Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Syrian sculptor Wael Kaston killed by torture

U of New Orleans sacks Bill Lavender,
potentially shutting down press & low-rez MFA program

The Bowery Poetry Club closes

Robin Tremblay-McGaw on the Poetry of the 80’s Conference

Close-reading aloud: Charles Reznikoff

Talking with our favorite marsupial, CAConrad

Steve Benson & Suzanne Stein are performing LiveChats

Marjorie Perloff on Wittgenstein, modernism & Christianity

Modernism, Christianity & Apocalypse

Talking with Eileen Myles

Remembering Lew Welch

On the Bro’d

Help for the inner poet

An online fundraiser to help St Marks Books survive

Justice Dept defends going after price fixing ebooks

How traditional publishing hurts scientific progress

Bob Grumman: M@h*(p0et)?ica

Amy De’Ath: To Be Not Stupid

Janice Fixter has died

As has Rosemary Dobson

Tony Lopez’s Only More So

Lopez’s Weymouth Sands

What Are Poets For?

Bad poems for bad people

Hoa Nguyen & Rob Halpern

Alternate titles considered for L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E

The bias of the Booker

Joyce, Sendak, Colbert

Coelho: There’s no there there in Ulysses

Occupy Wall Street
& the myth of the technological death of the library

Talking with Jan Hutchison

Carlos Fuentes’ Vlad

Stanzas in Meditation

Intro to The Routledge Companion to Experimental Literature

Indian diplomats writing poetry

Diane Wakoski & the poetry of the French New Wave

A preview of The Last Vispo Anthology

Ulysses: the comic

Possum Agonistes

Andrei Codrescu, pedagogue

British & Irish working-class poets, 1700-1900
ver 1,200 of them!)

Book spine haiku

10 “surrealist” books

Short takes on mostly short ‘long’ poems

More serious short takes on long poems

Joshua Cohen’s Four New Messages

James Wood on Karl Ove Knausgaard

Forgotten poets of the 19th century

What this year’s Booker longlist
tells us about fiction

Rob Horning: Against the literary

How to save an indie bookstore (Kepler’s)
day 1) (day 2) (day 3)

Kindle ebooks outsell print

Phantoms on the Bookshelves

Neeli Cherkovski @ the SF Int’l Poetry Fest

Talking with Robert Montgomery

Talking with Junot Diaz
part one) (part two)

Colson Whitehead: how to write

Roger Rosenblatt: how to write great

Poets & Writers’ 79 best books” for writers

How to sharpen pencils

James Wright: the art of poetry

Czeslaw Milosz: the art of poetry

Prosody & the blogosphere

Cosmo conquers the world

Euro crisis impacts the arts

Big Oops: bad timing for Paterno hagiography

What Joe Pa tells us about public art

When the arts were part of the Olympics

Connecting poetry to the Olympics
(part 2) (part 3)

NY Times Olympic style guide

Tracy Emin & the Olympic Torch

A poem for the Olympics

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

Ai Weiwei director hoping to be pirated

The fate of African art

112 Greene Street

Franz West has died

So has Walter Pichler

& Karl Benjamin

At the grave of Andy Warhol

Furniture design in the USSR

LA MoCA continues its internal war

Women only for Marina Abramovic @ Meltdown 2012

Farewell to Artnet

Should artists be subsidized by the state?

Hockney on the Olympics

Barry Schwabsky: Living with disjunction

Who decides if art is real? Lawyers!

NJ Dept of Environmental Protection fails to protect
a commissioned work of art

Jeff Koons goes spiritual on Colbert

Christo’s Colorado project grinds to a halt

How the Delaware Art Museum grew (happy 100th!)

What graffiti taggers are up to, decades later

The portraits of Leo Borensztein

Mao executes Christ: PRC is not amused

Talking with Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot: not guilty!

The case against Pussy Riot: pretty flimsy

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Pussy Riot is here to stay

Washington Post on Pussy Riot

It’s Putin who’s on trial here

Can Madonna save Pussy Riot?

Jonah Lehrer just imagined those Dylan quotes

Carla Harryman, Gino Robair & Jon Raskin
@ the Outsound New Music Summit

Asimina Chremos & John Berndt

Six degrees of Groucho Marx

Theory: a class in 6 videos

What do you learn by concentrating learning online?

Al Filreis on teaching poetry online

The first church of file sharing

Contesting technologies: digital liberties

Jules Boykoff on celebration capitalism & the Olympics

Habermas on Europe now

The most radical city in America is Oakland!

The friends of Walter Benjamin

Proust Among the Nations: from Dreyfus to the Middle-East

Barbara Lee was right


The power of Gabby Douglas

Second Avenue (not Frank O’Hara’s view)

Formal languages

Shorthand of NYC restaurants