Friday, May 11, 2012

Talking with César Vallejo

Setting Stein’s wartime record straight

Why Afghan women risk death to write poetry

Poetry of the Taliban

The BlazeVOX heritage: self & sponsored publishing from Emily & Walt to James Merrill & Louis Simpson

KickStart 100,000 Poets for Change

New books by Debrah Morkun & Aimee Herman

Reviewing poetry by women in Canada

Charles Alexander on Carol Watts’ Occasionals

rob mclennan on ‘the Vida Scale’ in Canada

mclennan on Andrew Suknaski

Buying books vs. reading them

The wild life of Ed Sanders

Taruru: Aboriginal Song Poetry from the Pilbara

Jazzy Danziger on how to read poetry

On not being included on the prize lists

Henri Cole wins the Jackson Poetry Prize

An online poetry class I can genuinely recommend

Fady Joudah translates Ghassan Zaqtan

Talking with Joudah

Comte de Lautréamont

Why the NY Review of Books is so awful

‘My Marianne Moore’

Robert Duncan to Kenneth Irby

Joshua Marie Wilkinson talks with Rose Alcalá

The Collected Poems of Lenore Kandel

Caroline Bergvall: having an accent in every language

Marcela Valdes on César Aira

PoemTalk: Cole Swensen’s ‘If a Garden of Numbers’

Technique is racist

Prosodic intent, esp. in my work & that of Tom Clark

I talk with the Chicago Maroon

& with Literary Tourist’s Nigel Beale

Kyle Schlesinger on Propolis Press

Erín Moure’s The Unmemntioable

Rae Armantrout will choose the 1913 Prize for a first book in poetry

Armantrout: three new poems

Armantrout in the NY Times crosswords

Talking with Harry Mathews

Surprised by Katniss: Stanley Fish reads The Hunger Games

Bill Luoma reading for Jupiter 88

Orhan Pamuk’s Museum of Innocence is open

Checking out other people’s libraries

A catalog of vispo by Roland Sabatier

Juliana Spahr reading for Jupiter 88

A trailer for Cathy Park Hong’s Engine Empire

Devin Johnston: New Song A Close Shave

Cowboy poet Gary Adams

Texting poetics

The length of your name as an aesthetic object

Papers for the Border: the Poetry Episode

Zach Houston reading for Jupiter 88

A bio of Lillian Hellman

Marjorie Perloff on the post-conceptual lyric

Ivy Johnson reads for Jupiter 88

Google goes homophonic

Craigslist Poetry

Jessica White: ‘I’m a poet first’

Steve Benson & Stephen Collis: Poetry & Occupy

‘Withness’ & ‘Illustrativity’ in post-language poetics

Carrie Hunter reads for Jupiter 88

The midnight book of Paul Revere

Samantha Giles reads for Jupiter 88

When WS Merwin read in Chicago

Wendell Berry: Listen to the land

Obama’s poetics

David Brazil reads for Jupiter 88

Putting the occasion into occasional verse

Dolores Huerta, Toni Morrison, Bob Dylan et al to receive the Medal of Freedom

The family that rhymes together

A previously unpublished poem by Robert Creeley

Erika Staiti reads for Jupiter 88

Talking with Toni Morrison

Gender in John Irving’s new novel

kathryn l. pringle reads for Jupiter 88

Talking with Neil Gaiman

Nathaniel Tarn on poetic production

Literature’s first international language: sci-fi

Alana Siegel reads for Jupiter 88

Shakespeare in 37 languages

The market for Larkin’s letters

Contest: the future of ©

Jury finds for Oracle in its suit over Java ©, but can’t decide ‘fair use’

Using © to steal $$

Image & reverie

The Shirley Clarke Project

The Barnes is on the move

David Weiss of Fischli / Weiss has died

Picasso’s Vollard Suite @ the British Museum

Barry Schwabsky on Alighiero Boetti

Pier Paolo Calzolari: thinking outside the gallery

Rita Ackermann’s American exceptionalism

Between art & fashion

The Brand Alphabet

Washington Post obit of Maurice Sendak

Long live CBGB

Talking with Alain Badiou

Noam Chomsky on America’s decline, Occupy & the Arab Spring

NY Times’ editor Bill Keller on the net displacing the university

The secret life of peas