Friday, December 21, 2012

Bill Berkson by Alphonse Van Woerkom

Talking with Bill Berkson
Berkson’s Portrait and Dream
Evie Shockley:
binaries divide
in order to conquer
j/j hastain: Engaging my Trans
US Filipino writing in the early 20th Century
A new Bruce Andrews archive site
Jean Vengua on Lew Welch
Avenues of Access:
an exhibit of e-lit
Marcella Durand:
Mysterium Cosmographicum

Bernadette Mayer reading Midwinter Day
in Lenox on Midwinter Day
Cathy Park Hong:
play that avant-garde poetics, white boy
rob mclennan on Dorothea Lasky
Dom Sylvester Houédard:
if you give a monk a typewriter…
Stephen Burt:
new poetry is doomed –
read it anyway
Dorothea Lasky:
language is liquid
Ithkuil goes viral
William Bronk’s collected later poems
Seth Landman on Laura Solomon
Leland Hickman’s reading list for Harry E Northup
James Sherry @ the EPC
Saint VisPo visits Scientific American
Tom Hibbard looks at VisPo
Poetry by Google Voice
Hoa Nguyen’s As Long as Trees Last
John Ashbery:
Far Harbor
John Ashbery’s Quick Question
Ashbery & distraction
Noel Black’s Usylesses
Aimé Césaire:
from the original version of
Notebook of a Return
to the Native Land
The Collected Poems of Lucille Clifton
Harmony Holiday’s Negro League Baseball
Mapping out the paper trail
David Godine’s filing system
Noah Eli Gordon:
Beware the teachable
ModPo: not impossible
Richard Caddel’s Uncertain Time
Myung Mi Kim on George Oppen
Even for Pound citings,
this one is odd
Remembering Paul Blackburn
Annie Freud, Billy Collins,
Augie Kleinzahler & Mark Ford
William Carlos Williams
Neal Cassady:
American Muse, Holy Fool
Burt Kimmelman on Paul Pines
Self-publishing becomes respectable
Paul Brown’s A Cabin in the Mountains
Annie Finch on meter
Yusef Komunyakaa,
who himself once lost a child
in a
a poem in mourning:
Rock Me, Mercy
A peek at the NYPL
Paul Stephens on the postmodernism you deserve
Dan Beachy-Quick
on poetry & risk
Matyei Yankelevich’s Bending at the Elbow
Millennials like text
Micah Cavaleri: The Voiceless Poem: Nothing
Anthony Madrid: irony is feeling
What should the bookshop of tomorrow be?
Sans blockbuster, bookstores do okay
Trade publishing honchos give their ideas?
Ebooks may yet save hardbacks
Maureen McLane has wasted her life
Abe Lincoln & the word Michiganders
The line you read
vs. the one you hear
Ange Mlinko: all binaries are false
A “critics tour” of literary NYC
with no mention of St. Marks,
the Cedar Tavern,
Poets House or the Bowery Poetry Club
let alone Gem Spa,
The Gotham Book Mart
or the old Phoenix Bookshop
Matthew Zapruder:
poetry ≠ song
Wilbur Smith
gets ₤15M advance
for 6 books he won’t write
Samuel Amadon on hybrid poetry
Where the MAPH adds up
Gimp from Pulp Fiction wants to be Dalkey intern
DeSales Harrison: pity the poor mainstream
A tribute to Ripley Hugo
Richard Hugo’s constructivist moment
A fiscal cliff for the arts
Maria Popova’s literary empire
Rebecca Wolff:
To live outside the law you must be honest
Robert Archambeau:
binaries that liberate as well as close off
Harryette Mullen:
from Tanka Diary
Marjorie Perloff:
What the debate over binaries means
The darkness in Philip K Dick
The selected letters of William Styron
Graywolf snaps up James Franco
Liam Scarlett has the hot foot in dance
The Louvre loses its focus
Zurich “misplaces” 5,000 works of art
Why does everyone in the art world
complain so much?
Because everyone in the art world is whack!
Inventing modern art
Photorealism & your driver ID
The portraits of Alphonse Van Woerkom
(including Berkson above)
Damien Hirst leaves Gagosian
Remembering Charles Rosen
The Guardian obit for Ravi Shankar
Song, emotion, reference, place
Anthony Braxton’s Composition #367F plus #241
Satchmo’s daughter
A little holiday music from Yoko
Al Filreis’ Bruce Springsteen
Shouldn’t this article
have appeared in 1949?
Impatient hipsters miss first-class Cage
William Basinski’s Disintegration Loop 1.1:
an elegy for 9/11/01
The short list for the $100K Kennedy Prize
Women in theater – why so few?
(hint: men)
Nam June Paik
coining the “electronic superhighway” in 1974
Alan Moore:
Every Hollywood movie is a remake
What to expect from the MLA interview
Preserving the Gullah/Geechee