Monday, June 25, 2012

Book burning: fan fiction

Barry Schwabsky on the return of Denise Riley

Talking with Sina Queyras

Queyras: the ethics of the negative review

How international is poetry?

Tim Yu makes the case for Asian-American poetry

Harryette Mullen wins the Stephen Henderson Award

Otherstream poetics

The academisation of the avant-garde

Anne Gorrick: Text Event with Fire 2

Heaps of language but even more amnesia

A new poetry barn in Maryland

The Etherdome anthology

CWILA: Women in Canadian lit mags – the numbers

Charles Olson ‘reading’ @ Berkeley 1965

The negativity of Olson’s hell

Olson’s plumage

Charles Olson in The Paris Review

Tom Marshall on Steve Farmer & Bill Luoma

The surrealism of Kim Hyesoon

Can casinos save native languages?

The Color Purple boycotts Israel

The books of Oystercatcher Press

Peter Hughes: Quite Frankly

Poetry handbags

Word pharmacy

Preserving Arabic in the age of English

Italian university announces all grad courses to be in English

The Itinerant Poetry Library

The fight to save NYPL

Burt Kimmelman’s The Way We Live

Ulrike Draesner: I am sitting on a train

Conceptual poetry after Auschwitz

Ulysses is coming online

Seeing Joyce

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Estaban Pujols Gelasí’s bilingual anthology of langpo

Is Ron Silliman a language poet?

Is Silliman een eenzame gek?

I’m in Dutch, so to speak

Talking with Tracy K Smith

Tomaž Šalamun reading (in Slovenian)

Tom Beckett on Ariana Reines

& on Barbara Henning’s Harryette Mullen

Umar Timol reading

The African Poetry Anthology is getting organized

K Satchidanandan reading (in Malayalam)

Satchidanandan: collective aspirations in Indian poetry

A revival of poetry in India

India’s English-only generation

Litteraria Pragensia’s books can be read online

Karen Solie reading

Haboob Haiku

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa’s Flux of Measure

John Ashbery’s Planisphere

And Ashbery’s Rimbaud

James Atlas: another poet discovers Buddhism

Sascha Aurora Akhtar reading

Louis Zukosfky reading Wallace Stevens’ Planet on the Table

Phil Hall’s Killdeer

Ellen Deckwitz wins the C Buddingh’ Prize

Marquez is fading

Jan Lauwereyns: Searching for mushrooms

Jan Lauwereyns reading

Talking with Lauwereyns

Jennifer Benka is the new director of the Academy of American Poets

Ben Mazer: The Foundation of Poetry Mathematics

LK Holt reading

Ray Bradbury has died

Michiko Kakutani on Bradbury’s impact

Neil Gaiman: The Man Who Forgot Ray Bradbury

Gamers remember Bradbury

Talking with Bradbury

Remembering Bradbury in Bollywood

Bradbury’s way with the linens

Márcio-André reading (in Portuguese)


Paris’ Village Voice bookshop is closing

On the Felix Poetry Festival (in Dutch)

Drummond Hadley facing death

Hedí Kaddour reading (in French)

Trademarks can be depicted in a work of art

Parse this!

Lisa Katz: a translator in Rotterdam

Caroline Bergvall: Via

Iain Galbraith: translating as joining

A new translation of Mallarmé

Susan Wicks: the life of a translator

Natasha Trethewey is southern to her core

Poet laureate stats

Dana Gioia on Trethewey

Trethewey is first Amherst grad to be laureate

SF Comical on Trethewey

The New Yorker on Trethewey

Trethewey on NPR

Trethewey on Newshour

Dolores Dorantes reading

rob mclennan on George Bowering

Chus Pato: Poetry & the remainder

Chus Pato reading (in Galician)

Pato reading with translations read by Caroline Bergvall

Pato: Charenton (excerpt)

Pato’s Hordes of Writing

Philip Levine, guest ethicist

K Schippers reading (in Dutch)

TS Eliot takes the Turing Test

Should students memorize poetry?

