Monday, August 27, 2012

Boston loses Bill Corbett

Furor over shutting down UNO press draws national attention

Susan M Schultz
edits a feature on writing & dementia

Pussy Riot is found guilty of hooliganism

2-year sentences given to Pussy Riot

Outrage over verdict, sentence

Paul McCartney on Pussy Riot

In NYC, a show of solidarity

Pussy Riot is us

Pussy Riot is just the tip of the iceberg

Pussy Riot supporters detained

Russia searching for other members of Pussy Riot

Kasparov on Putin’s thugs

The lyrics that caused all the ruckus

Hackers attack Pussy Riot court website

A little anti-Pussy Riot counter-propaganda

Pussy Riot was designed for protest

Women who write poetry criticism

Is the sonnet a Fascist form?

William H Gass gets an iPad

Ten Turkish visual poets

The Last Vispo Anthology

The economics of self-publishing

Poetry in the post-publishing world

rob mclennan on William Minor

jwcurry’s sound events in Ottawa

Charles Bernstein’s Dark City

The Scrabble cheat

Looking for Kerouac

In defense of flawed literature

John Wieners’ 707 Scott Street

Allen Ginsberg to Joseph Massey, 1993

Remembering Shig Murao

A feature on Muriel Rukeyser

Poetry quilts from the comma workshop

Mahfouz’ Karnak Café

Death of the novel presages a rebirth in writing

A bookstore that will trade beer for books

Bookstores as galleries

An article on PennSound

Charles Bernstein: Evaluation

The Booker is an imperialist tool

Traditional publishing is the new vanity publishing

Why doesn’t the US like bad Brit novels?

Greetings from Bradbury Landing

Talking with Charles Plymell

Highlights of 2012 Nat’l Poetry Slam

Orwell’s diaries

Why Orwell fascinates

Poetry Comics’ Tom Disch celebration

How to self-publish

Whac-a-Mole is not a © strategy

RIAA: Is so!

Where do sentences come from?

Writing the worst one possible

Have the new media made reading obsolete?
(1950 version: the media were radio & TV)

The New England accent is in retreat

txt msg

Emily Dickinson interviews Paul Legault

Hemingway: one sentence to rule them all

South African poet wins NPR gold

Blaise Cendrars

A David Foster Wallace bio

Sharon Olds: end of a marriage

Champollion’s code

Robert Pinsky on Anne Bradstreet

Melville House turns 10

Dorothea Lasky’s Thunderbird

Susan Wheeler: From ‘The Split’
(subscribers only)

Paul Auster’s Winter Journal

Talking with Vanessa Huang

Dill Harris in Paris

Otto Plath’s FBI records

The best novel of all time: your vote counts

Purina poetics

Sebald’s poetry
(subscribers only)

Talking with Kwame Alexander

Monday as the N-word

A theory of book covers

Poetry in Ray Bradbury’s correspondence

Harry Harrison was people!
(tho not in the short story)

Critics being critical

What makes Maureen McLane an FSG writer?

The Brownings stir tender emotions

Pedestrian poetry

Molly Ringwald on writing

Charlie Simic on poets & $$

Poetry @ the El Fenix Café

Peddling books from the Naples library heist

Who needs bookstores?

Books are not sacred

John Godfrey: Tiny Gold Dress
(subscribers only)

The poetry of chemistry

Charles Rosen on the arts

Corcoran urged to stay in DC

Barry Schwabsky on Jimmie Durham

Soviet fabrics of the 1920s & ‘30s

Filming Ai Weiwei

Martine Franck has died

As has Larry Keenan

Keenan’s photos of the Beats, Dylan, City Lights etc

Chinese gardens at the Met

Inocente Izucar


New Albion calls it quits

Dancing without costume

Freud’s butcher

Using speed chess to prove the existence of the external world

Using reason within reason

Shutting down the academy

Green Integer is making some of its backlist
available through PDF files