Thursday, April 05, 2012

by Anna Korintz

Brenda Iijima’s
Untimely Death
Is Driven Out Beyond the Horizon

Negotiating the social bond
of poetry

A new portrait of me
by Didi Menendez
in action

Didi Menendez
does another portrait

Indian poets escape
Karachi gunmen

Fitting poetry to HTML

Talking with Bill Mohr

Rae Armantrout’s Induction

Noö Weekly

John Timpane on Adrienne Rich

DA Powell on Rich

PoemTalk: Linh Dinh

Queensland premier
scraps literary awards
as ‘waste of taxpayers’ $$’

John Cage @ 100

Spoken Word Istanbul

Does Tucson need 3 laureates
to bring it back
from the brink of censorship

Banned at Villanova,
Tim Miller
comes to Bryn Mawr

Steve Evans:
The phonotextual braid

Mark Truscott:
2 poems from Branches

Elizabeth Bishop’s
Brazilian poems

Another poet from my high school
comes to lecture @ NYU

Harry Crews has died

Salman Rushdie’s

Drew Gardner:
How to Watch a Police Beating
(subscribers only)

Exploring the poetry
of Kamala Das

Maureen Owen
comes at last to PennSound

Alice Kaplan’s
Dreaming in French

The Paris years of
Angela Davis

Denise Riley
& the force of bereavement

Poetry in Motion
is coming back

12 or 20 questions
with DA Powell

Risk in the work of
Peter Gizzi

New work from
Eileen Myles

Myles on Erica Kaufman

Not with a bang
but an iPad app

Thurston Moore & Tom Raworth,
together at last

PoemTalk: Tom Raworth

Lance La Rocque’s Vermin

The abridged Ketjak

Gerald Stern on Hart Crane

PoemTalk: p. inman

Talking with Marge Piercy

Brenda Hillman:
Poem of Hope, Almost at Equinox

Talking with Emily Pettit

Havel’s specter

Stein’s Ida unveiled

William Gass rage for the world

Alice in Wales

Jenna Butler’s Wells

PoemTalk: Edgar Allan Poe

Land Diagrams

The complete Fuck You

Auden on Rilke in English

hits a new high

Amazon seeks to wring
deep discounts from publishers

Amazon’s a no-show
in Seattle philanthropy

are still crucial

5,000 books
pour out of a building
in Spain

Picture parsing

Daniel Everett:
There is no such thing as
universal grammar

How do you say
No way!
in Pirahã

12 or 20 questions with
Alex Leslie

PoemTalk: Rosemarie Waldrop

Dashiell Hammett:
Arson Plus

Joyce Carol Oates’ Mudwoman

China Miéville’s
London’s Overthrow
(complete version)

Since Lulu
now demands that those who download
even free e-books
must be registered,
Argotist e-books have moved

A “new” Kurt Vonnegut novella

Jeanette Winterson’s
Why Be Happy
When You Could Be Normal? has been online
for 16 years

Add Sadie Stein
to Lorin Stein

@ the Paris Review
& all we’re missing
are Gertrude & Leo

Harold Bloom
on Marina Warner’s
Arabian Nights

An English teacher
takes over as coach
of the US rugby team

Neocon art critic
Hilton Kramer
has died

Nicolas Sarkozy
= W + the arts

After the crisis of the euro
who will fund
continental arts

Why the arts
anticipate neuroscience

The destructive myth
of the suffering artist

Nan Goldin’s best shots

Naked support for
Ai Weiwei

Barry Schwabsky
on the invention of the individual

Schwabsky’s Boetti

Transforming China’s perception
of intellectual property

Life after Merce

Alan Lomax’s archives
go online

talking to Terry Gross

A PBS documentary on
Earl Scruggs

The Guardian obit
for Scruggs
(with a great version of
Foggy Mountain Breakdown)

George Harrison’s
lost solo from
Here Comes the Sun

Best artist websites

Lego Rothko

Da Vinci’s St. Anne

Larry Rivers’ Legs
kick up trouble

& the real Surreal

Batman – for real

The publishing model
for news

is imploding

State of the Enlightenment

Ben Rodefer
is running
for the New Mexico State Senate