Monday, October 15, 2012

Corina Copp on The Electrocution of Ruth Snyder

Poetry is dead, I killed it
(warning: may cause ennui)
Well, no, academics did
Vanessa Place will buy your soul
Luis Enrique Gutierrez Ortiz Monasterio (“LEGOM”) needs a kidney
Li Changchun congratulates Mo
Mo Yan calls for Liu Xiaobo’s freedom
Talking with Sabina Knight about Mo Yan

An excerpt from Republic of Wine
A series of excerpts from Mo’s work
Mo’s US Publisher: Arcade Publishing
A quickie NY Times overview of Mo’s work
Literature should not be a Nobel category
My class on “Experimental Writing” next spring at Penn
Ange Mlinko on Andrea Brady’s Wildfire
Joe Milutis’ The Quiddities
Carla Harryman: Bourgeois Music
Translation’s homeopathic gesture
Talking with Eleanor Goodman re translation from the Chinese
NY Times obit for Michael Henry Heim
LA Times obit is even better
Telegraph obit for Nguyen Chi Thien
Plus one from the NY Times
Africa’s first modernist poet: Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo
Talking with Pierre Joris
Maung Maung Thein’s Manifesto for Post-Conceptual Poetry
The couscous of world literature (against the grain)
Who was Joseph Anton?
Barry Schwabsky on Joe Brainard’s Collected Writings
Joe Brainard dot org
Emily Dickinson’s envelope poems
Talking with Jared Schickling
Remembering Tom Trumble & letterpress printing
On conceptualism: the trivial sublime
Code poems that are in fact code poems
Rocky Wilson bounces back
The New Yorker thinks its rejections are cute
There is something that does not love speech
Language, class & cochlear implants
The silencing of William Bronk
Amiri Baraka reaches 78
5 questions with CAConrad
Fiction & the dark side
The Booker can be good for sales
Kerouac’s play opens in Lowell
Small Press Traffic is looking for Poets Theatre plays
12 or 20 questions with Sonia Saikaley
How to get the most out of a writing conference
Jon Henson takes over Selby’s List
Bill Corbett on Larry Eigner
Amish Trivedi’s untitled long poem
U of MO rehires press editor
12 or 20 questions with Glen Downie
Robin’s Books shutting down
As is a B&N in Jenkintown, PA
Australian Broadcasting Co. drops radio plays & literature
Self-publishing: second-class no more
The battle over e-reader screens
e-books capture 16% of Canadian market
And changing publishing -- period
Moleskine, Evernote & notebooks with apps
How to sell e-books and make money
Long live paper!
Publishers opt out of new Google agreement
James Joyce: A New Biography
Keith Tuma on Linh Dinh
Bernadette Mayer in The Paris Review
Lives of the Poet: Tom Devaney
Margaret Atwood on serial fiction & the future of the book
Dorothea Lasky: poetry & persuasion
Joel Chace’s Red Power
Natasha Trethewey in O: The Oprah Magazine
Hart Crane in Cleveland
Mardsen Hartley’s memorial to Crane
Monica Kidd’s Handfuls of Bone
William Styron: 2 letters to Norman Mailer
Skip the cafés, get a good pen
An Auden syllabus on Fate & the Individual
World’s “10 best” transit poems
Talking with Jade Foster about The Revival tour
The poetry of The Grey
2 new poems from Brian Teare
Sikhs seek ban of Rowling’s Casual Vacancy
Talking with JK Rowling
Bern Porter’s Xerolage 16
The lessons of Civil War literature
Sherman Alexie gives advice
Robin Sloan’s Codex Vita
John Wieners: My Mother
Edward Dorn: On the Debt My Mother Owed to Sears Roebuck
Sir Thomas Browne: cosmographer of the self
Talking with Martin Amis
Donna Stonecipher’s The Cosmopolitan
The cross-pollination of reality & fiction
Living in the Jane Austen time machine
Talking with Jim Krusoe
The ‘Christian fiction’ of Ron Hansen
Clive James: not dead yet
Talking with Mary Karr
The Dodge is back & has ideas about The New
Patricia Lockwood: Last of the late great gorilla-suit actors
Poetry Flash gets LitQuake award
Yet another article on online learning focuses on ModPo
Talking with Don Paterson
George Eliot & atheism
Crowd-sourcing non-fiction
Deadline poets take on the debate
DT Max’s bio of David Foster Wallace
Manifesto for a theory of the New Aesthetic
Frieze in London: shiny
Bosnia’s national museum shuts down
Tony Feher’s happy minimalism
Ai Weiwei @ the Hirshhorn
Rothko defaced at the Tate
The legacy of Paul Taylor
Photos of Douglas Dunn’s Cassations
Frank Gehry takes over Miami Bacardi campus for arts program
Frank Lloyd Wright house threatened with demolition
Azriel Cohen has died
Lichtenstein @ the National Gallery
Eric Clapton sells Gerhard Richter painting for $34M
Keith Carradine reads from Neil Young’s memoir
One problem: Neil Young can’t write
BB King: the life of Riley
A thorough bio of Leonard Cohen
Talking with Philip Glass & Beck
The transfiguration of Robert Zimmerman
Court frees one of the Pussy Riot 3
Crowd-sourced funding for The Chord Catalogue
& KickStart the Conlon Nancarrow @ 100 celebration
Ishmael & Ahab go boldly into outer space
How pluralism is killing free speech