Thursday, April 26, 2012

Talking with Geoffrey Gatza
about the
NEA assault
on small presses

Ai Weiwei:
cannot defeat the internet

Ai Weiwei’s
streaming video site
gets shut down

On the death of Guillermo Fernández

Free Abdulelah Shaye

Afaa M Weaver:
8 questions for African-American poetry

Antonio Tabucchi has died

Lewis Nordan has died

Edmund Epstein has died

Patricia Smith:
poetry & family

Günter Grass
is banned from Israel
this poem

Israel accuses
Günter Grass
of anti-Semitism

The Auckland Long Poem Conference:
(1) Lots of short, fast poems
(2) Tuesday morning events
(3) John Tranter’s The Anaglyph
(4) ‘Kill the word before the word kills you’
(5) On the beach
(6) Rachel Blau DuPlessis:
Practice, practise, praxis
(7) The program, with abstracts

Amazon to cut e-book prices

Publishing’s real nemesis
are legal attempts
to stop Amazon(?)

Who do you hate more,
Publishers or book dealers

Daring to cut off Amazon

Baboons start to read

On tax day
room for poetry

CA Conrad
sits at the center
of Philadelphia’s
poetry scene
(we said that here first)

Tracy K Smith
beats out Forrest Gander & Ron Padgett
for this year’s Pulitzer

This year’s Pulitzer list
snubs fiction

Who loses
when the judges cop out?

The Golden Notebook @ 50

Randall Crouch
Gabriela Mistral

Robert Kelly’s
Monologues for Orpheus

Steve Benson & Stephen Collis
help Thom Donovan

occupy Harriet

Universal grammar is dead’

Sina Queyras:
Destroying the lyric
in order to save it

Testing Sina’s thesis

Kenny G:
the stink of the impure

Catcher in the Rye

Mac Low’s library

Some questions for
Sharon Mesmer

Stephen Burt
on varieties of the post-avant

Large publishers look to India

Where death shaped the Beats

Talking with Dodie Bellamy

William Logan on negativity

Poetweet with the mayor
of NYC
(Is that a poem in your pocket?)

Sci Fi poetry
for National Poetry Month

Does ‘Christian fiction’
hurt Christianity or fiction

every scrap of verse’
Philip Larkin ever wrote

So the NY Times
needs to review it twice

A ‘sobering triumph

The New Criterion
finds Larkin ‘attractive’

Dirda’s Mandelstam

Kevin Young’s The Grey Album

The new ‘golden age’ of poetry

The most underrated poet in America

Borges widow
threatens an Argentinian writer
with 6 years in prison
for employing The Aleph
in a conceptual writing project
(in Spanish)

Kazim Ali:
Is funny valid?

Douglas Kearney: Tell

Diane Di Prima
can use a little help, folks

NYPL’s message:
suck on this

The digital tsunami

Michael McGriff’s
Home Burial

Philly’s online poetry journals

Before Seamus was famous

Some questions for
Melissa Broder

January G O’Neil:
The State of the State

Talking with
Rachel Shukert

Tyrone Williams:
African American Poetry Now

Working-class heroes
(I’d add any book
Rae Armantrout, Kit Robinson or I
ever wrote to this list)

Beyond dualism

The blind novelist’s
invisible manuscript

Talking with Toni Morrison

Petrarch & his epigone

William Trowbridge
is the new Missouri laureate

Talking with Sommer Browning

Adam Bradley:
The rap on African American Poetry

Fox Chase’s
recommended reading
for National Poetry Month

Rerouting the rivers
Robert Hass

as a ‘bag
of microwave popcorn’

Verbs Я Us

Desperately seeking synonyms

Quote the wizard,

Talking with Amy Lawless

Teaching poems
in school

Poetry & prayer

Gary Jackson:
Getting’ a Little Coffee in Your Cream

George Harrison:
The lost guitar solo

Word rocker
Cyndi Dawson

Remembering Levon Helm

Talking with Levon Helm

How Does it Feel?
The neuroscience of Bob Dylan

The baroness & Monk

Improving (?) Le Corbusier

Trying to love
Diego Rivera

from the right

Zoe Strauss, the book

The early photos
Arthur Tress

The Swiss Institute channel
on YouTube

Raising Ellsworth Kelly’s
finger at the Barnes

Pollock @ 100

Talking with Werner Herzog

Poe on screen – nevermore!

Reading Capital with David Harvey

Occupy, P2P & Marxism

What is to be done now?

A trend in the Tumblverse

Catch Up
is definitely happening