Thursday, November 08, 2012

Carla Harryman:
Notes on Poets Theater
Talking with Bruce Andrews
A new poem from Tracie Morris
Qatar urged to free Mohammed al-Ajami
Maria Damon on Lew Welch
Fanny Howe: Second Childhood
Barrett Watten: Dream of a Post-Soviet MLA

A biography of PK Page

Jack Gilbert’s Collected Poems
Brian Blanchfield & Maggie Nelson:
on poetry, gender & friendship
Buffalo coming to the aid of Diane di Prima
The women who ran Poetry
Random Penguin (Penguin House?)
is the end of the world as we know it
Publishers abroad take on Google
Inua Ellams comes to Pune
3 timely poems by William Carlos Williams
Talking with Jed Rasula
Tom Devaney: What is the work of poetry?
Young Jean Lee interviewed by Nature Theater of Oklahoma
How to win the Nobel Prize for Literature:
become a diplomat
Craig Santos Perez: juan malo & the next american president
The family that interviews itself:
Thomas Fink, Ariana Mason, Maya Mason
Heather Christie’s What is Amazing
A profile of Chris Magadza
The Pen Nigeria Poetry Prize longlist
(see downloadable link at bottom of page)
Talking with Khadijah Queen
Remembering Miraji, 1912 - 1949
Charles Bernstein, Karri Koko, Leevi Lehto et al on
the origins, state & future of Finno-Saxon
Charles Bernstein: Great moments in blank spaces
Robert Kelly’s eternal shadow
Mathias Svalina: The Wine-Dark Sea
Michael Lally on Sandy’s wake
Danielle Vogel on Renee Gladman
Victoria Gedvillas: I Want It All
Talking with Catherine Taylor
Amazon’s disruption meets pushback
Gail Scott: Sentences on the Wall
Conceptualism before the conceptualists
Talking with Hoa Nguyen
Talking with Dale Smith
Hoa Nguyen & Dale Smith
talk amongst themselves
Poetry of contemporary India
Samina Raja has passed away
Brett Evans: Versus Verses
Ruth Padel: does talking poetry make good radio?
l don’t to show you no stinkin’ binders!
Talking with Paul Hoover
The correspondence of William Stafford
Talking with Laird Hunt
Charles Alexander’s Pushing Water
3 poems by Ronald Baatz
2 poems from Kit Robinson
Talking with Ravi Shankar
Han Suyin has died
Putting the fork into Fork Lift
Macbeth & the digital world
Talking with Heather Christle
The Pleistocene:
a series of great audio interviews
Charles North: Madrigal & Breather
(subscribers only)
This book can be read in any order
The William Shatner poetry app
The ain’t taint
C Day-Lewis papers to Oxford
12 or 20 questions with Marci Nelligan
Diagnosing writers without a license
Poem for the baby T Rex
Colm Tóibín: You have to be a terrible monster to write
Burying poets
Screen portrayals of queer Spanish poets
Essays by Nicholson Baker
Britney Spears, novelist
Charles Yu’s Sorry Please Thank You
Neil Young’s hippie dream
Alan Moore’s Occupy ballad
Brooklyn’s Lora-Faye wins this year’s New Song contest
Sandy batters NY art world
Speaking of art under less than optimal conditions
Photography: seduced by art
The problem of fakes
in contemporary painting
Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters
Amy Sillman between language & image
Barry Schwabsky on Richard Tuttle
Is Roy Lichtenstein the Paris Hilton of painting?
Erasing Carbon Sink
Elite education for the masses
Talking with Michael Hardt
Nate Silver: Bayes will be Bayes
Dying for time:
Plato to TS Eliot
Benoit Mandelbrot: The Fractalist
The foreign language of politics
All the news fit to print
Have I mentioned that The Volta is great?
A military intelligence view of post-election US foreign policy