Monday, October 29, 2012

Math poetry by Scott Helmes
A feature on Maria Damon
Paul Legault’s Emily Dickinson
Peter Riley on Anthony Barnett
Remembering Raymond Souster
The CBC on Souster
Pierre Joris: Notes on Solon & other poems
Huey Lewis doing his step-dad, Lew Welch
25 points for Lew Welch
Al Purdy’s home has been saved

Nobel judge defends Mo Yan selection
A Red Sorghum theme park?
Dutch dictionary adopts flarf
Self-publishing is exploding
Douglas & McIntyre goes into bankruptcy
Anasi’s Matt Williams: look at the bigger picture
From Istanbul to Jakarta, the Call to Poetry
Quietism dominates Eliot shortlist
John Cusack’s Poe takes the poetry seriously
B&N’s amicus brief in the Amazon settlement case
© law could get crazier yet
Cooking with Geoffrey Gatza!
The poetry scene in Melbourne
Big attendance drop at Dodge
The convention bureau responds
A high school perspective on the Dodge Fest
On the way to Dodge: how does poetry matter?
The reading habits of younger Americans
Talking with John Hall Wheelock
John Latta on Frank O’Hara’s Ode:
Salute to the French Negro Poets
Joyce Johnson: Kerouac & his mother
Inducting Kerouac into the Twin County, NC, hall of fame
Matthew Dickman: let’s force poetry on our friends
A revival of Naomi Replansky
Why all the literary amiability?
Rae Armantrout in the New Yorker
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Seth Abramson’s October HuffPo reviews
The Japan Writers Conference
& a visit from Louisa May Alcott
A trailer for Adrian C Louis’ Savage Sunsets
Visiting Frost’s home in Vermont
Yesenin in Baku
The scene in Kathmandu
Nabokov’s Collected Poems
Tom Hanks’ slam is a few stories
short of a
Full House
The 5 best poetry biopics never made
Taylor Momsen does poetry
As, in a way, does Brad Pitt
An anthology of modern Indian poetry
Poetic portraits @ the Nat’l Portrait Gallery
Peter Schjeldahl on Ai Weiwei
Talking with Ai Weiwei
Ai Weiwei, gangnam style
In Uganda, an art festival in pods
Art Review’s 2012 Power 100
Top 10 reasons NOT to write for the art market
Rotterdam Museum: security was in place
But no guards were on duty
Mauritshuis is coming to the Frick
A profile of Gabriela Lena Frank
Top Turkish pianist Fazil Say on trial for a tweet
Adapting The Book Thief for the stage
Heidegger’s mom & the joke of democracy
Le blog de Jean-Paul Sartre
Historian Jacques Barzun, 1907 – 2012
A Forward obit of Henry Friedlander
College is dead – long live college!