage has upped the ante

The Poetry Project Newsletter:
the first 5 issues

Jeanette Winterson:
from the ruins of her prose

Yet another book by
David Foster Wallace

A pope, a poet
& a drug war

Talking with Eavan Boland

Poetry books for children

Talking with Armistead Maupin

The convict who learned

Sometimes a pen is just a pen

The meaning of Scrabble

Little free libraries
are starting to spread

What they’re reading
on the subway

Obama creates
trade unit to protect ©

Meeting with ebook pirates

5 years in the Texas pen
for © theft

Can you © π?

Apple won’t sell an e-book
with too many links to Amazon?

The problems of e-books on tablets

The work of poetry
in the age of mechanical reproduction

23 UK publishing idioms
& what they really mean

Book cases I want

Especially this one

Charles Alexander:
What book?

long poem symposium

The poetry of Mpanga

World Poetry Day
goes by unnoticed

Carl Van Vechten
& the Harlem Renaissance

Inti García Santamaría’s
The Bougainvilleas

Tom Raworth’s Gaslight

Jargogle your lexicon!

Toni Morrison
abandons her autobiography

Adil Jussawalla’s Trying to Say Goodbye

Tupelo Hassman’s Girlchild

PayPal as censor

Beckett: Storming for beauty

Talking with Joyce Carol Oates

Imagine going to a karaoke bar
& having an academic conference
break out

Why law school is like
a degree in creative writing

Ellen Bass & Dan Gottlieb
on poetry & healing

Alex Gilden:
Tie One On
(yes, that is me,
looking ridiculous in that tie)

Putting faith in poetry

Can the great American novel exist?

“Lost” tale from Charlotte Brontë
to be published

A splendid translation of Montale

Charlie Pratt in Worcester

Jesse McKnight
prolapses into poetry

Esi Edugyan’s
Half-Blood Blues

Hugh MacDiarmid: The Watergaw

Best book blurbs ever

Bookmark 2.0

Spelling Bee season

Houellebecq is funny

Where Margaret Atwood
likes to read

Karen Kline,
the laureate of North Andover, MA

Talking with Frank Delaney

Daniel Everett’s universal grammar

Ursula Rucker
on Cee Lo Green
(and an article
ignorant of Ed Sanders!!!)

Remembering Joseph Heller

Issa meets John Lennon:
Gimme Some Truth

A profile of J. Karl Bogarte

Carol Ann Duffy’s Eton Manor

In Greece,
poets against austerity

The Dodge returns to Newark
as conservative as ever

Philip Lopate on John Leonard

Lots of video clips of
Richard Wilbur

Anatole Knotek,
the inverse of vispo?

Kickstarter & the arts

The impact of the Steins
on the French avant-garde

What the Steins bought

Paul Siegell’s
wearable vispo

The Annotated Sandman

Who owns
the archeological treasures
of Cambodia?

Web censorship in China

China bans the phrase for
iodized salt

Why B&N is losing to Amazon

Geoff Dyer’s Tarkovsky

Bernardo Paz,
the emperor of

I am a rock!

The neuroscience of art

Zoe Strauss
on her billboard project

Books may go digital
but Damien Hirst
is forever

Damien Hirst
& his implications
for the art marketplace

Ellsworth Kelly gives the
new Barnes
a single, crooked finger

Finding the hidden da Vinci

Erasing Robert Frank

Eleanor Callahan has died

The videos of Neil Goldberg

Remembering Rammellzee

A treasure trove
or cache of fakes?

Pete Doherty, painter

Wang Shu wins the Pritzker

Jessica Stockholder
colors The Loop

The Big Rock
is on the move

Art stolen by the Nazis
ordered returned
to its owner’s heirs

The Marrakech Biennale

& the Whitney

No dead chickens
for art’s sake
in Kansas

In Sydney,
MCA is growing

Beware of Mr Baker

Erwin Frankel has died

Artists on belief:
Barbara Hammer, Alison Knowles,
George Quasha

On being contemporary:
Charles Bernstein, Linda Weintraub

On performance & science:
Anne Bogart, Pauline Oliveros

On writing & performance:
Sybil Kempson, John Jesurun,
Paul Lazar

The Zen of Woody Allen

Wallace Shawn & André Gregory
in My Dinner with Ibsen

Carlin Romano on Claude Lanzmann

Putin cracks down on Pussy Riot

David Byrne,
the collaborator

Firesign Theater’s Peter Bergman

Woody Guthrie @ 100

The Rolling Stones @ 50

50 years this week
since the release of
Bob Dylan

60 seconds in social media

The Internet Archive
as the ultimate library

Who invented email?

The name of philosophy

Analytic vs. continental philosophy

China Miéville on London

The Port Huron Statement at 50

4 strategies for saving newspapers

Talking with Nada Bakri
the widow of
Anthony Shadid

Harvard refuses
to remedy old homophobic acts

Jonathan Morse
on the use of the term “coed”

A penis with a thesaurus

This American Life
& the problem of writing
in journalism

Worst president ever
(hint: it’s not W)

Seriously mean girls

The saddest commercial
ever made