Monday, December 03, 2012

Sexiest poem of 2012:
Music for Porn
Publishing the same poem in 11 different mags
Rae Armantrout: 4 new poems
Joshua Clover: Georgic for the World System
Johanna Drucker & the book as art
Seminary Co-op is really moving
Caballero Bonald wins the Cervantes
Graham Foust:
My Graham Foust
$200K damage @ Printed Matter from Sandy
Carol Watts reading
@ the Small Press Fair
Herta Mueller blasts Mo Yan Nobel as “catastrophe”
Or not
Joe Ceravolo: 2 poems
Indian Song
Hidden Bird
(subscribers only)
Holly Pester reading
@ the Small Press Fair
Harry Northup remembering Leland Hickman
Lisa Jarnot’s bio of Robert Duncan

3 conceptualisms: Norway, Mexico, USA
Charles Bernstein:
67 video portraits (mostly poets)
Recommendations of
18 recent books of poetry
Peter Larkin reading
@ the Small Press Fair
Pound’s Orientalism
Jack Spicer’s Magic Worshop Questionnaire
Moyra Davey:
The Problem of Reading
Natasha Trethewey: cheerleader
for the written word
Multiple drafts of Trethewey’s Calling
Andrew Motion:
Save rural UK from the Tories!
Team Roiphe
Doug Jones reading
@ the Small Press Fair
A new page on Basil Bunting
William Faulkner: ragged, unkempt, strange
A GOP critique of ©
that party leaders instantly
Porn © troll cases increase
Talking with Anne Lamott
Recent pamphlets from younger British poets
CS Lewis gets a stone in Poets’ Corner
The Guardian does its version
of Steve Evans’
Attention Span
Simon & Shoe Store steps into self-publishing
Helen Vendler on nurturing artists @ Harvard
How to write like it’s 1895
The Rushdie case
Louise Glück: writing without a mattress
Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s In the House of the Interpreter
Vesna Goldsworthy: On Loving Tom
Seth Abramson’s November poetry reviews in HuffPo
Lucy Perillo & Jack Gilbert
(+ critical books by Kevin Young & Maureen McLane)
are all you get of poetry
in the
NY Times’ 100 notable books of 2012 list
Alice Quinn on Jack Gilbert
The real mystery of Edwin Drood
Eve Ensler rising
Fiona Shaw stoppeth one of three
Talking with Jonas Mekas
Pussy Riot quarrels with legal team
Pussy Riot video declared extremist
I neglected to that
Ted Curson had died
Contra dancing in Latin America
Nuns using music
to battle the boys in the Vatican
Sergei Tcherepnin’s Music for One
Elton John dedicates concert to Ai Weiwei
Anish Kapoor et al go Gangnam Style for Al Weiwei
Getting over Ai Weiwei
What was your favorite 20th century music?
The Big Bang was silent
Paris spreads the Louvre
(registration required)
Restoring Pollock
John Yau on Pieter Schoolwerth
Are video games art?
Whitney Biennial 2014 curators announced
Florida may ask art majors
to pay more
for education
Will MoCA ditch Deitch?
Photos for SFMoMA
Joseph Cornell’s Manual of Marvels
Damien Hirst is a joke
The Hermitage adds the shock of the new
John Yau: working from observation
Yau on Tom Fairs
Batman vs. corporate raiders
Christo plans oil drums for Abu Dhabi
Catching up with Yoko Ono
Manuel “Spain” Rodriguez has died
Bryan Saunders: portrait of an artist in trouble
We had to destroy the Barnes
in order to save, claims director
How did the minster come by his Hoppers?
Charles Jencks’ big sculpture
The fate of Rauschenberg’s Canyon
Talking with Nassim Taleb
5 ways Indian ‘net users fight for free speech
The GOP’s southern strategy
by the guy who thunk it up
Kolakowski: is God happy?