Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Li Bifeng in 1993 (center, front row)
In PRC, Li Bifeng gets 12-year jail term
Texting in difficult city
Chris Tysh on Alice Notley
Segue @ 35
Robin Tremblay-McGaw on recent readings in SF
Rachel Blau DuPlessis:
Draft 112: Verge
In memory of Anne-Marie Albiach
Ian Hamilton Finlay: avant-gardener
NY Times obit for Jack Gilbert
American Women’s
Experimental Poetics
This year’s Thanksgiving poetry extravaganza
from BlazeVOX
will honor
Bill Berkson

A Marjorie Perloff for the 21st Century:
18 major pieces here, all worth reading
A feature on writing dementia
edited by Susan M Schultz
Talking with Tan Lin
A rich preview of 2 works
in the new Lost & Found series,
Lorine Niedecker’s handwritten poems
2 poems by Nada Gordon
Charles Olson & the 1917 fishing strike
Joseph Torra: from Time Being
The unbearable unreadability of Mo Yan
j/j hastain on Eileen Myles’ Snowflake
2 poems from Jena Osman
Charles Bernstein: Also Rises the Sun
Clayton Eshleman: 5 poems from Penetralia
Will Alexander’s compression & purity
John Wieners & Marianne Moore
Wieners’ correspondence with Charles Olson
Wieners & Joanne Kyger,
Denise Riley & George Stanley
Talking with Lonely Christopher
Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Time of Useful Consciousness
A second look at second books of poetry
The importance of sentences
This year’s word is omnishambles
Fighting for the subjunctive at The NY Times
Looking at the ModPo course from Zambia
Robert Walser: notebooks & microscripts
Sound & fury over Faulkner ©s
Talking with Gerald Stern
The Collected Poems of Jack Kerouac
3 poems by Tony Towle
Allama Mohammed Iqbal @ 135
Talking with Orhan Pamuk
Jerry Rothenberg on Murat Nemet-Nejat
Frank Wilson on Elmore Leonard
A form of otherwise electronic habit
can have long ears &…
AR Ammons as reader
Will online courses doom universities?
Forget books, will paper survive?
Penmanship is so over
Cy Young goes
to the most literary man in baseball
Vonnegut’s letters
Kent Johnson’s jousting
with the Frank O’Hara estate
A wine named for William Meredith
Djuna Barnes on James Joyce
What the Christian fiction industry
can learn from the 2012 election
The essays of David Foster Wallace
Apple bans book over cover
Eavan Boland on Adrienne Rich
50 years of Louise Glück
Will Alexander’s One True Body
John Latta: 2 prose poems
Duffy does Dover
Kevin Powers’ The Yellow Birds
Your life in 6 words
Sean Bean et al read war poems
The Henry James franchise
Alice Munro’s Dear Life
Jen Hofer’s Materiality: Mortality
Ron Hansen: She Loves Me Not
Tom Wolfe’s Back to Blood
recapped (or knee-capped) in 400 words
Toilet poems (in Japanese)
Joshua Foer: learning a language in 22 hours
Talking with Richard Russo
David Ferry wins the NBA
Talking with Helen Vendler
Searching for students immortal and free
Margaret Atwood on Barack Obama
The voices of Phil Minton
The letters of Mick Jagger
Dancing with Duchamp
An art world in love with pop
The man who saw himself
Cartier-Bresson: master of monochrome
Julian Lennon, photographer
Sinister Pop @ the Whitney
Looking for Pennsylvania in Franz Kline
A bigger splash: painting post performance
Will Barnet has died
An artist’s truck, in every sense
Is Mark Bradford the best painter in America?
Talking with AA Bronson
Whatever happened to The Cyborg Manifesto?
A bio of Derrida
On the road to postmodernism
Eliot Weinberger on the Cayman Islands
The Tenderloin today
is shaping up
to be one great read!