Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Jimmy Schuyler feature @ Jacket2

Barrett Watten: An Annotated History of Chance

Seth Abramson: the poetry wars

The battle lines are shifting

Jennifer Moxley: find the missing line

Robert Kelly: Lattices Inspired

Don Wellman: editing Coherence in 181

Pitchers are obviously not human” (Spicer & baseball)

US Poets in Mexico 2013

Arkadii Dragomoshchenko’s correspondences

Gary Snyder’s foreword to Lew Welch’s Ring of Bone

Kerouac’s real first novel

Some recordings of Kerouac

Johnny Depp & Douglas Brinkley editing Woody Guthrie’s novel

Woody @ 100

A poem for Woody by John Mellencamp

Faulkner & race

Finally, The Sound & the Fury will be published in color

Rowan Oak honors Faulkner

A farewell to Hemingway’s endings

The diaries of Dawn Powell are for sale

Dementia ends Márquez’s career

Gerald Bruns on David Antin & Charles Bernstein

Vanessa Place & Tania Ørum:
notes on notes on Notes on Conceptualisms

WS Di Piero, street poet

A poetics of failure

How ‘international’ is poetry?

Barthes in China

What % of books in the US & UK are translations?

The new wave of innovative Irish writing?

A Borgesian novel by a Borges protégé

the working man is neither a felon, nor necessarily a drunkard, nor a very little child’

Rushdie fatwa: the video game

Kay Ryan: Unamerican American at the Olympics

Simon Armitage’s Poetry Parnassus

Poetry & the Olympics

The politics behind the fight over NYPL

Penguin to make e-books available in NYC libraries

10 things Amazon doesn’t want you to know

Europe rejects © treaty

© law – a worldwide update

Grolier’s goes nonprofit

Behind the battle over NYPL

Gutenberg & the Kindle

Michiko Kakutani on Pynchon going to e-books

This year’s Pew Fellows: Kevin Varrone, Catie Rosemurgy, Megawords

New poets of the Midwest

Talking with mIEKAL aND

How Dana Gioia spins his years @ the NEA

Perfect 4th-grade poetry haiku

Algerian author denied prize $$ for breaking boycott of Israel

Talking with Immanuel Mifsud

Pierre Joris on translating Paul Celan

117 pages of abstracts from the NPF conference on poetry in the ‘80s

Emily Dickinson attends a writing workshop

Gaddis’ J R & the nature of difficulty

Cardboard books

Simon Armitage & poetry at the Olympics

Poetry on Google Maps

An interactive map of mostly conventional verse

1 poet for each of 204 nations

Talking with Karen Solie

Manchester Central Library is pulping books

A language lesson in Hong Kong

Ray Bradbury & HTTP status 451

Bradbury’s dystopia

Margaret Atwood’s Headlife

Sontag’s diaries: the second volume

Thomas Merton, hero

SPD’s June best-sellers

Amis in Brooklyn

Matthew Zapruder on SF

How to build Philip K Dick

Time off for reading

Saul Bellow on Ralph Ellison

Jeremy Bass on Robert Pinsky

Shakespeare in slang & Serbian

Reading & guilty pleasures

Stars & Stripes on Poetry of the Taliban

Taliban poetics & the cult of the lone wolf warrior

Cowboy poetics

Plagiarizing Dylan Thomas: Big oops

A plagiarist argues So What?

Yoko Ono seeming very Eleanor Antinish

Symbolism & the failures of grammar

Symbolism in Damien Hirst

MoMA’s got a brand new app

Verbal Eyes: a series I co-curated in 1979
with Jill Scott (poets & artists together)

In Europe, it’s a Jeff Koons summer

Irving Karp has died

Barry Schwabsky on Albert Barnes & Leo Stein

Barnes officials lied about finances

Olmsted’s masterpiece, sans Olmstead

Rineke Dijkstra @ the Guggie

Ellsworth Kelly’s Tablet: 1948 – 1973

Piano’s Shard

Art Davis & Andrew Cyrille on performing Ascension with Coltrane

Why we like The Boss

Music in the age of digital reproduction

Sean Bonney: Critique of Ben Watson

Demons & ideology

A perfect place for philosophy?

Chomsky on Occupy

Audio archives of the Free Speech Movement

The Karl Marx MasterCard

He’s ba-ack!

Slavoj Žižek: Less Than Nothing

Graphic the history of philosophy via Wikipedia

Aaron Sorkin: What’s he smoking?