Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Ambassador from Venus

An intro to MoPo!

Sueyeun Juliette Lee on Chris Vitiello

Jackson Mac Low’s 154 Forties

Misrepresenting the world

Elizabeth Willis @ Jupiter 88

Talking with Aaron Shurin

Angela Veronica Wong’s How to Survive a Hotel Fire

GLBT poetry from Africa

John Cage, Angelino

Jena Osman on John Cage

Trailers for the Matt Wolf doc on Joe Brainard: I Remember

John Timberman Newcomb & the history of poetry

3 e-book publishers to pay $69M to settle price-fixing claims

Ted Greenwald’s Common Sense

PoemTalk: Greg Djanikian’s Armenian Pastoral, 1915

Erika Staiti: excerpt from The Planned Experiment

Stephen Motika’s Western Practice

Michelle Tea @ Jupiter 88

Adorno prize to Judith Butler draws complaints

David Foster Wallace in recovery

And on Facebook

Talking with Don Wentworth

John Tranter on the fate & future of Jacket

Conceptual poetics in Myanmar

Brett Evans @ Jupiter 88

Andrew Durbin: 2 poems

Free Verse: the London Poetry Book Fair, Sept 8

Talking with Craig Morgan Teicher

Kristina Marie Darling: Footnotes to a History of Correspondence

Clare Marie Myers @ Jupiter 88

Who is William Minor?

Charles Olson & the fishing strike of 1917

Punchball Critter Lion @ Jupiter 88

Audio books as reading

Talking with Lee Rourke

John Latta, remaining confused with Lyn Hejinian & Thomas A Clark

Ben Kopel @ Jupiter 88

Writing, how-to

TS Eliot’s reader’s report of David Jones’ In Parenthesis

Talking with Emma Donoghue

Max Wolf Valerio @ Jupiter 88

Alan Loney, launching Michael Farrell’s open sesame

Sean Reynolds @ Jupiter 88

100 years of book-mobiles

Poetry on Daryl Hine

Hine Recollected

Hine: the neglected master

Alexander Lewis on Hine

Antonia Crane @ Jupiter 88

Russian poets in Tribeca

Douglas A Martin @ Jupiter 88

Talking with JL Jacobs

Nicholas Boggs @ Jupiter 88

James Franco: Searching for the Real

The graphic novel as legal brief

Ariel Schrag @ Jupiter 88

Tinfish wins a Honolulu Best-of Prize

Rae Armantrout on San Diego

Rae Armantrout in The Nation (subscribers only)

Ali Liebegott @ Jupiter 88

Bob Grumman blogging on poetry & math for Scientific American

Jennifer Blowdryer @ Jupiter 88

John Wieners: Poem for Record Players

Robert Frost & borders

Updike’s childhood home bought for museum

Miguel Gutierrez @ Jupiter 88

The state of the preface address

Will Self: Kafka’s wound

Jack Gilbert’s Collected Poems

The Pro Bowl poet

HB Irwin @ Jupiter 88

Seth Abramson’s August reviews in HuffPo

Lisa A Flowers @ Jupiter 88

The Iliad: a romance

Columbia acquires the papers of Jack Agüeros

Losing the head of Philip K Dick

First poet on Mars

Ray Bradbury: was more than the planet red?

Joseph Bathanti is North Carolina’s new laureate

Howe & Lurie named to NY posts

The best book reviews money can buy

Lingering Latin

Translation workshops in London

Murakami leads Nobel betting odds

A new indie bookshop coming to Astoria NY

Publishing is not writing

Worst way to store books

Talking with Junot Díaz

Lillian Hellman vs. Mary McCarthyism

How did Susan Sontag get to be so famous?

A critic’s manifesto

Niceness is not a virtue

Zadie Smith’s NW: clunky

Talking with Kurt Vonnegut

Orwell’s Diaries

Ai Weiwei @ Princeton

Ai Weiwei & the culture of protest

Ai Weiwei, Pussy Riot & the responsibility of artists

Chinese rock betwixt Ai Weiwei & Pussy Riot

Talking with Pussy Riot’s Yekaterina Samutsevich

Pussy Riot: no regrets

Pussy Riot members flee Russia

Drew Gardner & Jesse Sheppard: Colonial Park

Mapping modern art

Illegal murals of the NY underground

Wright archive moving to NYC

Mapplethorpe’s flowers

Julian Bell on Edvard Munch

The future of art as an investment

Josef Albers unguarded moments

Heroic moments in poetry

How to read Slavoj Žižek

Žižek’s favorite movies

Quentin Tarantino’s

The 23 best film directors

Dyer about Tarkovsky about desire

Talking with Errol Morris

Hannah Arendt: the movie

Richard Macksey, who brought post-structuralism to the USA, is still teaching

Ludwig looking

The intellectuals who remade Asia

Christopher Hitchens’ Mortality

Sean & Yoko: What is fracking?

Eritrea: 4 journalists die in prison

The right to vote