Monday, September 17, 2012

John Yau on Robert Kelly

Talking with Timothy Yu

Joanne Kyger: Letters from the Lost & Found

Kyger: the community of The Curriculum of the Soul

Kyger: on Richard Brautigan

Jennifer Kwon Dobbs on the Korean adoption diaspora

Talking with Juliana Spahr

Reissues: digitizing small press magazines

Raúl Zurita’s Dreams for Kurosawa

Stephen Burt: Poetry’s cross-dressing kingmaker

Salman Rushdie: My fatwa

Meena Alexander: An Intimate Violence

A new novel from Claude McKay

Boog City: Occupy’s first birthday

Identities &/or forms

The billboards of Robert Montgomery

A new look for Emily Dickinson

The poems of Marilyn Monroe

Ange Mlinko on May Swenson: editing visionary poetry

Neil Gaiman does his Ken Kesey routine

Kerouac the conservative

Mascara’s Asian-American Poetry issue

History as explained by Charles Olson

Is Apple fit to sell ebooks?

Peter Gizzi & K. Silem Mohammad

Talking with Paul Legault

VIDA’s powerful point

Celebrating Kundiman

The NY Times loves Steve Roggenbuck

Talking with Roggenbuck

Remembering Gerry Gilbert

Is Homestuck the Ulysses of the net?

Philip Whalen: Discriminations

Too many writers: the best problem in poetry

Studying poetry in a classroom of 30,000

Should Christians read literature?

Philip Roth: correcting Wikipedia

The book review debate rages on

Amazon vs. Penguin

Age discrimination lawsuit against Penguin

E-book settlement has publishers in turmoil

Rae Armantrout vs. San Diego charisma

Tom Clark: Drive By

The Collected Poems of Jack Gilbert

A profile of Haki R Madhubuti

CAConrad on the Philadelphia Poetry Hotel

Epic social networks

Realtors and poetry make a perfect fit

Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin

Brent Easton Ellis’ hissy fit over David Foster Wallace

Mapping Infinite Jest

William Burroughs’ man at the NEA

The Moo-ving poetry of Rod’s Steakhouse

Using poetry to promote voting

Disc or disk

Kissing Georg Trakl

Byron’s Frankenstein, signed

Talking with Bill Kushner

The single-sitting revolution

Translating English to English

El Ateneo in Buenos Aires: best looking bookstore

Denise Duhamel poem on Breaking Bad

The bookworms of China

Jeet Thayil makes the Booker shortlist

Mantel favored to take the Booker

Paul Auster’s memoir

CUNY declares war on English Dept

Why the right is trying to kill the liberal arts

What your bookshelf says

The afterlife of books

John Bennett’s War All the Time

The last free issue of Gently Read Literature

Michael Chabon’s Telegraph Avenue

A Fall for trade fiction

Talking with Joyce Carol Oates

Talking with Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith’s big ideas

Save the subjunctive!

Busing Simon Okotie’s new novel

On Flannery O’Connor

What to avoid in literary agents

Susan Straight: another novelist looking to open a bookstore

Ex-NYU prof sues James Franco

Elvis’ Bible goes for $59K

A New Yorker rejection letter for Sylvia Plath

Jeffrey Eugenides on teaching & college

The Odyssey: the comic

Remembering Abe Meeropol

3 members jailed, Pussy Riot responds

Pussy Riot fest held in Russia

Pussy Riot: the ebook

Jess about the best collages ever!

A cross section of John Cage’s music

Music is everywhere: John Cage is everywhere

John Cage: Beyond Silence

Cage, Uncaged

What Cage communicates

The roaring silence

Billy Bragg on Frank Turner’s politics

The Selch collection of instruments goes to Oberlin

Computer as music critic

Warhol Foundation to divest his works

Velvet Underground loses its banana

Campbell’s finally figures out that it’s marketing

Sentencing Shepard Fairey

Ai Weiwei retrospective coming to Hirshhorn this fall

Ai Weiwei: China’s art world does not exist

ArtInfo’s 40 most anticipated fall NY gallery shows

The sculptor Pollock never would be

Remembering Edna Andrade

Perelman vs. Gagosian

Do the arts really confront the new technological reality?

Hollywood’s Emily Dickinson is Cynthia Nixon!

The economy of self-reliance

Eliot Weinberger: A hologram for president

The art of shock in the age of capitalist reproduction

Putin’s tally: 2 birds, 1 editor

Beyond the non-profit industrial complex

Queer town icon: Ludwig Wittgenstein

A meet-up @ Coursera

Zipf’s Law