Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lev Rubinstein leads a writers’ march in Moscow

Rubinstein: The cosmonauts have landed

Ilya Kutik’s Dreams—the--Interlinears

A tribute to Andrey Voznesensky

Rachel Blau DuPlessis after Drafts

Who was Lorine Niedecker?

Niedecker & sublime slime

Talking with Souvankham Thammavongsa

The journals of Philip Whalen

Stan Persky on the gay writers who changed America

Eleni Sikelianos on dg nanouk okpik

Peter Gizzi’s Threshold Songs

Wave Books

Grammar & extraterrestrials

Between poetry & science

Jennifer Bartlett on Mary Rising Higgins

An EPC page for Higgins

Rimbaud in Java

Jorge Luis Borges on the craft of verse

51 contemporary Australian poets
(part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

Contemporary poetry from Japan

Ed Sanders’ Fug You

Talking with Dale Smith & Hoa Nguyen

Ben Marcus’ The Flame Alphabet

Northwest poetry before William Stafford

Joyce’s notes online

Talking with Kaplan Harris

Whitman & collage

Contemporary poets from Morocco

Two interviews with Basil King

Tom Hibbard’s humongous collection of Wisconsin protest journalism

The man who took on Amazon & saved Harvard Book Store

Talking with Anne Waldman

José Kozer’s Stet

Persian poetry power

The Albanian poet Agron Tufa

Observations on the Albanian & Bosnian epic traditions

The future of books in 7 easy steps

Al Filreis on death-of-the-book anxiety

Steve Jobs tried to fix the price of e-books

Chris Funkhouser: 10 years of e-booka

Talking with Troll Thread

George Steiner between poetry & thought

Perloff & conceptualism

Vanessa Place on Craig Dworkin

Tree poems

Gabriel García Márquez: Not dead yet

Dara Wier on Gillian Conoley

The latest attempt to blame Gertrude Stein for surviving WW2

j/j hastain & John Martone

Bill Berkson’s ‘Signature Song’

Sean Bonney is writing on militant poetics

Why does Charles Simic still write poetry?

Herschel Silverman, the candy store poet

Poetry poultry

Reading Alice Fulton

Martín Espada’s The Trouble Ball

Phati’tude’s Latino issue


Edgar Allan Poe-Lock

The poetry of Al Qaeda & the Taliban

Language & politics in Peshawar

Zhai Yongming’s The Changing Room

Cecilia Woloch on Sharon Doubiago

Sven Birkerts on envy

Hart Crane – straight to video

Donald Hall’s The Back Chamber

William Killen’s Haiku I, Second Version

Dato Barbakadze’s Still Life with Snow

Neil Gaiman on Maurice Sendak

Sendak’s nightmares

Poetry & Hugo Cabret

Henry Gould on Stuart Blazer

Occupy anthropology

Karen Rigby’s Chinoiserie

The great Pulitzer Do-Over

The ‘ten best’ historical novels (a UK view)

Reburning LA

Her new novel fails to engage even Toni Morrison

John Irving & the perfect vagina

How sad that it still takes guts for a mainstream novelist to tackle sexuality

Megan Volpert on Stephanie Paulk

How many books per year should you publish?

Brevard County bans Fifty Shades of Grey

Poltroon book art

Why do people love Kahlil Gibran?

Wayne Koestenbaum’s Humiliation

Choreographer & dancer Terrance Calvert has died

The Sketchbook Project

Emma Bee Bernstein: Exquisite Fucking Boredom

Robert Capa & Gerda Taro

John Myers, photographer

Talking with Myers

The Barnes is about marketing

Celebrating the theft of the Barnes

Salvation or desecration?

You can’t replicate the vision

Imitating Albert Barnes

NY Times obit for Duck Dunn

Grand Illusion

Hoberman’s Buñuel

Beethoven as Bill Gates

Is death bad for you?

How NPR really raises $$