Thursday, February 14, 2013

Luke Harley:
poetry as virtual community
2 uncollected poems by Paul Celan
Jenn McCreary is talking to herself
the poets of Venice
Ben Ehrenreich on Viktor Shklovsky
Brian Kim Stefans on speculative realism
Talking with Brandon Brown

Barry Schwabsky on John Ashbery
Bulls & René Char
Talking to Ashbery
Senator Toomey
reaches out to help
Mohammad al-Ajami
Barry Alpert interviewing Anselm Hollo
Jerry Rothenberg:
an elegy for Anselm
Celebrating Burning Deck
Al Filreis’
64 “indispensable” poems
John Ashbery
The love letters of Guillaume Apollinaire
Kenny Goldsmith:
proudly fraudulent
The quest for permanent novelty
Maxine Chernoff on Stacy Doris
Stephen Burt on Lucia Perillo
(subscribers only)
Curtis Faville:
The Text as an Image of Itself
Jena Osman examines your head
CA Conrad’s Translucent Salamander
The Volta
has a large & moving
salute to the memory of
Jake Adam York,
including this remembrance
his brother
Heidi Lynn Staples on Harryette Mullen
Caroline Bergvall
finds the p in nothing
Thomas Wyatt comic book
Plus Ed Dorn’s Vaquero
Anne Waldman:
Jaguar Harmonics
Borges, digitization
& the myth of the universal library
e-reading comprehension
is equal to print
10 digital tools
journalists should learn
Macmillan to settle
e-book pricing lawsuit
Writing a really good book proposal
Geoffrey G O’Brien:
Four Last Songs
Talking with Harvey Shapiro
Being a preposition
A series of short interviews
with significant younger poets
Mutsuo Takahashi:
from Twelve Views from the Distance
2 poems by Lidija Dimkovska
A swang & a miss
The Charles Olson website is back
JH Prynne on Maximus (1971)
Prynne’s Stars, Tigers & the Shape of Words
Olson’s Poetry & Truth
Words as time capsules
Digging up Neruda
15 contemporary Burmese poets
Post-medium poetics
Bob Grumman on Karl Kempton
A contemporary poem
in Occitan
Kate Chopin’s Athénaïse
Ten questions with Robert Polito
Peter Damien:
Alan Moore
without knowing it
50 most influential books
by women?
English lit’s
50 key moments
Fairfax County, VA
wants to ban
Anne Boyer on feminism
Charles Alexander’s Pushing Water
Joseph Donahue on Simon Pettet
Marianne Moore, hiding in plain sight
Peter Riley on Ed Dorn
Carlos M Luis has died
Talking with Mary Jo Bang
David Buuck: Performance Writing
Carol Ann Duffy
on the little black dress
of verse:
the sonnet
Amelia Bentley interviews Amelia Bentley
Talking with Adam Fitzgerald
Hassen Saker’s self-interview
When to stop writing
Celebrating the London underground
Sampling Mary Hickman
Tinfish Press
tosses the local salad
(in Hawai'i)
Sylvia Plath reads her works
on Spotify
(registration required)
Plath’s last days
What Plath loved
2 Plath bios
Is Plath’sDaddy” about her mother?
Remembering Plath
50 years later
Some Plath correspondence
The Bell Jar
obscures real women
al-Mutanabbi Street
comes to Rylands Library
in Manchester
The one author
still on libraries’ most borrowed lists
after 30 years:
Danielle Steel
How to expand a library’s reach:
pole dancing
Terry Pratchett:
I learned more in the library
than I did in school
Libraries in a box
For new ideas in scholarly publishing,
look to the libraries
Academic press sues librarian
for $4M
(not a typo) over bad review
When newsrooms cut staff
copy editors go first
Asemic writing: an international perspective
Let the e-artist book
revolution begin
Reader’s digest:
Dave Eggers’
Talking with Shane McCrae
A weekend in the Paris of the 1920s
Efface the Traces:
Modernism & influence
conference in Durham (UK)
Listening for the Jabberwock:
what is the status of translation?
Writing is hard
Talking with Jed Rasula
Slogging thru Swann’s Way
Some translations by
RH Blyth
that focus on the particular
Putting the hell in Othello
Carl Rakosi: silent movie
A TS Eliot letter turns up
The surprise of the prize
Robert Bly wins the Frost Medal
Hillary Mantel on Oliver Sacks
the assimilation of
text by image
Should Lance Armstrong’s
readers get refunds?
Talking with Andrew Ross
David Shields:
How Literature Saved My Life
Christopher Ricks:
What good is lit theory?
Talking with Nick Flynn
Carolyn Kuebler takes over at New England Review
& Maurice Riordan takes over Poetry Review
Ceal Phelan,
the great Philly actress,
has died
New theater at Shakespeare site
What can art museums learn
the new museum of math?
Freud donates art to cover taxes
Holland Cotter on the White Columns Annual
Stephen Vincent:
haptics at readings
The finest painting
in the
Louvre’s collection
is vandalized
Talking with Dana Hoey
Thrift store Courbet?
Elton John defies China over Ai Weiwei
David Schiff on Elliott Carter
Patti Smith receives Kate Hepburn Medal
Paul Tanner has died
Trouble backstage at the Bolshoi
Filin leaves hospital for Germany
Talking with Sylvie Guillem
How high is your prime?
The “Facebook Girl
Should pols tweet or play
when in session?
Raytheon’s Riot:
Be very afraid
Anti-Judaism as a critical theory
Oliver Sacks remembers
One could get lost in
The Volta
for days!