Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Reading Jackson Mac Low’s 154 Forties
Mohammed Rashid al-Ajami is “the Gulf’s Mandela”
8 charged in 1973 murder of Victor Jara
An obit for Jayne Cortez
Gender problems in conceptual poetry?
Sueyeun Juliette Lee on Danielle Pafunda

The Jewish Daily Forward’s
5 favorite books of poetry for 2012
A speaking portrait of Basil King
Erín Moure: Merdique
Sonia Sanchez: Blues for Smoke
Divya Victor corresponds with Rachel Zolf
Libraries see opening as bookshops close
Bye-bye to Robin’s Books
A selection of indie bookstores
E-book price-war is a non-event:
collusion anyone?
E-book readership rises rapidly
Print is coming to a final chapter
Where card catalogs get to dance
Homer, CSI
Publisher’s Weakly gives a «
Postmodern American Poetry
(but doesn’t know how to spell Olson!)
100 years of Poetry
Tony Lopez: Living Systems
Our words, our selves
gangnam style
The OED apologizes
for a gruesome word of the day
Marcel Duchamp for Secretary of the Treasury
Ray DiPalma: The Apples of New York
Robert Kelly on Uncertainties
Alison Watkins on The Last Vispo Anthology
An excellent guide to self-publishing resources
Havel’s heart
Reading Celan in the South Pacific
Just how much of a team
were the
New American Poets?
Olson’s Mass.
Making Thomas Mann accessible
Steve Dickison’s
Against the Grain radio
includes Robert Duncan, Langston Hughes
& more
Ron Charles on EL James
Plus Ersi Sotiropoulos
on the Greek economic crisis
No sunlight in the world of Louise Glück
Gertrude Stein in pictures
Nick Virgilio: A Life in Haiku
Find the dog,
become a
Dennis Lehane character
Talking with Peter Robinson
Amazon “purges” “rigged” reviews
Douglas Messerli:
raising  Sun & Moon
Whaddya mean, “We”?
The fragrance in Parveen Shakir’s poetry
John Agard to receive Queen’s Medal
Robert Frost’s Christmas cards
Is Ron Silliman sane?
The postmodern techniques
the best-selling Christian novel of 2012
10 Christian fiction writers on
why the novel matters
George RR Martin’s
3 favorite books of 2012
The darkness in Saul Bellow
Kevin Young: hungry for crossover success
What Ploughshares nominates for Pushcarts
Tony Kushner:
Maurice Sendak
Reading all of Dickens in a single year
Philip Roth, secular saint
On Twitter, no one knows you are Zuckerman
Seth Abramson defends The Hobbit
art conspiracy theory
Jumping from the thousand words to the picture
5 art trends in 2012
Theater in Nantes
The president of Wesleyan
Camille Paglia & Eleanor Antin
Dance after the Judson Church
Merce Cunningham dances
continue in Philadelphia
Ravi Shankar’s memorial service
Talking with Brian Eno
Finding Eno
A Buddhist reading of 4’33’
The music of Friedrich Nietzsche
The Wright House in Phoenix is saved
Philip Lopate on brothers
Susannah Cahalan’s missing month
Alan Turing in 3 words
Young-Girl theory
Talking with Jared Diamond
This is not a profile of Nassim Taleb
How the NY Times
airbrushes history