The novel of ordinary life

Harry Crosby & The Transit of Venus

Inuo Taguchi reading

Johanna Drucker’s obit for conceptualism

A fellow downwinder is the laureate of Washington

Hemingway’s Oak Park home is sold

Living on the edge in San Diego

Vargas Llosa on the ‘nightmare’ of the Nobel Prize

Vahe Arsen reading

70 book designers tackle the same page

10 questions for Christine Klocek-Lim

Najwan Darwish of Palestine

Talking with Geoffrey Gatza

Kevin Davies, Ed Dorn & the politics of poetry

Lorenzo García Vega has died

Ben Zwaal reading

Why won’t the Met tell the whole truth about Gertrude Stein?

Why won’t The New Yorker look at its assumptions?

Charles Bernstein & the avant-garde MFA

Reading Bernstein’s Stein

Maya Stein writing her bike to Milwaukee

Fred Wah & parliamentary poetry

A video of the Felix Poetry Fest in Antwerp

Farewell to the daily paper

The role of a phrase

The prosody of everyday language

Martin Amis in America

Critics attack closing of U of MO Press

Occupy Gaddis

Pynchon finally moves to e-books

Adaptations in Bengali poetry

Tina Darragh’s Ludicrous Stick

New carved book landscapes by Guy Laramee

Talking with Neeli Cherkovski

Joan Retallack on John Cage

Margaret Atwood’s Headlife

Ken Babstock, David Harsent share the Griffin

Don’t write poetry, Babstock admonishes son

Heaney praises Griffin’s ‘authenticity’ (cough, cough)

Heaney given Griffin lifetime aware (cough, cough)

Tadeusz Rózewicz on the Griffin Prize shortlist

Talking with David Harsent

Harsent on Yannis Ritsos

Talking with Yusef Komunyakaa

Ernesto Livon-Grosman on Jerome Rothenberg’s anthologies

Talking with Jim Cervantes

William Gibson on the future past in sci-fi

Barfing into the Pushcart void – or not

Why libraries should stock 50 Shades of Grey

Haruki Murakami Bingo

Authors win the right to sue Google as a class

Google: there’s a limit re © control

The Amazon Effect

Amazon buys Avalon

How Germany regulates Amazon

12 or 20 questions with Maria Damon

Plagiarism & the OED

Talking with Ben Lerner

Geometrical vispo from Takahiro Kurashima

Guardian obit of Carlos Fuentes

Fuentes: the lost interview

U Penn profile of PennSound

Lou Reed: Poetry as revenge

10 questions for Jane Lewty

Rick Mullin’s Soutine

The (paper) cutting edge of genre

Fuzzy tries uncreative writing

NH gov vetoes bill to © identity

Shadows meet the sullen bloat of clouds

Katrina Vandenberg’s An Alphabet Not Unlike the World

Rearrange the alphabet

The fading reputation of John Updike

Jane Eyre Laid Bare

In Rome, occupying a theater in order save it

The history of historic preservation

Stephen Colbert on the most over-rated classic

A language & art gallery tour of Rotterdam

Rae Armantrout on rock ‘n’ roll

The return of Van Dyke Parks

Nominate Anthony Braxton!

Corcoran at the crossroads

Fair use with swiss cheese

The photography of Vivian Maier

Barry Schwabsky @ the fair

Rachel Whiteread thinks big

Invisible art in the UK

Yoko Ono’s retrospective

Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present

Talking with Abramovic

Steve Ben Israel has died

Martha Graham in Sicily

Lance Fung’s 5-year art campaign to transform Atlantic City

Holland Cotter on Caribbean art in NYC

Ai Weiwei: Never retreat – retweet!

Resurrecting George Bellows

Paul Jenkins has died

So has Barton Lidice Benes

Amy Sadao takes over ICA in Philly

Takeshi Miyakawa: getting jailed for one’s art

The Huntington buys a Rauschenberg

The case against Andy Warhol

Emma Bee Bernstein’s polaroids

Trends in the art of portrait sculpture

Spanish paintings are oldest ever

Roy Lichtenstein in Chicago

Dead cat sculpture takes flight

Tarkovsky’s films are free online

Philosophy’s western bias

Kafka behind the plate

Žižek: the Borat of philosophy?


Project Runway’s winners: where are they now?

Todd Gitlin on James Q Wilson

Susan Sontag’s journals

Andrew Sarris has died

Are your kids a different species?

The couch at Kelly Writers House

Sensory overload vs. sensory poverty

Best KickStarter video ever (from the 2 Neil/Neals)

What the internet is hiding from you

RIAA sues LimeWire for all the $$ in the world & then some

Galatea Resurrects has everything