Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Baghdad bookmart bulldozed by dawn raid

Zukofsky’s integral
Anselm Berrigan: Sure Shot & other poems
Hank Lazer’s intro to the essays & interviews of Harryette Mullen
Talking with Vanessa Place
One question: who is David Lyttle?
Duncan unbound
Robert Kelly & contemporary American poetry

Fortino Sámano: poetry, philosophy, revolution, death
Keston Sutherland: The world and John Wieners
A profile of Kevin Varrone
4th century Chinese palindrome
12 unexpected facts about George Bowering
Amy Catanzano: The Imaginary Present
Attention Span 2012 is starting to happen
A fabulous SF reading roundup from Robin Tremblay-McGaw
Catherine Wagner: My New Job
Global Modernism & its discontents
In Michigan, the Great Write-Off
Michael Chabon on the street of my youth
American Hybrid: everyone’s a teacher
Rebecca Seiferle is the new Tucson laureate
Celebrating the New Weird
Keats was an opium addict
Poetry celebrates its 100th birthday
Alex Dimitrov: American Boys
What is lost by race & gender biases in reviews
Charles Bernstein goes to college
The autobiography of Charles Bernstein (sorta)
Talking with Sina Queyras
Redell Olsen: Not, a Conceptual Art Poetics
Donation helps NYPL keep books onsite
Michael Joyce: teaching in the margins
A review of Al Filreis’ online Modern & Contemporary Poetry course
In the UK, my mother’s birthday is National Poetry Day
What Mitt Romney might learn from Wallace Stevens
Junot Diaz but no poets in this year’s MacArthur crop
Granada halts search for Lorca
November 2 in NYC: Bruce Andrews fest
CBC Poetry Prize goes to Sadiqa de Meijer
Allen Ginsberg on Gary Snyder
Talking with Sherman Alexie
Penguin wants unfulfilled advances returned
October 19 in NYC: an evening for Arkadii Dragomoshchenko
Talking with Nuruddin Farah
Washington Post obit for Louis Simpson
Simpson’s BBC obit
Poetry & politics in Myanmar
E-books expand potential with serialized fiction
Apple, trade pubs settle with EU on e-book price fixing
Can moguls succeed selling e-books?
If you think you what e-books might look like, read this
Rushdie on the fatwa
Talking with Rushdie
Margaret Drabble: Rushdie is brutally honest
And getting some
A renaissance in Canadian poetry
Talking with Natasha Trethewey on PBS
Sheila Heti on Paris Review Interviews
9 Brooklyn writers & how they work
The Essential Guide to Brooklyn Lit
Maria Teresa Horta declines to receive prize from Portuguese PM
The poetry of Smokey Robinson
Al Jazeera’s poets of protest
A bio of Philip Roth
Kerouac laid bare
Zack Barocas: Givens
In defense of the future laureate of LA
The gringo-loco poetics of Larry Goodell
A hut of one’s own
The dreadful demise of Edgar Allan Poe
An essay from Agatha Christie
Beware the grammar nazis
How to read the King James Bible
Working with Auden on The Psalms
Innovation: poetry vs. science
The poem that inspired The Astoria Haunting
Talking with John Lavan
Number trouble: the old kind
National Book Fest on the DC mall
Talking with Marilyn Dahl
Hearing Beckett
Sophie Lancaster remembered in play by Armitage
Lady Gaga on a first-name basis with Rilke
Say Digital Humanities one more goddamn time
Van Dyke Parks: Letter from Berlin
On the future of jazz among black folk
Handicapping the Nobel
Dylan’s Nobel odds rise, but not his chances
Dylan working on next volume of Chronicles
Neil Young’s memoirs
The Kate Hepburn award goes to Patti Smith
More new music from the Adams Family
Efrat Ben Zur’s latest (a hit in Israel) is all Emily D
Talking with Tim Burton
KickStarting Charlie Kaufman
Who supports rural theater? The USDA!
Reykjavik: Spring time for Reagan?
John Yau on Wendy White
Rimpa comes to NYC
The most iconic art works of the past 5 years
Ai Weiwei as reporter
An award for Pussy Riot
Church to Pussy Riot: repent!
Pussy Riot appeal delayed
Alex Keelan @ Manchester reading for Pussy Riot
Free speech in the age of YouTube
Andreas Slominski: how bad is bad?
Barry Schwabsky on Bruce Conner
Gehry redesigns Toronto
Walk & talk: best campaign ad of the century
Designing for multiple screen-sizes
October 1962: the birth of modern culture